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Ricardo Garcia

Illinois Architect Ricardo Garcia

If you are planning buying a HUD home, foreclosure, or short sale and want to renovate your home, whether remodeling your basement or attic or doing a room addition, a 203k loan might be ideal.  A full 203k loan is an acquisition and construction loan which enables to remodel the home of your dreams with just one single loan.  There is no limit on the loan amount as long as the subject property will meet the as completed value.  Architectural drawings by a professional architect is a must in those 203k loan borrowers who have projects that are complex.  General contractors are not architects and often times will subcontract our architetural serevices by licensed architects.  If you are interested in purchasing a property via a 203k loan in the Chicagoland area, Veteran Architect Ricardo Garcia is the architect of choice.

About Ricardo Garcia

Ricardo Garcia, Principal of Ricardo Garcia Architects is a Licensed Architect in the state of Illinois offering professional Design and Planning Full Architectural Services with over 14 years experience in architectural planning and design industry and over 30 years in the construction industry, in particular the residential development trades.

Ricardo Garcia, Your One Stop Architect, Builder, Contractor, Consultant

Specializing in Residential + Commercial + Senior Living in Design/Build, Remodel, Repair, Upgrade, Additions and New Construction with ultimate goals as Higher Efficiency and Sustainability in so,  helping create dreams come true for many people.  Building Violation Corrections and Zoning Conversions is another specialty, especially in Chicago where often times many clients purchase foreclosure or distressed properties with a need to professionally correct/update the property.

Ricardo Garcia: Known By Many Real Estate Professionals

Professional collaborations with Brokers and Loan Officers to help optimize strategies for clients when 203K Loans or other types of construction loans are part of the financial formula in obtaining the funds necessary for the clients project.  It is very important to symphonize all teams involved in the process early on since this is a streamlined limited time loan and everyday may be critical in obtaining a finished product on time with the evolvement as the loan progresses.

Ricardo Garcia: Expert In Real Estate Industry

Ricardo has affiliations with many professionals (Engineers, Realtors, Loan Officers and Contractors) for collaborative opportunities to provide a Complete One Stop Full Service.

Ricardo Garcia: Expert New Construction Specialist

Ricardo Garcia Architects is in growth development mode and evolving his Design Services business with the Construction aspect as well.  Soon Ricardo will attain the proper administration and will begin a more Complete Design + Build Service to all clients.  Make sure to keep a look out for R+G Design Build coming soon.

Ricardo Garcia: Real Estate Writer And Publisher

I have asked Ricardo Garcia to be a guest writer here at Gustan Cho Associates  , www.gustancho.com where he can educate and inform homeowners or future homeowners on the potential they have on their homes where they can do creative additions or remodeling where they never have to buy another home and make their home their ultimate dream home.  Please contact Ricardo Garcia at the following contact number or visit his website at www.rg-design-build.com.
4041 W. ROSCOE ST.
office: 773.965.3500
fax: 773.353.1590
Gustan Cho NMLS ID # 873293
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