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How To Remove Credit Disputes

How To Remove Credit Disputes

USDA Underwriting Guidelines

USDA Underwriting Guidelines




  • I came across Gustan Cho's name and was surprised to see all of the positive, favorable reviews and candidly, didn't believe them. I am taking the time to write this review with this perspective because you need to understand the reviews are real and you should believe them. I cannot express to you the gratitude my wife and I have for Gus and his team. We worked with Quicken for a couple of months because we heard about their "great" JD Power ratings for home loan origination... read more  
    Barry M.
    Mt Prospect Illinois
  • If there was a loan officer who could get the job done when no one else could it was Gustan Cho. Gustan Cho is the Area Manager at The Money Store and he is hands down the best mortgage banker I have ever met in the past three homes I financed.  When I got the door slammed in my face by 20+ lenders there was only one guy who was a professional with FHA LOANS and the Back to Work  Program, it was Gustan Cho. He started off with a pre approval and assured me that my loan would close 100%. After we went through my credit history and extenuating circumstances there was no doubt I was the.. read more
    Andrew R
    Liberty Ville, Illinois
  • I applied for a home loan with Gustan Cho from The Money Store over six months ago, at that time I was not in a position to buy. My score needed to increase, he gave me solid advice on things to do to increase my score and it worked great. Next we had some issues with the loan as it went to underwriting, no other lender would have taken the time and had the patience Gustan did. He was on the spot working with me and seeing the loan through from start to finish. Gustan Cho answered the phone any time I called and show great patience when I started to panic. If you are looking for a superior lender Gustan Cho of The Money Store ... read more
    James L
    Joliet, Illinois
  • Gustan Cho and Gustan Cho alone is the only reason I have a house. Just coming out of a bankruptcy/foreclosure, Gus was the only one who EASILY got me approved after 15+ lenders denied me right away. Gustan Cho of The Money Store knew how to work through the "Back to Work" program and got me approved in no time. He is a very down to earth guy who is available 24/7, nights, and weekends. He was always happy to email or call me at any hour and put me at ease through the ... read more
    Bob V.
    Hampshire, Illinois