Contribute to GCA Mortgage Group

Contribute To GCA Mortgage Group

Mortgage and real estate professionals want to contribute to GCA Mortgage Group? Gustan Cho Associates, also known as GCA Mortgage Group, and its subsidiary mortgage and real estate informational websites welcome industry professionals to post unique content that benefits our viewers, consumers, borrowers, and industry professionals. Guest writers at Gustan Cho Associates need to be professionals in the real estate, financial, or mortgage industry with years of experience and a verifiable proven track record.

All of our associate contributing editors are either licensed loan officers at Gustan Cho Associates or experts in their respective fields.

Many of our associate contributing editors have been featured and published on high-profile sites such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, and more.  See some of our featured writers here. If you would like to be considered to contribute to Gustan Cho Associate please follow the steps below.

Contribute To GCA Mortgage Group as an Associate Contributing Writer

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Gustan Cho Associates are mortgage brokers licensed in 48 states, including Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The team at GCA Mortgage Group has a national reputation for being able to do mortgage loans other lenders cannot do. Over 80% of our borrowers are folks who could not qualify at other mortgage companies due to a last-minute mortgage loan denial due to lender overlays.

  • Author credit for the published article when you contribute to GCA Mortgage Group
  • The opportunity to include a short biography at the end of your post.
  • The opportunity to include links to your website and social media accounts, which will be embedded in your author biography profile.
  • Access to one of the largest audiences of consumers, loan officers, realtors, attorneys, and third-party mortgage industry professionals
  • Growing businesses on the Internet.
  • Association with a well-known established brand that has been around since 2013 in the mortgage industry.

Policies and Guidelines For Authors

Professional mortgage and real estate experts can Contribute to GCA Mortgage Group on a regular basis or periodically if they meet our standards and will abide by our policies and guidelines. If you want to contribute to GCA Mortgage Group as an associate contributing author, you need to only provide content that pertains to mortgage and real estate topics. Certain types of financial news. pertaining to mortgage-backed securities, treasuries, and securities are also acceptable topics.

Licensed loan officers, branch managers, mortgage underwriters, and owners of mortgage companies can contribute to GCA Mortgage Group and its partner websites and social media platforms. Also, welcomed to contribute to GCA Mortgage Group are real estate agents, brokers, and third-part professionals such as bankruptcy, divorce, and real estate attorneys.

Type of Content Allowed To Contribute to GCA Mortgage Group

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All guest writers on Gustan Cho Associates and subsidiary sites will be fully vetted before we review the content submitted. Ghost articles not written by the actual author will not be accepted. 

  • DO NOT send us an email with your copy. Use the guest post application button, below.
  • Posts must be 1,000 words or more in length.
  • All submitted content must belong to you, be original, and not be published elsewhere in any form.
  • Your post should contain an interesting or catchy title and be SEO-friendly.
  • All posts must be focused on quality with the idea of adding value for our readers.
  • The content may be based on research, facts, or experience.
  • The content must cover the topic in detail, as we do not accept incomplete content.
  • The content must be relevant to the subject matter of our site.
  • When quoting others, you must cite the source.
  • We reserve the right to add affiliate links or advertising in or around a guest post.
  • We do not accept posts that include links to low-value websites or blogs.
  • We do not accept posts containing affiliate links.
  • By submitting your guest post for review, you must read, understand, and agree to our terms, policies, and conditions of Gustan Cho Associates and its subsidiary partner sites.

Writers cannot advertise, promote, or be biased when writing a blog on GCA Mortgage Group. All guest articles need to be informational and benefit viewers and the public due to the content. All content will be checked for plagiarism and copyright infringements to protect the original author and all parties as well as our viewers. 

All content needs to be unique and original and cannot be copyrighted by other media outlets or authors. Need to provide references on the source where the information was derived. Only content that has been fact-checked and is deemed reliable and facts will be published.

If you need to contact us to become a regular associate contributing content writer, please email us a cover letter, resume and prior published content, and media portfolio if any to our digital media director Ravinder Sharma at On the subject line, GCA Contributing Editor Content. You can also contribute to GCA Mortgage Group by joining and participating in GCA Mortgage FORUM powered by Gustan Cho Associates.