Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois | Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage

Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois | Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage

Gustan Cho Associates | NEXA Mortgage LLC NMLS 2315275, also known as Gustan Cho Associates, has its regional mortgage office in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. The corporate headquarters of Gustan Cho Associates Empowered by NEXA Mortgage, LLC  NMLS 1660690 is in Chandler, Arizona.  Gustan Cho Associates empowered by NEXA Mortgage, LLC is licensed in 48 states including Puerto Rico. The Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois of Gustan Cho Associates has a national reputation for being able to do loans other lenders cannot do.

Over 75% of our Borrowers at Gustan Cho Associates are Folks Who Could Not Qualify at Other Lenders

Over 75% of our borrowers are folks who could not qualify at other lenders due to stress during the mortgage process or a last-minute denial. Another reason why homebuyers, homeowners, and investors choose Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage is that we have every loan program that is available in the marketplace for owner-occupant, second homes, and investment properties. Our average loan officer has over 10 plus experience in originating tough loans. Any loan officer can qualify and originate a 700 FICO homebuyer with a 40% debt to income ratio.

The Expertise of the Team at Gustan Cho Associates vs Other Loan Officers

Not many loan officers can do loans like the team at Gustan Cho Associates. Some of the cases we tackle are homebuyers with credit scores down to 500 FICO, outstanding collections, charged-off accounts, during Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, late payments after bankruptcy and/or housing event, mortgage late payments, tax liens, judgments, and employment gaps.

One-Stop Mortgage Shop Due To Hundreds of Alternative and Niche Loan Options

There are many self-employed buyers who cannot provide income tax returns due to the adjusted income. Gustan Cho Associates has countless non-QM and alternative financing mortgage options such as 12 months bank statement loans, non-QM mortgages one day out of bankruptcy and/or foreclosure, asset-depletion, 10% down payment jumbo loans, W-2 income only mortgages, no-doc mortgages, stated-income loans and many other types of mortgage options. The mortgage loan programs we have are for owner-occupant homes, second homes, and investment properties.

Thousands of Mortgage Options For Borrowers

Gustan Cho Associates | NEXA Mortgage, LLC has over 170 wholesale mortgage lenders. Gustan Cho Associates has the states to service borrowers, over 170 wholesale lenders, and competitive rates that most mortgage bankers cannot match. We are on a broker platform which means the maximum compensation NEXA Corporate can make is a 2.75% yield spread premium when there is no maximum cap for mortgage bankers.

One-Stop Mortgage Shop | We Have All Types of Mortgage Options

Gustan Cho Associates, which the brick and mortar location is regionally based in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois has a national reputation for being licensed in 48 states.  We have lending agreements with over 170 wholesale lenders. We are able to do government and conventional loans with no overlays on FHA, VA, USDA, and conventional loans. Non-QM loans and alternative lending programs include bank statement loans, no-doc mortgages, mortgages one day out bankruptcy and foreclosure, and even late payments in the past 12 months.

Oakbrook Terrace Illinois Regional Branch Office NMLS 2315275

The Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois branch of NEXA Mortgage, LLC dba Gustan Cho Associates NMLS 2315275 is licensed and/or has licenses pending in 48 states. The team at Gustan Cho Associates can originate mortgage loans in 48 states. The Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois regional branch is a brick-and-mortar branch where customers can make appointments to meet with their assigned loan officers. However, if you are out of driving distance range, our staff is available 7 days a week, on evenings, weekends, and holidays. Many employees of Gustan Cho Associates Oakbrook Terrace work remotely outside of the driving distance of Oakbrook Terrace. Today, all mortgage loans can be done electronically.

Being Able to Do Loans Other Lenders Cannot Do

Being Able to Do Loans Other Lenders Cannot Do

The team at Gustan Cho Associates has a reputation for being able to do loans other lenders cannot do. Many of our clients find us through word of mouth, referrals from family members and friends, or through our National VERIFIED Preferred Realtor Partner Network. Over 75% of our borrowers are folks who either got denied or pulled out due to stress from their previous lender. The team at Gustan Cho Associates firmly believes the qualification and pre-approval stage of the mortgage process is the most important. The number one reason for stress during the mortgage process or a last-minute mortgage denial is due to not being properly qualified by the loan officer.

Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage News | Oakbrook Terrace

Gustan Cho NMLS 873293 and his team of veteran mortgage professionals believe in educating our clients on the basic steps of the mortgage process and what to expect. Every homebuyer and/or a homeowner needing a mortgage will encounter something new every time they do a loan. This is because most folks do not need a mortgage often. It can be three to 10 years before a borrower may need a mortgage.  Whether you are purchasing or refinancing a home, the team at Gustan Cho Associates is ready to answer any questions about homebuyers or homeowners with mortgage inquiries.

Who Writes For Gustan Cho Associates?

Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage News is a group of real estate and mortgage industry experts which includes the following: real estate agents, residential mortgage loan officers, and industry experts whose mission is to provide information about real estate, conforming loans, non-conforming loans, specialty financing programs.

Daily Updated Mortgage News Daily for our Viewers at Gustan Cho Associates

The mortgage industry is so complex with new regulations that are constantly changing. New rules and regulations are being implemented, and our goal is to express the opinions of industry experts and offer their opinions. Gustan Cho Associates is not a lead generation company. Every mortgage inquiry stays in-house at the Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois the regional mortgage office of Gustan Cho Associates NMLS 2315275.

Gustan Cho Associates | Our Team is Available 7 Days a Week 

All of our content writers are licensed loan officers, or real estate industry professionals such as realtors, attorneys, and outside loan officers. Over 30% of our viewers on Gustan Cho Associates are loan officers and professionals in the mortgage and/or real estate industry.  The hours of operation at the Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois Regional Headquarters are listed below. However, we are available 7 days a week, on evenings, weekends, and holidays.  For more information about Gustan Cho Associates, Oakbrook Terrace Branch, call us at 1-800-900-8569 or email us at gcho@gustancho.com. For a faster response, please text us at 800-900-8569.

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9 AM to 6 PM Monday
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