Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Gustan Cho Associates are expert advisors on Commercial Real Estate Loans. Gustan Cho has owned and operated more than 3,000 rental units as a Commercial Real Estate Investor and has advised and counseled countless of Commercial Real Estate Investors. Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage & Real Estate Information Center provides the latest and most up to date Commercial Loan Programs available today.

Commercial Real Estate Loans are underwritten differently than Residential Loans where the lender is primarily concerned with the property itself and/or the combination of the property and the credit and financial strength of the borrower. Non-recourse Commercial Loans are Commercial Loans where the Commercial Lender is primarily concerned with the property itself and the Commercial Borrower has no liability if the Commercial Lender were to default on the Commercial Loan. The Commercial Lender will just foreclose on the property and the Borrower has no liability because they do not have to be a guarantor on the note. Recourse Commercial Loans are Commercial Loans where the Commercial Borrower does have to be the guarantor of the note of the Commercial Loan and is responsible if they fall behind on the note and default on the Commercial Loan.

Any residential property up to 4 units are considered Residential Loans and borrowers can qualify for any Residential Loan Programs, including owner occupied FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional Loans. Any properties that has a commercial space or any residential units with more than 4 units are considered Commercial Loans.

Terms on Commercial Loans are different than Residential Loans. Since Commercial Loans cannot be sold to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, most Commercial Loans are Adjustable Rate Mortgages , commonly known as ARM,  where the loan is amortized over 20 or 30 years ( the loan term is determined by each individual Commercial Lender) and has a fixed rate for a certain period of time and once that fixed rate period expires, the interest rate will re-adjust every year until the term of the Commercial Loan. The adjusted new interest rate will be determined by a fixed margin plus the index (index is not a fixed rate and constantly changes and the volatility of the change is determined by the particular index: LIBOR, COFI, CMT ) Most commercial real estate loans are amortized over 20 to 30 years, however there are Commercial Lenders that can amortize the term of the loan to 10 years and 15 years.

Multi-Family Properties Commercial Loan Programs
Multi-Family Commercial Loans are the most popular and easiest types of Commercial Financing a real estate investor can get. Most Commercial Lenders like Multi-Family Commercial Loans due to its low risk tolerance because it is very easy and streamlined to lease vacant apartment units to renters than it would be leasing a commercial space to a commercial tenant. Apartment buildings that are 5 units or more, mixed units like combination of residential and commercial space, and apartment complexes all fall into Multi-Family Commercial Loans. Loan to value requirement are normally 80% LTV on apartment building loans. However, a lower loan to value may be required by a Commercial Lender if the lender deems either the property and/or borrower high risk. Both recourse and non-recourse commercial mortgage loans are available.

Mixed-Use Properties Commercial Loan Program
Mixed-use commercial loan programs are available at competitive terms and rates. These mixed-use commercial buildings combine residential units with commercial spaces such as retail stores and offices. Examples of Mixed-Use Properties includes a commercial property where there is a store front on the first floor and an apartment on the second floor or offices on the ground floor and apartments on the second floor.

Office Spaces Commercial Loan Programs
Office condo units, Office Buildings as well as Office Complexes all fall into the Office Spaces Commercial Financing Category.

Retail Spaces And Strip Shopping Malls Commercial Loans
Retail stores and strip shopping malls.

Industrial Commercial Buildings
Warehouses as well as multi-tenant industrial buildings.

Hard Money Loans

Hard Money Loans are commercial real estate loans that is funded by groups of private money investors and often is equity based where the hard money lender will be more concerned on how much down payment the borrower has to put down and/or the amount of equity the hard money borrower has on the real estate if it is a hard money refinance deal. Hard Money Loans normally can close in a short period of time and often have higher origination fees and higher interest rates than traditional commercial loans. Most commercial mortgage lenders normally require at least a 30% down payment or 70% loan to value on hard money loans. Hard Money Lenders want the borrower to have skin in the game. Most Hard Money Loans are short term loans where the real estate investor utilizes the hard money loan until he or she can stabilize the real estate property and can get end financing once the property has been stabilized. Often times, many real estate investors who have less than perfect credit or need time to get their income situation documented may use Hard Money Lenders to purchase real estate and once they have their credit situation in order, they can refinance their hard money loan to a traditional commercial mortgage loan.

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