Mortgage Rate Adjustments For Borrowers With Low Credit Scores

Mortgage Rate Adjustments For Borrowers With Low Credit Scores

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This article is about Mortgage Rate Adjustments

The lower your credit scores are the higher your mortgage rates will be.

For conventional loans, there are credit score tiers starting at the following levels:

  • 620 FICO
  • 640 FICO
  • 660 FICO
  • 680 FICO
  • 700 FICO
  • 720 FICO
  • 740 FICO

Credit Scores And Mortgage Rate Adjustments

Each level of these credit score tiers has different Loan Level Pricing Adjustments.

  • For example, top par mortgage rates will be a available for a prime borrower with credit score of 740 FICO or higher
  • That borrower will have premium low par conventional rates
  • As the borrowers credit scores are lower, their mortgage rates will get higher due to rate adjustments
  • On this example, borrower with a credit score of 620 FICO can only qualify for a much higher conventional mortgage rate
  • It can be as much as 2 points for the same loan just because they have lower credit scores

Credit and credit scores are so important when it comes to mortgage qualification and getting the best possible rates.

How Loan To Value Affect Mortgage Rates

Another factor that affects rates is that lenders can penalize a borrower when it comes to loan to value on conventional loans.

  • For example, borrowers who have 97% loan to value, 95% loan to value, 80% loan to value, 75% loan to value, and 70% loan to value conventional mortgage loans
  • The lower your loan to value, the less your rate adjustments are
  • Homebuyers who puts down 5% will get better mortgage rates than a borrower that put only a 3% down payment

A person who puts down 25% down payment on a home purchase will get far fewer rate adjustments than someone who puts down 20% on a home purchase.

Single Family Versus Multi-Unit Properties Mortgage Rate Adjustments

Is the location of the property important?

Someone who purchases a two to four-unit residential property will get hit with rate adjustments. Borrowers will definitely get a higher mortgage rate than someone who purchases a single-family home.  The pricing adjustments can be quite steep, sometimes as much as a full percentage point.

Location Of Property

Certain mortgage lenders will give a positive or negative mortgage rate adjustments if you are in certain states.

  • Depending on the lender, there might be a lender that can give a 0.25% mortgage rate adjustments credit if you live in certain states
  • On the flip side, you can get penalized a certain percentage amount if borrowers reside in certain states

For example, a certain lender may hit a borrower 0.625% in mortgage rate adjustments if the borrower lives in certain states.

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