Must Know List Of Do’s And Don’ts In Condo Living

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This ARTICLE Is About The Must-Know List Of Do’s And Don’ts In Condo Living

If you have never lived in a condominium unit before, you might be wondering about the lifestyle that you will be accustomed to, what is it like to live in a condo, and the do’s and don’t that you should be aware of.

Living It Up On Condo Living

Whether you’re about to buy a new condo for you and your family in a new neighborhood, or you were offered a job relocation to a far-off city, opting to live in condos will definitely enrich your life. Lifestyle differs from culture to culture. If you’ve been relocated to Singapore, for example, choosing to live in luxurious condos in Singapore will give you the chance to experience a private sanctuary along with their natural heritage. So not only are you experiencing the culture, but you’re also enjoying the modern benefits of living life to the fullest. Before you move in, the following list has everything you need to know about the condo lifestyle.

The Do’s Of Condo Living

Condo Living: Be Friendly

The first thing you will notice during your first day in your condo is that there are many workers who are there early to clean the hallways, windows, and the whole general area just for you. And, while they do get paid for it, it is still agreeable to be nice to them for the sake of being nice. You don’t need a reason to be pleasant to your fellow human beings.

Condo Living: Keep Your Eyes Open

You don’t need to feel threatened when you are living in a condo, but that doesn’t mean that the danger can not reach you at all. So from time to time, look outside the window, and glance at the street. Make sure that there is nothing suspicious going on, and if you see something make sure you report it.


Needless to say, recycling is obviously important for our environment and for the neatness of your district and condo. When it comes to recycling, getting rid of your trash and sorting them as promptly as possible is the best way to go. Because of the fastest thing that can pile up within a day’s trash.

Be Sociable

We all need to socialize from time to time, even if you are an introvert. That might be easy for you if you are living in a condo, but if your schedule is busy all the time, you can always join community groups on social media.

Be a Good Neighbor

Be a Good Neighbor

Being a good neighbor is almost effortless; there are no specific instructions for it, just do whatever comes naturally to you. For instance, when it’s the holiday season, it won’t cost much to pass by a plate of brownies for your neighbors, or smile and wave whenever you see your neighbor around the district or walking in the hallway. When someone new moves in, help them out or welcome them into the building; it won’t hurt, right? Remember that while you live a private life in your own condo, you’re also a part of a larger community so, make sure you address your neighbors and be kind to them.

Clean Your Own Spots

Cleaning your own space is a given; it is all about maintaining good hygiene. There is a very common misconception that the luxurious offer personal cleaning service when they don’t. The cleaning service is only limited to the public areas of the building; the cleanliness of each condo is its owner’s private responsibilities.

The Don’ts

You need to remember that you’re not living alone. On the contrary, you live in a building full of people. So, as good manners, it is highly recommended that you try to keep your noise down to a minimum. If you can’t help but produce a certain amount of noise; playing an instrument or something, make sure you do so during suitable hours.

Plug the Toilet

Have you ever gone to the bathroom, used a bunch of tissues, threw them away in the toilet, and flushed? Well, did you know that this could result in clogging the pipes which, in turn, can affect all the residents? Needless to say, you should absolutely refrain from doing so.


Just don’t litter. No one wants to go up to their condo and spot trash was thrown around everywhere. It’s not a pleasant sight, plus, it can attract unwanted animals, as well as, bacteria. So, next time you feel like throwing something away, hold on to it until you find a bin; even mother earth will thank you for it.

Take Advantage of Communal Areas Condo Living

Overall, living in a condominium unit is a new experience that is worth your time and energy. Living in communal areas means that you will be surrounded by all the shops and stores you need, you will have a friendly cleaning service team and awesome neighbors with whom you can socialize.

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