Capital Network Group Inc. Is The Fastest Growing Commercial Lender

This BLOG On Capital Network Group Inc. Is The Fastest Growing Commercial Lender Was UPDATED On July 18, 2017

Mortgage Brokers who  are fed up with commercial wholesale correspondent lenders giving them false promises can look no further.

  • Is the commercial wholesale representative saying misleading turnaround times and then comes back with excuses for delays such that the underwriter is backed up? 
  • Does commercial wholesale rep not return phone calls on a timely manner? 
  • Does the commercial wholesale lender’s underwriter keep on nit picking on client’s file over stupid little things that are not necessary? 
  • Are the commercial deals getting turned down for dumb reasons? 
  • Commercial Loan Officers who have answered yes to any of the above questions, boy, do I have a wholesale rep for you. 
  • Gregory Kewin of Capital Network Group (CNG).

Gregory Kewin Of Capital Network Group Inc.

As a mortgage broker, our jobs is to get our client’s the best available mortgage rates and terms.  More importantly, we need to close commercial loans on time.

  • More importantly than that is to make sure that the deal closes on time. 
  • I have dozens of correspondent lender, however,
  • Greg Kewin and Darren Herringshaw are hand down, our commercial mortgage lender of choice. 
  • There is no mortgage lender in today’s market that compares with Greg Kewin and Darren Herringshaw not just in turnaround time for a mortgage approval, but service.

Just this past week, I submitted 3 mortgage commercial loan applications.

  • All three commercial hard money mortgage applications have gotten conditional approvals in 24 hours. 
  • There are no mortgage correspondent lenders with that type of turnaround time. 
  • I have multiple lenders that promise a 48 turnaround time but to this date, none of them have honored their promise.

Greg Kewin: A True Mortgage Professional

Greg Kewin is one of the most hard working individuals I have met.

  • He is always on turbo mode and always returns calls in a timely manner.  
  • He also gives commercial mortgage brokers his cell number where they can contact him after hours and is hands on. 
  • Gregory Kewin deals direct with all of the underwriters that has files so if the underwriter is confused with a particular file, Greg Kewin will contact the loan officer and get the proper answers to the questions and relay it to the underwriter. 
  • Greg Kewin and Darren Herringshaw is every commercial mortgage brokers dream and can be rest assured that they will further loan officer’s career in the mortgage business.

Career Opportunities For Residential Loans Officers To Become Commercial Loan Officers

Residential Loan Officer or Commercial Real Estate Agents who want to become commercial loan officers can contact Capital Network Group Inc. We are full service commercial lenders and are known nationally as a one stop commercial lending shop.

Here are the types of commercial loan programs we offer:

  • Hard Money Loans
  • Short Term Hard Money Bridge Loans
  • Small Balance Commercial Loans
  • No Doc Fix And Flip Rehab Loans
  • Accounts Receivables Financing
  • Asset Based Lending
  • Apartment Building Loans
  • Blanket Lines Of Credit

Mortgage Loan Officers can contact Capital Network Group Inc. at 1-800-900-8569 or email us at We also have residential mortgage loan officer opportunities.

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