The Top Reasons Illinoisans Fleeing To Other States

The Top Reasons Illinoisans Fleeing To Other States

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BREAKING NEWS: The Top Reasons Illinoisans Fleeing To Other States. The Top Reasons Illinoisans Fleeing To Other States are numerous. With the election of the new rookie freshman governor JB Pritzker, Illinois has seen a mass exodus of taxpayers like never before. Pritzker is a newcomer politician. He was always a politician wannabe.

JB Pritzker made several attempts in running for office as well as getting appointed to state office unsuccessfully. JB Pritzker took the opportunity to buy the governor’s office in 2018.

He befriended House Speaker Michael J. Madigan as well as other powerful Democrats. JB Pritzker, a billionaire, spent over $171 million of his own money to win the Illinois governor’s office. Pritzker disappointed many Illinoisans after getting elected. The only solution Pritzker seems to have in fixing Illinois financial crisis is raising taxes on just about anything he can think of. He increased taxes in over 20 items and created new taxes. Pritzker did not waste any time doubling the state’s gas tax in his first year of office.

JB Pritzker’s Federal Criminal Investigation For Tax Fraud

Just four months into his first term, Pritzker managed to get himself and his wife MK Pritzker under federal criminal investigation for tax fraud. Pritzker ordered his contractors to remove all the toilets to a mansion he owned next to his primary residence in Chicago’s Gold Coast. The reason toilets were ordered removed was so he can classify the home as uninhabitable lower the $6 million valuation to $1 million. After the Assessor’s inspector left the home after a home inspection, Pritzker ordered contractors to re-install the toilets back.

After Pritzker got caught on his tax fraud scheme, Pritzker did not waste any time paying the Cook County Assessor’s Office $331,000, the amount of his property tax savings, from his personal funds.

Pritzker told the press that the Feds are not investigating him for the property tax fraud scheme since he paid the property tax savings back to the county. However, this is not the case. Federal investigators are aggressively still investigating JB and MK Pritzker’s property tax fraud scheme according to reliable sources. In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover The Top Reasons Illinoisans Fleeing To Other States.

The Top Reasons Illinoisans Fleeing To Other States: Highest-Tax Rate In The Nation

The U.S. economy was skyrocketing and booming prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Dozens of Republican-led low taxed states benefited from the booming economy. Dozens of states had billions in revenues due to the booming economy. However, Illinois and a few other financially mismanaged and irresponsible states were struggling prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S., Illinois went further down the hole and is now on the verge of bankruptcy. Never in its history has the state been in such a financial crisis.

Illinois, led by Governor JB Pritzker, has the highest out-migration rate in the country. Never in Illinois history has so many Illinoisans left or are planning on leaving the state due to increasing taxes, public corruption, and high cost of living.

What Experts Are Saying About The Top Reasons Illinoisans Fleeing To Other States

What Experts Are Saying About The Exodus Of IllinoisansOne of The Top Reasons Illinoisans Fleeing To Other States is due to incompetent politicians. After JB Pritzker got elected to office, more Illinoisans expressed serious interest to flee Illinois. Per data from the U.S. Census Bureau which was released on June 25th, 2020, Illinois’ white population decreased by 5.3% or 438,986 people. The same Census Bureau report data showed the Black population declined by 1.7%, or 32,143, since 2010.

Hispanic population numbers increased by 9.4% which is 194,671. This increase may be due to the influx of illegal immigrants and Chicago and the state is classified as a sanctuary city and state.

This was due to a large number of out-migration of taxpayers. With all the negative press about Illinois having the highest tax rate in the nation and the incompetent and corrupt politicians, who would want to move to Illinois. Many voters are having voter’s remorse for electing JB Pritzker as governor. Pritzker is being called incompetent by many critics. Many experts think Pritzker is too incompetent to run state government. JB Pritzker said he has no concerns about the massive out-migration of Illinoisans. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker said the following about Illinois losing tens of thousands of individual taxpayers and small businesses to other lower-taxed states: After Pritzker released the above statement, he got slammed not only by his critics but also by fellow Democrats. See the chart below:

See the chart below:

What are the main reasons Illinois residents have fled to other states

Data suggests the most likely to leave the state of Illinois are Asian, Native American and Pacific Islander, and Black Illinoisans. Data and poll numbers show while and Hispanic Illinoisans are the ethnic group that is the least likely to leave the state.

See the chart below:

What is the highest tax rate in the country

See the chart below:

States Illinoisans Are Migrating To

Most Illinoisans are migrating to lower-taxed Republican-led states. Among the most popular states, Illinoisans are migrating to are Texas, California, Indiana, Florida, and Wisconsin.

See the chart below:

Why Illinois residents migrate to

History of Corruption and High Taxes

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Illinois has a long history of public corruption. Over 1,700 Illinois politicians, judges, and public workers have been indicted, convicted, and sentenced for corruption. Six former Illinois governors got charged and indicted for corruption. Four out of the six were convicted and sentenced to federal prison. It only took the newly elected freshman rookie governor JB Pritzker four months since taking office to be under federal investigation for a tax fraud scheme.

JB Pritzker and his wife MK Pritzker were caught red-handed removing all toilets from the home they owned next to their primary home in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

By doing so, the property’s valuation got reduced from $6 million to $1 million saving the Pritzker’s $331,000 in property tax savings. A home inspector with the county Assessor’s office came out and confirmed there were no working toilets at the Pritzker home. Once the inspector left, MK Pritzker ordered contractors to re-install the toilets back. After JB Pritzker go caught on this property tax fraud scheme, he immediately paid the $331,000 tax savings to the county assessor to avoid a federal investigation. Unfortunately, it was too late. Federal investigators are still investigating Pritzker’s tax fraud scheme. Public corruption costs taxpayers over $550 million per year. Public corruption is one of the reasons why taxes are so high in Illinois and a reason why Illinoisans are fleeing the state.

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