Leaving Illinois

Leaving Illinois To Lower Taxed States And Low Cost Of Living

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This ARTICLE On Leaving Illinois To Lower Taxed States And Low Cost Of Living Was PUBLISHED On October 25th, 2019

Leaving Illinois to save on taxes and high cost of living?

  • Many Illinoisans gave up on the constant tax increases
  • Illinois has the second-highest property tax rate in the nation right below New Jersey
  • The newly elected Illinois Democratic governor, J.B. Pritzker, seems totally clueless and lost
  • The only solution J.B. Pritzker has in solving the state’s problem is raising taxes
  • Pritzker recently approved doubling the state’s gas tax
  • The doubling of the state’s gas tax has gas station owners along the borders of Illinois financially strapped
  • Many gas station owners in the Illinois/Wisconsin border, Indiana/Illinois border, Missouri/Illinois border, and other state borders cannot compete with out of state gas stations with the high Illinois gas tax
  • Many are so fed up with J.B. Pritzker that they are spreading petitions for signatures to recall him
  • Pritzker recently approved wage increases to state lawmakers when the state is broke
  • Pritzker is planning on changing the current Illinois flat-tax to a progressive tax system angering high-income wage earners
  • Countless businesses and residents are leaving Illinois due to high taxes
  • Illinois is ranked as the highest tax state in the nation

In this article, we will cover and discuss Businesses and Taxpayers Leaving Illinois To Lower Taxed States And Low Cost Of Living

Illinois Tax Burden Is Getting Worse With No Light At The End Of The Tunnel

The U.S. economy is on fire.

High property taxes, state income taxes, sales taxes and high cost of living in Illinois are forcing businesses and individual taxpayers to leave Illinois.

The Exodus Of Illinoisans

Illinois will never come to grips with their finances without pension reform.

  • The pension debt in Illinois is beyond fixing
  • All the tax increases in the world would not fix the pension debt
  • Peoria Illinois creates a new property tax fee fund to cover the police and fire pension shortage
  • Kankakee Illinois pension debt deadline is missed by the city
  • Police and fire departments cannot hire any new police officers and/or firefighters because they need to keep up with paying retired employees
  • It is like a Ponzi scheme
  • Over 70% of pension recipients are leaving Illinois to other lower-taxed states
  • Many pension recipients are furious their pensions are being taxed in Illinois
  • Illinois created a law where pension recipients will get taxed if they leave the state
  • Illinois is losing businesses and individual taxpayers by the thousands
  • Over 65% of Illinoisans thought about leaving Illinois in a recent survey
  • This figure was an increase from 58% of Illinoisans who thought of leaving Illinois on a survey taken in 2017

The Pritzker Administration and state lawmakers need to think twice about raising taxes and implementing new taxes.

Taxpayers should compare tax rates by state. Data suggests that Illinois ranks as one of the highest taxed states in the U.S. High property taxes and sales taxes are the two drivers forcing taxpayers leaving Illinois. Many Illinoisans who live on the border of another low taxed state like Indiana, cross the border to purchase cigarettes, alcohol, and fuel.

What Experts Say On Leaving Illinois

Illinois Housing Market

The Illinois Housing Market is good for homebuyers but not good for home sellers. Home values in Illinois have not appreciated like other lower-taxed states. In general, home values are lower in higher taxed states like Illinois. For example, DuPage County Home Values dropped 24% while taxes went up 7% since the 2008 Great Recession. This can be a great buying opportunity for home buyers. DuPage County is a great suburb of Chicago with attractive homes and neighborhoods. Unfortunately, many DuPage County area homeowners feel like they got cheated out of equity in their homes due to the state’s financial crisis.

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