Artic Blast Can Cause Homeowners Havoc

Artic Blast Can Cause Homeowners Havoc With Sub-Zero Temperatures

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This BLOG On 2019 Artic Blast Can Cause Homeowners Havoc With Sub-Zero Temperatures Was PUBLISHED On January 26th, 2019

The Artic Blast Can Cause Homeowners Havoc this weekend. Sub-zero temperatures and the coldest temperatures is hitting dozens of states.

  • Midwestern States like Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota is expected to get over 10 inches of snow
  • Artic Blast Can Cause Homeowners Havoc with potential frozen pipes and the heavy weight of snow on their roofs and porches
  • Over a quarter of a million homeowners are affected by broken pipes each winter

However, the Artic Blast that we are experiencing this weekend into next week is the coldest weather we had in decades. 

Artic Blast Can Cause Homeowners Havoc With Broken Pipes

Sub-zero weather is expected this weekend into next week in Midwestern and Eastern States.

  • Windchill factors will drop temperatures into 20 to 30 below zero in many areas
  • This Artic Blast Can Cause Homeowners Havoc with pipes freezing
  • Pipes can burst due to sudden temperature drops in homes with insufficient insulation
  • Or homeowners who are out of town and have their thermostat setting low
  • Areas of homes affected are attic and basements where there is not enough insulation

Areas by windows where draft is common may also be affected.

Coldest Temperature Since Winter 2004

All week, temperatures hovered in the single digits in many parts of the country.

  • The National Weather Service (NWS) is forecasting record low temperatures in the coming week
  • We are expected to have the coldest temperature since December 2004 the week of January 28th
  • These types of cold weather is a recipe for broken pipes
  • If the pipes in your home breaks, immediately go to the water meter and shut off the entire plumbing of the home
  • This needs to be done immediately to avoid flooding and major damage to your home
  • Flooding damage due to frozen pipes can cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home
  • A small pipe break that is as minor as 1/8th of an inch can pour 300 gallons of water in a matter of hours
  • This causes major flooding throughout the home
  • Not only damaging furniture but can cause structural damages and eventual mold throughout the home
  • Most frozen pipe breaks occurs in the basement

But a frozen pipe break on the second floor and/or attic can also happen and will multiple the damage.

Avoiding Freezing Pipes

There are many first time home buyers who recently purchased a home recently who does not know the impact of sub-zero weather. Being pro-active is the best policy.

Here are some tips for homeowners in dealing with cold temperatures:

  • Get every member of the family familiar where the main water shut-off valve is
  • Learn how to operate the main water shut-off valve
  • Contact a reputable plummer and have them inspect crawl spaces, basements, attics and areas where draft comes in
  • Check for pipes and make sure the pipes are insulated
  • Areas where drafts comes in like windows, dryer vents needs to be insulated and caulked
  • Make sure all garden hoses are disconnected and drained 
  • Areas where you feel pipes may freeze, turn the faucet on slightly so it drips
  • This protects pipes from freezing
  • Do not lower the thermostat in the evening on sub-zero weather
  • Leave cabinet doors open to allow heat to areas where there are pipes
  • This is especially important under kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Make sure that the heat is on if you are leaving your home for an extended period of time
  • Pour anti-freeze in all of your toilets and/or drain it and shut off the water

Artic Blast Can Cause Homeowners Havoc With Drifting Snow

Windchill factors will hit 50 below zero in Chicago and surround areas.

  • Coupled with 10 plus inches of snow Sunday night going into Monday, homeowners need to pay attention on the impact the weight of the snow has on their roofs and porch systems
  • Make sure to shovel areas of drifted snow from your deck
  • Older decks cannot take the massive weight of snow and can potentially collapse
  • Visually check your roof
  • Make sure to have snow removed in areas of your roof that has more than 2 feet of snow

There have been cases of roof collapse due to the heavy weight of snow.

Final Home Inspection Prior To Home Closing

All home buyers have a final walk through prior to closing on their home loan. Make sure you do a final walk through the day of the closing if there is sub zero temperatures. Once the home closes, there is no turning back. Broken pipes is possible on homes that has been vacant during sub-zero weather. Gustan Cho Associates will keep our viewers updated on more weather related tips for homeowners.

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