Buying a Home in Another State

Mortgage Qualifications for Buying a Home In Another State

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This guide covers how to qualify for a mortgage by buying a home in another state. Buying a home in another state is becoming more and more popular. Many employers now offer remote positions where workers do not have to report to a local brick-and-mortar branch office. Many industries are now either closing many of their brick-and-mortar satellite offices or offering employees to work remotely. Remote wage-earners can qualify for a mortgage in any state they want to live in. Many taxpayers in high-taxed states, such as New York, fled to other low-taxed states due to the lower cost of living.

Can I Buy a House in Another State?

You can buy a house in another state. Start by researching the area to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood, local amenities, schools, and crime rates. Ensure you understand the state’s specific real estate laws, including rules, taxes, and procedures. Try visiting both the house and its environment in person.

Virtual tours plus detailed video walkthroughs would be great alternatives. Besides, it would help if you also got mortgage pre-approval from a licensed lender within the state where your new property lies since this will guide you on what range your budget should fall.

If you’re going to visit the property a few times before buying, don’t forget to factor in travel costs. You must hire a good inspector who can find any problems with the house during an inspection. You may need to be ready for the closing, which might require your physical presence or setting up someone locally (like the agent or lawyer) to do it on your behalf. Buying a home out of state can be easy through proper planning and having the right people by your side. Speak With Our Loan Officer for Mortgage Loans

Considerations Buying a Home in Another State

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There are considerations for buying a home in another state. Buying a home in another state and how to qualify for a mortgage does not have to be stressful. Suppose an experienced loan officer qualifies you and gets you pre-approved by buying a home out of state. In that case, there is no reason for your to stress during the mortgage process, says Dale Elenteny of Gustan Cho Associates:

Many consider the mortgage process to be stressful. For those considering buying a home in another state may add to the stress of the mortgage process. The main reason why buying a home in another state can be stressful is most migrants to other states are not familiar with the area.

Out-of-state home buyers are often unfamiliar with the best neighborhoods, school districts, municipal ordinances, traffic, amenities, shopping districts, and culture. The following paragraphs will discuss the pros and cons of buying a home in another state.

Can I Buy a House in Another State Without a job There?

Granted, you are not limited to job location when purchasing a home out of state, but there are specifics you should be aware of. To qualify for a mortgage, a person must show lenders proof of income and employment as confirmation that they can keep up with the monthly payments.

If this is not the case and someone wants to know if you can still get a loan without having a job in the new state, your ability must be proven by presenting other means of earning. To meet these requirements, applicants might need their current states’ employment (if planning on working from home), investments like stocks and bonds whose returns can be used for repayment, savings large enough to cover several years’ worth of living expenses without any additional source income being generated during this period e.t.c. Also, rental income from subletting part of property owned may count towards meeting the other things.

In addition, obtaining loan preapproval might be useful for understanding how much money you can borrow. Contact possible lenders and talk to them about your case, as they may request some things you do not have or offer programs that will be perfect for you.

You need to have some information at hand — like your earnings over time (W-2 forms), assets owned jointly or separately from others, etc. — which contributes towards overall financial stability. It would also help secure financing if one were relocating because there’s a job waiting, so make sure there’s something written down concerning employment in this situation, too! Click here to buy a house for your choice location

The First Step In Starting The Out-of-State Home Buying Process

Out-of-state homebuyers with family, friends, or business associates in the state they plan on relocating to can start talking to them about their experiences in living in the area. They can visit and drive around the area they are looking to purchase a home.

They can also talk and interview a few realtors in the new state. Do not hire the listing agent to represent you. This is because listing realtors represent the home sellers, such as getting a premium price and terms.

This often becomes a conflict of interest representing both sellers and buyers. An experienced buyer’s agent who you get along with can be your best representative in representing you and your family’s best interests.

Choosing and Hiring an Out-Of-State Real Estate Agent

Buying a Home in Another StateChoosing a realtor and loan officer are two of the most important tasks when buying a home in another state. You need to feel comfortable with both the realtor and the loan officer. Get a list of referrals of realtors by family, friends, business associates, or other people you can trust.

Do not hire a realtor or loan officer just because they were a referral. Do your due diligence. Check out their online reviews on Zillow and other real estate websites. Make sure they cater to out-of-state home buyers. Talk to several of them.

Ensure they give you their cell phone numbers and are always available. For example, a loan officer that does not return calls after business hours or on weekends may not be a good fit. You can always change realtors and loan officers during your home buying and mortgage process if you are unhappy with them.

How To Choose A Realtor On Your Own

Some folks do not want to bother family, friends, or co-workers by asking them for referrals and want to hire a realtor alone. Some do not want others to know their business, while others feel like they are imposing. Today, the internet can be your best friend when doing research. There are countless experienced, talented real estate agents and loan officers nationwide.  John Strange, a top-producing senior loan officer at Gustan Cho Associates, says the following:

Start researching by finding online listings of homes that interest you. Top-producing agents will appear with many listings and sold properties in geographical areas. Remember that it is best recommended that you hire a buyer’s agent to represent you and have your best interests in mind.

Google terms like Memphis Tennessee Buyer’s Real Estate Agent or Lenders With No Overlays. Look at Zillow and check out their online reviews. YELP and other Review Sites will list customer reviews, both good and bad. Other sites, such as or, can list profiles of particular agents. Ensure you do not end up with a new realtor or loan officer. Hire someone who has extensive experience and knows their markets.

Choosing The Right Out-Of-State Home

Do not purchase a home site unseen. Pictures can be misconstrued. Try to make plans to schedule showings or attend open houses. Communicate with your realtor as much as possible. Talk to neighbors if you are attending open houses. Ask as many questions as possible. Watch virtual tours. Make sure you visit the property at night and on weekends and see what activity occurs. Hopefully, no drug activities or thugs are hanging on street corners. For more information about this article or other real estate/mortgage-related topics, please contact us at Gustan Cho Associates at 800-900-8569 or text us for a faster response. Or email us at Speak With Our Loan Officer for Mortgage Loans

FAQs: Mortgage Qualifications for Buying a Home In Another State

  • 1. Is it possible for you to purchase a home in a different state from your current one? Indeed, you can. Start with finding out about the place which includes getting to know more about the neighborhood, local facilities, schools as well as crime rates. You need to be well conversant with the particular real estate laws of that state which encompass regulations, taxes and procedures. If it can be managed, try and visit the physical location of the house. Alternatively, use virtual tours or watch detailed videos that walk you through every part of the property. To establish your financial plan, request mortgage pre-approval from a lender licensed in the state where you want to make a purchase.

  • 2. To purchase a home in another state, what should I think about? If you are going to visit the property more than once, don’t forget to factor in the cost of travel. In order to locate any issues with the house, hire a reliable inspector. Also, be ready for the closing which may need your personal attendance or engaging a local representative such as an agent or attorney. In other to make it easier to buy a house out of the state proper arrangement and right support are needed.

  • 3. Can I buy a house in another state without a job there? Yes, however you will need proof of income and employment for a mortgage application to be successful. If your plan is working remotely from your current employment, this may be shown through other means such as investment earnings or savings accounts that can cover rent costs while also indicating an ability to pay off home loan debts. Beforehand, it’s important that one obtains pre-approval so they know how much money could potentially borrow in such situations since lenders might have different criteria depending on individual circumstances.

  • 4. What’s the first step to starting the out-of-state home buying process? School yourself. Talk to family, friends and/or colleagues in the area where you hope to land. Also visit and drive around – a lot. Interview multiple realtors in the new state, but don’t hire the listing agent representing the seller; that person is responsible for looking out for the seller’s interests, not yours.

  • 5. How do I choose and hire an out-of-state real estate agent? There are several important steps when hiring a realtor outside your state. You must choose the right person for this job because not all real estate agents are equal. For example, you could ask them how many homes they have sold in the past year and their acceptance rate on offers made by buyers. You should also find out if any complaints have been filed against them by the state licensing board or local realtor associations. Additionally, it would be helpful if other professionals, such as loan officers or attorneys, could recommend someone who is good from their own experiences working together.

  • 6. What is the process for selecting my realtor without involving anyone else but me? Search through web postings then see profiles made by high performing brokers within that locality. To get the right people for the job use phrases like “Buyer’s Real Estate Agent in Memphis Tennessee” or “Lenders Having No Overlays”. Check reviews given by clients on websites such as Yelp or Choose a person who has spent many years working in this field with good knowledge about markets involved.

    7. What do I search for in selecting an out-of-state residence? Don’t purchase a home without seeing it first. Set up showings or go to open houses. Communicate with your real estate agent often and speak with neighbors if you can. Check out virtual tours and visit the property at various times of day such as evenings or weekends so that you can observe neighborhood activity levels.

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