Chicago Riots

Chicago Riots Causing Exodus Of Businesses And Taxpayers

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BREAKING NEWS: Chicago Riots Causing Exodus Of Businesses And Taxpayers
The recent Chicago Riots are causing countless businesses to call it quits in Chicago.

  • Not only are businesses fleeing the city, but individual taxpayers had enough with Chicago
  • Chicago, under the leadership of rookie freshman Mayor Lori Lightfoot, is deteriorating fast
  • Chicago is the highest taxed city in the nation
  • The city has the highest murder rate in the nation
  • Chicago has the highest crime rate in the nation
  • Property taxes in the city are soaring
  • Other taxes in the city are skyrocketing with no end and/or cap in sight
  • The Chicago Riots started after the killing of Minnesota drug user/dealer George Floyd by police officer Derek Chavin
  • Black Lives Matter (BLM) groups started protesting nationwide
  • What started as a protest turned into violent riots and looting. Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a far-left liberal
  • Lightfoot even joined the BLM protests in Chicago

BLM rioters turned on Lightfoot and she had to seek refuge.

BLM Peaceful Protests Turning To Chicago Riots And Looting

BLM Peaceful Protests Turning To Chicago Riots And Looting

Hundreds of BLM rioters gathered in Lightfoot Logan Square neighborhood:

  • Lightfoot was scared and felt threatened that she detailed over 150 Chicago police officers to secure her home she shares with her lesbian spouse
  • The riots are getting out of control
  • The riot is expected to continue
  • Rioters are demanding the defunding of police and/or elimination of the police department
  • Prior to the violence of BLM, Chicago always had the highest murder and crime rate in the nation
  • However, the murders and the crime spree now spread to other neighborhoods of the city including the Gold Coast
  • Millions of dollars in damages were sustained so far. Chicago’s Magnificent Mile is now a ghost town
  • Many business owners and families said enough is enough and either moved or are planning on fleeing the city

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover Chicago Riots Causing Exodus Of Businesses And Taxpayers.

Chicago Riots Spreading To All Parts Of The City

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The Chicago Riots have no boundaries.

  • It is not just limited to the South and West Sides of the city
  • It is all over citywide, including the Gold Coast and safe neighborhoods of the city
  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot and city leaders were promoting protests citywide
  • However, most of these protests are turning into violent riots and looting
  • Many alderman and experts are calling for Lightfoot’s resignation due to her absolute incompetence
  • Chicago, the highest taxed city in the nation, is in a major financial crisis and on the verge of bankruptcy due to a broken pension system and financial irresponsibility
  • Thousands of businesses are expected to flee the city
  • Many Chicagoans said enough is enough and plan to flee the city to a safer city and/or state with lower taxes

Jammi Cash of Gustan Cho Associates is an expert in the out-migration of high taxed cities and states.

What Chicago Aldermen Are Saying

This is the second wave of the Chicago Riots that hit the city. Any day, it can trigger a third major riot.

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There are some retailers who says they are not leaving Chicago no matter what as well as individual taxpayers. So there is some hope the city will not turn into a ghost town. The crime and murder rates in Chicago are skyrocketing. There is no doubt the city has a major shortage of police officers. The retirement rate of Chicago cops is double the rate it has been traditionally. It is no secret Lightfoot does not support the police. Many Chicago police officers are afraid of making arrests because it can backfire on them and they can be the ones getting arrested and not the criminal. Chicago is in major turmoil. The main reason is due to an incompetent Mayor who is clueless and lost. Lightfoot is a major liability and many, Democrats and Republicans, are calling her to resign and/or impeach before she destroys the city.

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