Paradise Rebuilds One Year After The California Camp Fire

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This guide covers paradise rebuilds one year after the California Camp Fire. Paradise Rebuilds One Year After The California Camp Fire at full speed ahead. It takes time to rebuild a community after a wildfire. The California Fire made national news last year. Many wondered how a community could rebuild and how long it would take. Businesses are beginning to reopen. Many residents of Paradise rebuilt their homes and are finally moving back in. It has been a year since the deadliest fire ravaged Paradise, California.

Over 9,000 homes were destroyed in the town of Paradise alone last year due to the nasty,, deadly Camp Fire.

  • The businesses and homeowners in Paradise did not give in to the destruction.
  • They all regrouped and worked very hard to rebuild their beloved community.
  • The community was very quiet while residents and businesses were rebuilding the town
  • It was like a ghost town during the earlier weeks and months when the rebuilding process started.

In this article, we will cover and discuss Paradise Rebuilds One Year After The California Camp Fire.

Paradise Rebuilds One Year After The California Camp Fire But The Town Will Never Be The Same

Why The Town Will Never Be The Same

It is the people that make the town.

  • Residents of Paradise are sticking together in rebuilding their community
  • The countless trees that took generations to develop will take decades for them to grow
  • There are many charred trees to remind citizens of the devastating fire
  • Residents and business owners are working above and beyond to rebuild this rural town which is 170 miles northeast of San Francisco
  • In a year’s time, all debris that was damaged by the Camp Fire has been cleared
  • The town has a population of 26,000
  • City officials estimate the amount of debris removed from the fire-ravaged area is equivalent to four Golden Gate Bridge

It is amazing that businesses and residents did not give up. Many thought that the town was done for good. However, it is a national surprise that the town of Paradise California is coming back. The community is stronger than ever with unity.

Question Of Whether Or Not To Rebuild Paradise California

It is amazing that many families did not just pack up and relocate to a different county and/or state after the devastating wildfire. The community is like no other. Many in this small town have been born and raised here and will always consider home.

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The start of the California Camp Fire was on Nov. 8, 2018.

  • The fire cost the lives of 85 people. The California Camp Fire took 17 days to get it contained
  • More than 240 square miles of centuries-old trees and rugged forestry was destroyed
  • Close to 20,000 businesses, homes, and other real estate properties were destroyed by this historic wildfire
  • The town had events scheduled to mourn the loss of lives and celebrate the re-emergence of Paradise
  • The population of Paradise is now estimated at 4,000 people
  • Many residents who had their homes destroyed by the Camp Fire are living in their RV’s, campers, and other mobile-type dwellings

According to Paradise Mayor Jody Jones, the town has issued occupancy permits for 11 new homes. About 1,400 homes were not damaged by the wildfire.

Paradise One Year Ago Versus Today

It takes time to rebuild a community after a disaster like wildfires. Businesses and residents worked countless hours over the past year to rebuild this close-knit community. Few businesses on the Skyway Road, which is the main road through Paradise, have proudly reopened. They had large signs proclaiming they are open for business. The community looked like a major battlefield with countless destruction over a year ago. Now it is a brand new community with new everything. The town is a brand new town. The old Paradise was destroyed by the Camp Fire. Many residents of Paradise had no choice of leaving the town and will probably never come back. The new Paradise today will be a much smaller town than the old destroyed town. There are areas of the town where every home in the neighborhood burned.

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The town will definitely be a new town. New homes will be built with strict fire codes to protect them in the event of another wildfire. Instead of the wood exterior, new homes will be built with brick and concrete. Sprinkler systems will be city code and mandatory on all newly constructed homes. Landscaping will be fire-resistant as well. Many think the risk of another Camp Fire is next to none and it is a once in a lifetime event. Many residents are excited about rebuilding their new town.

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