Congress Approves Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Congress Approves Trump Impeachment Inquiry To Go Forward

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This ARTICLE on Congress Approves Trump Impeachment Inquiry To Go Forward Was PUBLISHED On October 31st, 2019. Breaking News today from Capitol Hill: Congress Approves Trump Impeachment Inquiry to proceed. The President’s Impeachment Inquiry is led by California Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff. Schiff has been aggressively removing President Trump out of office. He was one of the major players in the Russian Collusion Probe and was convinced that Trump would be removed from office after the Mueller Investigation was completed. 

To his disappointment, the Mueller Investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller came out with no wrongdoing of the President. 

Adam Schiff tried to railroad Trump again when Special Counsel Robert Mueller said he could not exonerate President Trump on obstruction of justice. Adam Schiff then held a Congressional Hearing with Mueller testifying. This Congressional hearing turned out to be a flop and backfired on Adam Schiff. Adam Schiff is now pursuing impeachment inquiry proceeding after President Trump had a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President. Schiff and the Democrats are accusing Trump of trying to interfere with the 2020 elections. In this breaking news article, we will cover and discuss Congress Approves Trump Impeachment Inquiry.

Congress Approves Trump Impeachment Inquiry With Majority of Democrats Voting To Proceed

Below is the way Congress Approves Trump Impeachment Inquiry and how members voted: 29 of the 31 Democratic Congressman, where they hold districts President Trump won in 2016, proceeded with furthering the impeachment inquiry. This was a dangerous move for these members of Congress in the 2020 election and their electability. This is because President Donald Trump is very popular in these districts. Two Democratic Congressman, Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey voted against proceeding with the impeachment inquiry. Three Republican Congressman who represents districts where Hillary Clinton won in 2016 voted against impeachment proceedings.

Political Suicide By Democrats

What is Political Suicide By DemocratsMany political analysts were puzzled about how over two dozen Democrats decided to move forward with impeachment proceedings with disregard to their political electability in 2020. The vote was 232 by 196. Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey refrained from voting with the majority of Democrats to proceed with the impeachment inquiry. There was no Republican Congressmen backing it. Michigan Independent Congressman Justin Amash supported it and voted with the Democrats.

2020 Election One Year Away and Democrats Need Ammunition

Time is flying. There is only one year away from the 2020 Presidential Election. Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and other Democrats are running out of options in trying to unseat President Trump. They tried everything and it failed. Russian Collusion? Obstruction of Justice? Now the Ukrainian meeting. 

It will be next to impossible to unseat a successful President, like President Donald Trump who is taking credit for great economic numbers and a powerful thriving economy.

The economy is booming under the Trump Administration. Democrats are running out of time in gaining an edge to win the 2020 Presidential Election. This is a developing story on Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage News. We will update our viewers on more developments.

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