Bankruptcy For Illinois

Bankruptcy For Illinois May Be A Possible Solution To Save The State

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 BREAKING NEWS: Bankruptcy For Illinois May Be A Possible Solution To Save The State

Can Illinois bankruptcy be a possible solution to save the state

Bankruptcy For Illinois may be an option for the state due to their many years of financial mismanagement. Illinois, along with a few other states, has been struggling with budget deficits for many years.

  • Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. economy was stronger than ever
  • Most states have enjoyed growth and substantial surplus due to the strong economy
  • Neighboring states like Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa had strong economic growth and had a budget surplus
  • However, Illinois was struggling like never before
  • Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has been losing popularity due to his pro-tax policies in trying to fix the financial crisis of Illinois
  • Pritzker doubled the gas tax in Illinois, and not only has raised taxes on over 20 line items but also created new taxes
  • J.B. Pritzker is pushing to changing the current flat tax to a progressive tax system
  • He has been lobbying strongly for Illinois to become a progressive tax state
  • In the meantime, countless businesses and individual taxpayers are fleeing Illinois to other lower-taxed states
  • Many critics of freshman governor Pritzker blame inexperience and incompetence for his pro-tax ideology
  • More and more Illinoisans are becoming worried about Pritzker’s actions
  • Raising and increasing taxes is one way of increasing revenues
  • However, the freshman governor seems to keep on spending and has no intention of cutting spending
  • He has recently approved a $261 million pay raise for high-level state workers
  • Pritzker also approved salary increases for state lawmakers
  • Illinois was facing a major financial crisis due to its pension fund shortage prior to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Illinois ranks as one of the states with the highest taxes
  • Illinois ranks are in second position with the highest property taxes
  • Illinois has more businesses and taxpayers leaving the state due to high taxes
  • After the pandemic, the state may be near bankruptcy
  • J.B. Pritzker has been hinting for the federal government to bail the state out
  • However, the federal government has absolutely no interest in bailing financially mismanaged states like Illinois

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover the question of can Bankruptcy For Illinois May Be A Possible Solution To Save The State.

McConnell Suggests Bankruptcy For Illinois And Other Financially Mismanaged States

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J.B. Pritzker has been hinting the federal government bailout Illinois’s dysfunctional pension system due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Pritzker has been trying to include the state’s financial deficit as part of the federal coronavirus pandemic economic relief aid
  • Not so fast said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
  • The Kentucky senior senator presented that bankruptcy for Illinois and Chicago could save the financially strapped state
  • However, Democrats did not like the idea of bankruptcy for Illinois
  • Pritzker said bankruptcy for Illinois is out of the question
  • Many state Democrats agreed
  • McConnell and the Trump Administration thought the idea of bailing out the state and the city of Chicago due to their financial irresponsibilities is out of the question
  • Illinois has been running on a deficit year after year
  • The main reason is financial mismanagement
  • Many lawmakers do not realize it is not how much revenue you take in but rather how much you spend. It is basic economics and math 101
  • Unfortunately, Pritzker and the state’s Democrats do not realize this and keep on raising taxes and spending more money
  • Illinois had financial problems even prior to the pandemic outbreak while other states like Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Florida, and countless others were thriving with hefty reserves
  • There is no doubt the coronavirus pandemic has hurt all states financially

However, Illinois and a few other states, the pandemic has devasted their state where bankruptcy is a viable option for them to get back on their feet.

Pritzker’s Solution To Solve Illinois’ Financial Crisis

Illinoisans had high hopes when J.B. Pritzker got elected. However, within months, many Illinoisans had voter’s remorse.

  • Illinoisans figured that Pritzker was a great businessman due to being a billionaire heir to the Hyatt Hotel chain
  • People thought with his business expertise, the new freshman governor can turn things around for Illinois
  • Unfortunately, it seems the competence and business experience backfired
  • It seemed like Pritzker had no business knowledge and was narrow-minded
  • His main solution in fixing the state’s finances was to not just raise taxes but create new taxes
  • Pritzker doubled Illinois gas tax while signing a bill for wage increases to state lawmakers
  • Pritzker just gave pay raises totaling $261 million to high-level state employees
  • Pritzker is proposing changing the current state’s flat tax to a progressive tax system
  • Economists and analysts predict changing the state’s tax system to a progressive tax system will create a flood of wealthy and high-income earners to flee Illinois to other lower-taxed states
  • Many critics feel Pritzker is a major liability for Illinois and is clueless and lost and needs to be replaced immediately

While other governors are thinking of reducing and cutting taxes, Pritzker is the opposite. He wants to raise and increase taxes even during the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Why Bankruptcy For Illinois Is Inevitable

Pritzker and state lawmakers have no intention of cutting spending. They keep on raising taxes on businesses and Illinois. Illinois is one of the top states where there is a flood of businesses and taxpayers fleeing to other lower-taxed states. Neighboring Indiana is thriving due to the mass migration of businesses and residents from Illinois. Indiana has very low taxes and is enjoying a healthy economy and a huge budget surplus. Massimo Ressa of Gustan Cho Associates has been studying the mass out-migration of Illinoisans.

J.B. Pritzker said bankruptcy for Illinois is out of the question. Pritzker said he will not consider bankruptcy for Illinois. He said it is the duty of the federal government to aid Illinois during time of a national financial emergency. The federal government is helping all states and taxpayers only economic damage due to the coronavirus. The federal government will NOT help states like Illinois due to financial irresponsibility and mismanagement.

No Way Out But Bankruptcy For Illinois

Which means no way out but bankruptcy for Illinois

As mentioned earlier, the U.S. economy was stronger than ever prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Most state governments were thriving. Indiana was taking in floods of Illinoisans due to the state’s low taxes and lower cost of living
  • Property taxes in Indiana are a third of a comparable home in Illinois
  • The Republican-led state is still in a strong position than its neighbor Illinois

Dale Elenteny of Gustan Cho Associates is a bankruptcy expert and has been following Illinois’s financial irresponsibility and mismanagement.

Bankruptcy for Illinois is not the end of the world. It is not the first time city, county, state government contemplated bankruptcy. Detroit, Michigan was under financial crisis just like Chicago is today. However, due to Detroit filing bankruptcy and reorganizing, the city has a second chance. The city came back stronger than ever after bankruptcy. Using Detroit’s model, bankruptcy may save Chicago. Chicago is the highest taxed major city in the United States. Due to financial irresponsibility and incompetent politicians, the city is in a major financial crisis.

Pritzker Is Confident The Federal Government Will Bail Illinois Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Illinois, as well as other states, will be getting billions of dollars in federal aid due to the coronavirus pandemic impact on the economy.

  • However, J.B. Pritzker is trying to sneak in the major pension debt shortage as part of the coronavirus pandemic assistance request
  • Pritzker may think he is sly but it is not going to work
  • New York, Illinois, and a handful of other states are states with mismanaged finances
  • However, the federal government will not be assisting states who have financially mismanaged their finances
  • While Pritzker is asking billions of dollars in aid, he is slamming President Trump at the same time
  • Not a smart move for the Illinois governor
  • Illinois pension debt is over $250 billion with the numbers substantially increasing year after year

Gustan Cho Associates News & Media Division said the following:

Pritzker is pushing for a progressive income tax for Illinois. However, many economists feel a progressive income tax in Illinois will turbo-boost Illinois’ road to bankruptcy.

Politics Versus The Best Interest For Financially Stressed States

What is the difference between politics and the best interest for countries in financial difficulties?

Illinois and New York are the top two states in deep financial crisis. Experts say that raising taxes normally backfire on states that are under financial distress. Ego and not having an open mind is what is driving Illinois, New York, and other states in financial distress. The key is to attract new businesses and taxpayers for states to be financially strong. No new businesses and/or individual taxpayers will be moving to states like Illinois with high taxes. Many police officers, firefighters, and public service workers often leave Illinois once they retire from the government jobs to other states with lower taxes. This is a double whammy for Illinois.

This is a breaking story. Gustan Cho Associates will keep our viewers updated on new developments in the coming days and weeks.

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