Survival Of Small Businesses In Illinois

Survival Of Small Businesses In Illinois After Democrats Gain Control

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This Breaking News Article Is About The Survival Of Small Businesses In Illinois After Democrats Gain Control

First-term rookie Illinois Governor JB Pritzker was the first governor to issue a statewide executive stay-at-home order last March 2020. What this means is JB Pritzker has shut down the whole state of Illinois in March 2020. Under the Illinois State Constitution, the governor can declare a one-time emergency stay-at-home order. However, that is it. However, JB Pritzker who has a dream of running for President of the United States in 2024 wanted to make a national name for himself. He has extended his stay-at-home order shut down month after month.

What this means is small businesses could not operate or operation with super tight restrictions. Dozens of court cases were filed by the public and the governor’s office. While other Republican-led states like Florida, Texas, Georgia, South Dakota, and countless others were reopened and thriving, JB Pritzker stuck to his stance in keeping Illinois closed. Many small business owners could no longer survive and either closed their doors permanently and/or filed bankruptcy. Due to JB Pritzker’s incompetence and politicizing the coronavirus, Illinois has lost tens of thousands of taxpayers and small businesses. In this article, we will discuss and cover the Survival Of Small Businesses In Illinois after the 2020 elections.

Survival Of Small Businesses In Illinois After 2020 Elections

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There is no doubt the Democrats used the coronavirus pandemic as a political tool to not just win the Presidency but take control of both Houses of Congress. There is a lot of allegations and proof of not just voter fraud but election fraud at both the federal and state levels. It seems all Democrat-led states had strict continuous executive stay-at-home orders. Democrat governors extended the state shut down of businesses, schools, and other gatherings deemed non-essential. Republican-led states normally remained opened with little to no restrictions on businesses, schools, church services, and other gatherings. There seemed to be no difference in the coronavirus positivity rates and death rates on states that were locked down and state that were reopened with little to no restrictions.

States Now Reopened After Democrats Gain Control Of Political Party

Disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been a strong proponent of New York being shut down during the coronavirus pandemic prior to the 2020 election. Then after Joe Biden won the election amid strong evidence and allegations of voter and election fraud, Cuomo and other Democrat Governors have lifted the stay-at-home orders and allowed businesses to reopen. Other far-left liberal states followed suit in reopening after the Democrats won the Presidency and both Houses of Congress. Seems like the coronavirus pandemic instantly disappeared.

Survival Of Small Businesses In Illinois Limited To Those Who Barely Made It

Will small businesses in Illinois be a success for their survival?

It is no surprise Governor JB Pritzker politicized small businesses in Illinois for his own political benefit. While Republican-led states like Florida, Georgia, South Dakota, Texas thrived due to being remained open, Pritzker has implemented one of the toughest shut down of the state than any other state in the nation. This was at the expense of small business owners. Thousands of small business owners could no longer survive Pritzker’s stay-at-home order and went out of business permanently. Illinois also led to having the highest unemployment rate in the nation during the coronavirus outbreak period in 2020 and into 2021. This was due to the fact small businesses employ two-thirds of Illinois workers.

New Taxes Linger For Illinois Small Business Owners

The state’s shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic hurt America’s small business owners the most. As the shutdown continued month after month, more and more small business owners could not afford to keep their businesses open due to the lack of revenues. However, after the Democrats took control of the Presidency and both Houses of Congress, nearly all state governors have lightened up and/or lifted their state’s stay-at-home executive order and are reopened. It seems that COVID is no longer the talk by all liberal media networks and politicians. It seems the pandemic never happened. Regardless, the few small businesses that survived the rogue relentless stay-at-home orders by liberal governors can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many have reopened at full capacity. Many small business owners have called their laid-off workers back to work.

Incompetence And Poor Leadership Of JB Pritzker

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Many Illinois taxpayers including small business owners are not too happy with JB Pritzker and the state’s Democrats. After riding through one of the hardest financial periods of their lives, Pritzker intends on increasing existing taxes and imposing new taxes. JB Pritzker has been relentless in imposing new taxes and increasing existing taxes throughout the state of Illinois. Seems like JB Pritzker has no other solutions for Illinoisans to fix its budget deficit besides increasing taxes and imposing new taxes.

The first-term rookie politician seems very unpopular among Illinoisans and from the looks of things seems like a one-term governor. Even Democrats are turning against the heavyset obese first-term governor who has political aspirations to run for President of the United States in 2024. JB Pritzker and many of the nation’s Democrat governors were wishing for Joe Biden to get elected and passing the $1.9 Trillion coronavirus stimulus aid package which includes federal bailout for mismanaged financially irresponsible states. Many Democrat-led states like Illinois, New York, California, and others where they are on the verge of bankruptcy due to the extended stay-at-home order.

Illinois Leads As The Top State With The Mass Exodus Rate In The Nation

For one reason or another, JB Pritzker does not seem too concerned with the mass exodus of Illinoisans to lower-taxed states. What good is taxing Illinoisans and losing tens of thousands of taxpayers due to high taxes?  After enduring the pandemic, many small business owners are scared. Many small business owners do not know whether or not they can remain open for business if JB Pritzker is going to impose higher taxes for them to operate. All these tax increases by JB Pritzker have already backfired on his political future. Many political analysts feel Pritzker’s political career is over and the chances of him winning another term for governor or another political office is shot.

Survival Of Small Businesses In Illinois Harder Now Since Pritzker’s FAIR TAX Rejected By Voters

JB Pritzker has proven himself to be a poor leader and worthless. Not only has Pritzker’s actions bankrupted thousands of small businesses in Illinois but have been forcing small business owners to pay higher wages for minimum wage workers. When small business owners can barely meet payroll, they are now faced with higher minimum wage laws.

Illinois businesses are on life support due to politicians politicizing the coronavirus for their own political gain. State and federal aid for small businesses has been very little to no help due to the bureaucracy and the time it takes to process emergency aid.

Political unrest is getting out of control. Many governors in Democrat states like Illinois need to listen to their constituents. However, many governors like JB Pritzker are high on their power trip and forget to realize they represent the voters and work for the people and taxpayers. Many of them think they are above and beyond the law and are more like King’s than a public servant. JB Pritzker’s incompetence and bad decisions are ranking him as one of the most unpopular governors in the nation.

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