What Is A TBD Underwriting Process Pre-Approval Letter

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In this article, we will cover and discuss what is a TBD underwriting process and a TBD property pre-approval letter. In the following paragraphs, we will explain what is a TBD underwriting process. One of the best services offered by Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage is our TBD underwriting process. I am sure everyone reading this has heard or experienced the nightmare of a closing gone bad.

Getting Issued A Pre-Approval For Borrowers Who Are Not Qualified

Getting Issued A Pre-Approval For Borrowers Who Are Not Qualified

There are many times clients are unable to close on their home due to error by a loan officer. Or a loan officer telling the client what they want to hear, NOT the facts. The old fashion process of a loan pre-qualification letter from your loan officer does not work anymore. With the ever-changing guidelines and regulations in the mortgage industry, many loan officers DO NOT know all guidelines.

What Is A TBD Underwriting Process versus How Loan Officers Issue Pre-Approvals

Loan officers will receive an application, pull credit, verify assets for the down payment, and issue a pre-qualification letter. The problem with this practice is there is much more to a credit report than just your credit score. Such as collections, judgments, disputed accounts, charged-off accounts, and in some cases bankruptcies. The loan officer wants every deal to close, so they are trigger happy issuing pre-qualification letters. The reason we do not do this at GCA Mortgage is clear.

What Is A TBD Underwriting Process Versus Regular Pre-Approval by Loan Officers

A pre-qualification letter is not worth the paper it is printed on. At the end of the day, the loan documentation must be signed off by a certified underwriter, so we do that upfront. We know that when a deal blows up before closing or in some cases at the closing, NOBODY is happy. The realtors are very upset, the seller is in a horrible situation, and you are not buying your new home.

What Is A TBD Underwriting Process Versus a Commitment to Lend?

That being said, wouldn’t you like the peace of mind knowing that your loan pre-approval is a true commitment to lend? We do this to ensure you don’t lose any earnest money put down on the home! You don’t want to pay for an inspection and appraisal just to get your loan denied once it gets to an underwriter. We have also found our real estate partners are much more willing to work with you and be aggressive because they know that the deal will close! Once you have that pre-approval you know the exact payment amount you qualify for, so its happy house hunting for you and your family!

Who Can Use TBD Underwriting Process?

Any home buyer who wants a solid iron clad pre-approval that has been fully underwritten and signed off by our mortgage underwriters. This process is designed for tricky files or for borrowers who been turned down by another lender! Many of our clients have been dealing with lenders who have lender overlays are were turned down. The TBD process can save the day! With a TBD Underwriting Pre-Approval, buyers can rest assured there will be no stress and that they will not just close on their home loan but will close it on time.

What Is A TBD Underwriting Process And How Does The Process Work?

The process is very simple and similar to the old fashion method. After your initial consultation with your licensed loan officer, you will fill out an application link. That will allow the loan officer to get your file started and verify your credit report.  While they are working on that you need to send the following information to get your underwriting process started:

  • Last 60 Days Bank Statements – to source down payment
  • Last 30 Days Paystubs
  • Last Two Years W2’S
  • Last Two Years Tax Returns
  • Driver’s License

Once the loan officer has these documents, they will send you three pages to print, sign, and return. Those documents are:

  • SSA Release SSN Verification
  • Borrower’s Certification & Authorization
  • Loan Request Consumer Information Letter

The Importance of Loan Officers Thoroughly Reviewing Mortgage Documents

Your loan officer will go over each document with you so you fully understand each step. Once these are returned with proper signatures, the file is ready to be moved to the underwriter. I am sure you are wondering how can we underwrite your file if you don’t have a house picked out? The answer is simple. We underwrite the file with an address TBD (to be determined). We will qualify you for a payment comfortable for you and your family, or we can tell you the maximum payment you will qualify for.

The Mortgage Process

The Mortgage Process

Below you can download an “Underwriting and Loan Approval Process” by FDIC.gov

Download PDF

Once you receive your pre-approval, you are ready to shop for a house. Please keep in mind that you are approved based on your current situation and debt to income ratio. So it is your responsibility to keep your financial situation stable while you shop for houses. The following are a few examples of how you kill your pre-approval:

  • Take out new debt – buying a car during this process is not a good idea
  • Lose your job
  • Spend your assets we used to approve you

In today’s competitive real estate market, most realtors will not even talk to you without being approved. Please contact Michael Gracz of Gustan Cho Associates at 630-659-7644 to get your approval started and make your underwriting process smooth. Have confidence in submitting your offer knowing your information has been signed off by our underwriting staff! Your realtor will love you when they see your pre-approval letter has an underwriter’s signature at the bottom! Remember this service is available to take the guessing and apprehension out of the home buying experience. This process is supposed to be fun, not stressful!