Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent When Buying Or Selling Home


This BLOG On Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent When Buying Or Selling Home Was UPDATED On October 21st, 2019

Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent
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There are thousands of professional realtors in Illinois and I truly do respect the job that they do in assisting buyers and sellers.

  • Hiring realtors to represent a home buyer and/or home seller is optional
  • Many home sellers believe that there are no Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent and that they can sell the home themselves
  • Many home buyers also feel there are no Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent
  • They feel they can get a better deal if they just deal with the listing agent and/or home seller
  • Realtors normally charge 6% commission of the sales price
  • This realtor commission is paid for by home sellers
  • Both the home buyers agent and listing agent splits the commission paid by the seller
  • There are huge Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent when buying or selling home

In this article, we will cover and discuss the benefits of hiring real estate agent when buying or selling a house.

Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent And Realtors Role

What are Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent And Realtors Role

Real Estate Agents are licensed professionals who are experts in helping their clients buy and sell homes.

  • Agents are familiar with the types of properties and values in the area they represent

Realtors can help home buyers narrow their property search based on what home buyers expect:

  • Area 
  • Square Footage
  • School District
  • Number Of Bedrooms
  • Lot Size
  • Distance To Shopping And Highway
  • Every realtor has their own way of doing business

Some big name realtors have several licensed assistants where their assistants do their work while the head honcho markets new business.

Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent On Home Purchase

What are Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent On Home Purchase

There are other realtors who just specialize in specialty homes. Some agents are specialists in the following:

Pricing Homes Right For Faster Sale

What are the right house prices for faster sale?

Most realtors do not want to handle lower priced homes.

  • They usually want to shy away from a home buyer who has less than perfect credit
  • However, there are many fine professional agents who like working with home buyers
  • Especially first time home buyers, who have less than perfect credit

Many professional agents have co-branding/partnership relationships with loan officers.

Real Estate Relationships And Referal Partners

What are Real Estate Relationships And Referal Partners

Gustan Cho Associates has countless of realtor relationships nationwide. We work very closely with our realtor partners in helping their clients qualify for mortgages.

  • Fortunately, our team of loan officers work with very hard working real estate agents in multiple states
  • We have a database of veteran experienced real estate agents nationwide who goes above and beyond in taking care of their buyers and sellers like if they were their own family members

The thing that really touches my heart is when our borrowers tells us how much they appreciative the realtors we recommend them in their home buying process.

My Experience With A True Professional Who Truly Cares

What is My Experience With A True Professional Who Truly Cares

Realtors contact us because of our national reputation in being a direct lender with no overlays on government and conventional loans.

  • Over 75% of our borrowers at Gustan Cho Associates are folks who either gotten a last minute mortgage loan denial or are stressing during their mortgage process
  • We close 100% of all of our loans because all of our pre-approvals are full credit TBD Property Underwriting Approvals and is fully underwritten and signed off by our mortgage underwriters

The main and number one reason why a is a last minute mortgage denial and/or stress during the mortgage process is because the loan officer did not properly qualify a borrower. There is no reason why any borrower should get a mortgage denial or stress during the mortgage process.

Case Scenario Where Buyer’s Real Estate Agent Saved A Deal

What is Case Scenario Where Buyer's Real Estate Agent Saved A Deal

A real estate agent recently explained to me that she had a client who needs to be pre-approved:

  • But had a hard time getting approved from construction company her other lender partners
  • Her clients were first time home buyers and the purchase price was only $119,000
  • However, due to the husband’s recent bankruptcy filing the wife was the only borrower that could be on the loan
  • She only had limited work history and limited income as well as high debt to income ratios
  • The agent has frantically looked for a lender with no overlays for her client for the past 8 months
  • Finally got referred to me
  • We had a very nice conversation two months ago and I agreed to take on the deal
  • Long story short, we ended up closing the loan

The agent was the quarterback in this home purchase transaction. Her buyers would have given up on the home purchase but the agent went above and beyond and found us, where we have no overlays on FHA Loans.

Not All Realtors Are Created Equal

Why Not All Realtors Are Created Equal

Most of our loan officers often get countless of compliments by our borrowers on the gratitude they have towards their real estate agents.

  • Often, our borrowers tell our loan officers how hard their realtors work
  • Many times, real estate agents are hands on
  • There are many who specialize in helping home buyers with bad credit or other issues where getting a mortgage is often difficult
  • There are many agents who work late evenings and weekends 
  • Many realtors are experts with working with first time home buyers where they are scared and have many questions

Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group has a database of preferred real estate agents nationwide who can help qualified home buyers.

In Conclusion On Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent

What are Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent

There are countless of benefits of hiring real estate agent on home purchase or when selling home. Loan officers and real estate agents work together prior and during the mortgage process. Real Estate Agents help home buyers negotiate the purchase price. They also will request the right amount of sellers concessions so the home buyers do not have to come up with any closing costs. If something comes up during the home inspection, agents can re-negotiate the terms and/or price and re-do the real estate purchase contract. Real Estate Agents have their client’s best interest in mind. Due to the many reasons, the Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent is highly recommend for both buyers and sellers.

  1. Tiffany Locke says

    I’m glad that you explain how there are many different benefits of working with real estate agents, such as help with negotiating for the best price. When choosing an agent, it might be a good idea to research local professionals and then set up appointments with your top choices. Meeting with them should give you the opportunity to ask questions and get to know them so you can find a professional who you are comfortable with and can provide the help you need. Gustan Cho Associates has no lender overlays on government and conventional loans.

  2. Sariah Meagle says

    A real estate agent might be more familiar with the home I want to buy so I might as well hire one. Since they are specialists in luxury homes, maybe one could help me out to buy one. I like that they have the professionalism to work with first time home buyers so I might hire one before buying a luxury home for the first time.

  3. Ridley Fitzgerald says

    You’ve got great tips for hiring a real estate agent. I love how you said that hiring one, while optional, is good to price the home right when selling. My wife and I are hoping to sell our home soon, so I’ll be sure to hire a great agent to help us do that. Alex Carlucci, Senior Vice President of Gustan Cho Associates at Loan Cabin and Michael Gracz the National Sales Manager of Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group referred me to Susie Scheuber. Susie Scheuber is based in Joliet, Illinois and heard she is a very experienced Illinois licensed agent. Thank you.

  4. Eli Richardson says

    It caught my attention when you explained that real estate agents are familiar with the community and can lead you to a house that suits you best. My inlaws have been thinking of moving to a different city. We will help them find an agent so they can find a house that is adjustable to their needs. I am an avid fan of Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage News. The host of Gustan Cho Associates on YouTube, Alex Carlucci, gives informative videos that I save on my computer. Alex Carlucci and videos from Michael Gracz and Dale Elenteny has helped me a lot. Thank you for informing the public with great informative information. Gustan Cho Associates is the biggest and largest national five-star mortgage and real estate news source in the nation. Thank you and keep up the great work.

    1. Gustan Cho, NMLS 873293 says

      Thank you for your comment and we appreciate any other feedbacks you may have. Alex Carlucci, Michael Gracz, and Dale Elenteny are experienced veteran loan officers who have been with Gustan Cho Associates for many years and have helped countless of borrowers who were in need of a mortgage. Thank you again.

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