What Is Home Staging? Does Home Staging Help Me Sell My House?

What Is Home Staging?

Home staging is window dressing a home to maximize its appeal for potential home buyers.  Home staging is a form of art and professional home staging consultants’s mission is to create illusions and make the home appear better than what it actually is.  It is more than re-arranging furniture and doing a full blown cleanup of the entire home. A home that is staged by a creative professional will make the home look larger than it actually is and will make it look more homier and will differentiate the subject home than the competition.  Professional home stagers need to be creative and artistic when taking on a particular project.

What Is Home Staging And Its Benefits

Like with anything else, if you decide to sell your home fast, it needs to show well.  It needs to stand out better than your competition, especially if the comparables are similar in square footage and price.  A professionally staged home with a higher market price can sell faster than a similar or same type of home with a lower price because it presents better than the lower priced home.  There are realtors who use home staging all of the time and if you investigate the realtor’s track record, you will see that they are top producers.  Majority of the homes that come up on the market are all clean and present well.  Home staging is beyond having the clutters removed and the home cleaned and the lawn manicured.  Home staging is all about creating an optical illusion where the subject listed property is not a house but a home to a potential home buyer and their family.

What Is Home Staging And The Basics Of Home Staging

There are many strategies when it comes to home staging.  A home can be staged in various ways and sometimes, home staging can be quite costly.  Many realtors recommend home staging, especially for homes that are vacant.  When a person moves his family out of their home, a vacant home can become a hard sell.  Furniture and knick knacks can be rented where the home presents much better and homier than it would vacant.  Many home buyers, especially first time home buyers, gravitate towards a home where it is furnished and free of clutter.  Clutter is another major issue where it makes a home much smaller than it actually is.

 Home Staging The Exterior

Home staging is not just limited to the interior of the home.  The home should be well manicured and the lawn should be  cut often. Patios and decks should be free of weeds. Flower beds should be also be free of weeds and if possible, should be freshly mulched.  The exterior of the home should be pressured washed if possible and all windows should be cleaned, both exterior and interior. Clutters should be removed. Bicycles, toys, multiple cars in the driveway, garbage cans, and other unappealing items should be relocated. The garage should be cleaned out too.  Many homeowners use their garage as storage spaces.

How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

A creative home seller can do their own home staging. However, many homeowners who plan on selling their home hire a professional home staging consultant.  Many realtors work with professional home stagers and some creative realtors do the home staging themselves.  Home staging costs can be very nominal or can cost thousands of dollars depending the degree the home needs to be staged.  Multi million dollar property homeowners can spend tens of thousands of dollars in home staging.  Vacant homes that is listed should definitely be staged if the sellers want top dollar for their property.   Who pays for home staging?  That depends on the deal you work out with your listing agent.  Your listing agent may not pay for any of the home staging costs and have you pay for it.  There are real estate listing agent that will split the home staging costs with you and some realtors even pay for the home staging costs themselves in lieu of a longer listing agreement.  Home staging is a great marketing tool but can be quite costly.

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