Importance of Septic Inspections on Home Purchase For Realtors

Importance of Septic Inspections on Home Purchase

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This guide covers the importance of septic inspections on home purchase. Realtors and homebuyers must realize the importance of septic inspections on home purchase. Be wary of septic system issues.

Even for experienced real estate agents and investors, when it comes to buying or selling, there are a few things they might miss and not realize about septic inspections on home purchase.

But investors must pay attention and gather as much information as possible if they are new to the game. Real estate investors could contact a realtor to facilitate their needs. Realtors are the professionals who take investors’ worries and help them find the best home. While realtors are professionals who deal with the home selling process for a living, they also need to pay a lot of attention to the septic system of a home.

Realizing The Importance of Septic Inspections on Home Purchase

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Although septic tanks are just one aspect, many prospective home buyers are either not completely aware of or do not pay complete attention to the importance of the septic system. However, the realtor ensures no operational or mechanical issues with the septic tank. Many assume everything works fine if the toilet flushes and the sink drains. But it could be an issue later that realtors need to inform them about. Let’s look at some main issues related to the septic system that realtors need to check.
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Importance of Septic Inspections on Home Purchase To Find Tree Roots

Although this only happens occasionally, there is a strong likelihood that roots from surrounding trees could grow through the septic tank’s walls. This could create a messy situation as water from the ground could enter the tank area, which may lead to the system not working properly.

A septic system is critical to a property’s infrastructure. Identifying and addressing septic issues can lead to property damage and decreased property value.

A thorough inspection helps ensure that your investment is protected. Septic inspections are crucial when purchasing a home, especially in areas where properties rely on septic systems for wastewater treatment. Here are some key reasons why septic inspections are important in the home-buying process:

Environmental Concerns

Malfunctioning septic systems can lead to environmental pollution, affecting groundwater and nearby water bodies. Regular inspections help identify issues that, if left unattended, could have negative environmental impacts. A septic system replacement or major repair can be a significant financial burden.

Conducting a septic inspection can identify potential issues early on, allowing for negotiation on the sale price or requiring the seller to address the problems before the sale is finalized.

A malfunctioning septic system can pose health hazards, including the contamination of drinking water and the spread of waterborne diseases. A septic inspection helps ensure that the system is in proper working condition, promoting the health and safety of the residents.

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Compliance with Regulations

Local health departments often have regulations regarding septic systems. Ensuring that the septic system complies with these regulations is not only essential for the well-being of the property but also for legal reasons. Non-compliance could lead to fines or other legal consequences. An inspection can reveal signs of wear or aging even if a septic system is functioning. Knowing the system’s condition allows buyers to plan for future repairs or replacements, avoiding sudden and unexpected expenses.

Negotiation Power

If issues are discovered during the septic inspection, buyers may use this information as leverage in negotiating the sale price. Sellers may be willing to address the problems or adjust the price accordingly. Knowing that the septic system is in good condition provides peace of mind to homebuyers. It eliminates the worry of encountering problems shortly after moving in and allows for a smooth transition into homeownership.

Ground Level

Sometimes, the ground levels surrounding the septic tank can change without you even being aware. The outcome is a high level of pressure on the tank. One of the issues with this is that the tank might have to be emptied more often than the average tank.

Heavy Machinery

If the property is in a rural area, chances are high that the septic system could be located near adjacent farmland. When tractors or other heavy vehicles, like cement mixers, go over the top of the tank, it could result in potential damage to the tank over time.

Dip Pipe

Realtors also need to check for any damage to the dip pipes. A dip pipe is a piping system that ensures that only the right type of waste material goes into the drain field or the outlet pipes. If there is damage to the dip pipe, you could encounter a situation where the wrong stuff gets into the drain field system.

Ground Water

Even though it could be surprising to many people, the water beneath the ground could significantly impact the septic system. If the pressure is too high, it might even pop the tank out of the ground. This could be a serious issue for realtors looking to sell a particular house, as it might completely damage the drainage system at the property.

Older Septic Systems

Some septic tanks are much older. They often look quite different from contemporary ones. Even though it could still be properly functioning, realtors need to be aware that they might not do as good of a job as the modern ones. Another important check that realtors need to do is to keep an eye on the drain field system as it does not last forever.

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Septic Inspections on Home Purchase and How It Is Maintained 

Maintenance of the septic tank is another thing that realtors need to be aware of. A healthy, functioning septic tank must be emptied at least once every three years. If you feel it hasn’t been done, you need to contact a local tanker company that can do the job for you. In summary, septic inspections are a crucial step in home buying to ensure that the septic system is functioning properly, avoid unexpected expenses, and protect the property’s health, safety, and value. It’s an investment in the property’s and its residents’ long-term well-being.

Septic Inspections on Home Purchase and How It Was Installed

Proper septic system installation is a complex task, and as a realtor, you need to find out if an experienced professional team did it. There could be more than one issue resulting from this. If the drain field system is quite small compared to the size of the property, it’s a huge red flag. There could even be legal issues if a drainage system put in place does not comply with a certain protocol.

As a realtor, you could perform a percolation test to measure the depth and accurate size of the drain field system. Also, ensure that the installations comply with the industry standards.

Besides these, if you want to read the liquid level within the tank accurately, you need a pressure transducer. The pressure transducer is more like a sensor that would provide the correct liquid levels as a percentage. While selling homes can be exciting and a great source of income for realtors, checking septic systems will always help them sell the home with fewer hassles.

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  1. It really helped when Michelle McCue talked about the importance of checking the septic system of a house before its purchase. Recently, my wife and I started to look for a house to buy. We found the one we absolutely love, but we want to make sure it’s in good shape before we buy it, so we’ll be sure to follow your tips. Thanks for the advice on septic tank inspection and how it’s a must for any house transaction. Like to thank the team at Gustan Cho Associates for being so diligent in educating the public in mortgages.

  2. My cousin Steph noticed that her septic tank is already clogged, which is why she would like to have it pumped right away. Well, thank you for sharing here that a tree root can sometimes affect the tank’s condition beneath. Anyhow, I will keep in mind to tell her that she must never park a heavy car on top of the tank too. You should never have anything heavy sitting on a septic tank area. I like to thank the team at Gustan Cho Associates for the great informative blogs and videos.

  3. You made a good point when you shared that it is important to install a septic tank properly by hiring the right company to do so. Great blog post by Gustan Cho Associates. My uncle just mentioned the other day that he is planning to move to a new house next month but it does not have a water line system. I will suggest to her getting a septic tank from a reliable supplier to be installed for his new home. Like to thank the staff at Gustan Cho Associates for such informative information.

  4. It was really interesting when the article pointed out that it is important for people to keep an eye on septic drain fields because they don’t last forever. Would it be a good idea to have a drain field inspected at least once a year by a professional service? It seems like an inspection would be the best way to identify when a drain field needs maintenance. Carolyn Warren referred me to you in reference to purchasing a home here in Charlotte, NC. I have some credit challenges and my scores when last I checked were in the low 600’s.

    One of the main issues is I have a car repossession in 2018 with a balance of $ 9000 approximately. I’ve been told to pay it off and not pay it off-not sure what to do. From the credit reports I’ve seen I cannot determine if it is a collection, charge-off or judgement.

    My goal is to come up with a plan going forward and what I need to do over the next 3,6, 12 months in order to purchase a home.

    Great job and rental history-at current job since 10/2018 and rental history (7 years). No debt besides car payment, Student loan-in forebearance-and credit cards which I pay off in full each month and try to keep usage below 30-35%. I have $ 22,000 in checking and savings toward a home purchase.

  5. I had no clue that the ground level around the septic tank could change. I still want to get a septic tank though. Maybe I can get whoever installs it for me to come inspect it every once in a while. My wife and I have bad credit, around 535 FICO, and several accounts in collection/charge off. Also have a couple open judgements. However, our income has improved substantially since defaults (all around 2017-2018 due to job loss). Annual income from employment is now $95,000/year. We currently rent a single family house and the owner wants to sell, so either we buy it, or we must move out in 60 days. Can you help us get a mortgage to buy the house that we have rented for 10 years?

  6. While buying a house, this is definitely something a lot of people would ignore. It was really great that you put this point out here are important, you don’t want to end up with a house that doesn’t have a well-maintained septic tank.

  7. I thought it was interesting when the article mentioned that septic tanks need to be emptied at least once every three years. If the septic tank isn’t emptied, I would imagine that you could start dealing with overflowing and other issues. Overflowing seems like a bad problem to have because it could cause a lot of damage. I am not 62, has rules changed since 2019 regarding assets in the name of borrower needing to be 62?

  8. Had 4 late payments in March 2021. Health/COVID reasons and just was not a le to pay(not due to revenue).

    Paying down credit cards and will be completely paid off my Aug 30th. We did have a high ratio to limit.

    Mortgage score was 543 a th My Fico (625 experian) one month of paying down $2,000 score raised to 556. Expect next month to be higher.

    Is there any way to get around the late payments? Relocating for work and need to purchase a home in the next month or two.

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