Mortgage Loan With Overtime Income And Other Income


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What does a mortgage with overtime and other income mean?

How Can You Qualify For Mortgage Loan With Overtime Income, Bonus Income, And Part Time Income

Income is a big factor in the total mortgage application process.

  • Mortgage lenders will scrutinize income, debt, and credit  
  • One of the mortgage qualifying factors that play an important role in the mortgage approval process is the debt to income ratio
  • Every lender has its own debt to income ratio criteria
  • Some will have a dead set debt to income ratio cutoff of 43%
  • While other lenders like myself have a debt to income ratio limit of 56.9% on FHA loans and 50% on conventional loans
  • The only way of qualifying borrowers if their income to debt ratios exceed the lender’s maximum limits is reducing the loan size or increasing the income the borrower makes per month

In this article, we will discuss and cover overtime and other income when qualifying for a mortgage.

Can Overtime Income Be Used?

One way of increasing the income borrowers makes per month is to see if the borrower makes overtime income.

  • If a borrower has consistently made overtime income for the past two years and it reflects it on their W2s and tax returns, lenders will allow using overtime income as an additional income source
  • If the borrower continuously works overtime at his present job and has not had a history of working overtime for the past two years, the overtime income cannot be used
  • Same goes with second jobs
  • Many American workers have part-time jobs
  • Part-time job income can be used as additional income only if the borrower has had a part-time job for the past two years

If the borrower only had the job a short period of job and the job is promising for continued employment, the part-time income cannot be used for the mortgage underwriting process.

How Underwriters Calculate Mortgage Loan With Overtime Income

How Underwriters Calculate Mortgage Loan With Overtime Income

Mortgage Underwriters will average the past two years of overtime income and come up with a monthly average if the overtime income for the past two years is the same or on an increasing trend.

  • If the overtime income is declining the most current year than the previous year, then the most recent declined income will be used
    • It will be averaged by 12 months to come up with a monthly average gross overtime income
  • If the overtime income substantially lowers the most current year than the preceding year, then the underwriter may not count the overtime income

It is up to the mortgage underwriter’s discretion on whether or not to use declining overtime income.

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