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By Jesse Smith, President of Credit Fix Advisors

Your Credit Report, Your Responsibility !

credit-scoreIt’s up to you and it is your responsibility to have control of your financial future. This is not just for personal reasons but just as important for you professionally. You must put an importance on having a healthy credit report. You need to know what is on your report and then you can get started understanding how important a credit report and credit scores are.

The ability to borrow money is seen as one of the biggest accomplishments as far as your finances are concerned. Solid personal finance has to have an accurate, up to date reporting. If you have reviewed your report and scores regularly then you will know what goes into this mysterious number, understanding it, and how to actually improve your credit scores and your report.

Things You Must Do

There are 2 things that you can do. You can understand the difference between a credit report and the difference with your FICO scores. A credit report is a huge file that is reporting your personal information and your credit history. Your credit history includes your account status and history of accounts. All accounts are either reporting positively or they are reporting negatively.

If you have positive reporting of your accounts this will increase your credit score. You will see current accounts paid on time and you will be able to see that there have not been missed payments or any late payment on positive accounts. If you have any derogatory accounts on your report this will decrease your credit scores. Derogatory items include bankruptcy filings, liens, judgments, foreclosure of property, charged off accounts, collections, repossessions and late payments.

Take Control Of Your Financial Future

How does this all play out in your financial life? Making sure you have good credit is a must. The difference between high and low credit scores can mean thousands of dollars saved over the course of your lifetime when it comes to borrowing money.

It’s up to you to take control of your financial future. Start with looking at your credit report and understand what is on the report. You need to consider a credit report analysis from a professional. You will then know exactly what is on your report, how to achieve a good credit report with good credit scores, and how to maintain a healthy reporting of your credit for many years to come.

Jesse Smith is a consultant and owner Credit Fix Advsiors.  Jesse Smith and his staff work daily with consumers, realtors, mortgage brokers, and loan officers in order to repair customer’s credit scores and raise FICO scores.  Jesse Smith is also a financial writer and his mission and passion is to educate consumers on the importance of credit and how to maintain a clean credit report through credit monitoring and credit repair.  Jesse Smith and his team at Credit Fix Advisors have helped countless of folks get mortgage loans, auto loans, unsecured credit cards, at the best possible rates.

For a free analysis of your credit report, please contact Jesse Smith of Credit Fix Advisors or you can email or visit him at

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