Illinois Is The Only State Shutdown

Illinois Is The Only State Shutdown And Not Reopened

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BREAKING NEWS: Illinois Is The Only State Shutdown And Not Reopened

Why Illinois is the only state that has closed and not been reopened

Illinois Is The Only State Shutdown and both small businesses and workers are hurting.

  • Many states like Georgia, Texas, Florida have reopened close to three weeks ago
  • Illinois rookie freshman Governor JB Pritzker has extended his original stay at home executive order for several times
  • He recently extended his stay at home order until the end of May
  • Many city and county government as well as individuals and businesses are suing JB Pritzker due to his illegal and unconstitutional executive shut down order
  • Illinois is one of the most financially strapped states in the nation
  • The state was in a financial crisis prior to the pandemic

Now with the pandemic, the state is in dire need to get federal aid in order to survive.

All 49 States Reopen While Illinois Is The Only State Shutdown 

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The state has been financially irresponsible with their finances for years due to the broken pension system.

  • Many economists and political expert feel JB Pritzker is playing a political power play in destroying the state’s economy in order to have the federal government bailout the state
  • Every state gets funding for each coronavirus death
  • Taking advantage of this funding on Illinoisans getting close to $40,000 per COVID-19 death
  • Pritzker’s Health Department Director Ngozi Ezike has been instructed to rule any deaths with pre-existing conditions who also had COVID-19 to just rule it as COVID as the cause of death
  • This holds true if a cancer patient died due to terminal cancer but also had COVID at the same time, the death is ruled as a COVID death and not terminal cancer
  • Pritzker said there is no guarantee that the state will reopen at the end of May
  • He said he may extend the stay at home executive order longer
  • There are courts that ruled against Pritzker
  • However, Pritzker is appealing those rulings and plans on enforcing his state at home order even though the courts ruled against him

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover why Illinois Is The Only State Shutdown And Not Reopened.

Why Is Illinois Is The Only State Shutdown And Not Reopened

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Nobody knows the exact reasoning why JB Pritzker is not reopening Illinois when other states that have reopened such as Georgia, Florida, Texas are seen a significant drop in positive cases and death numbers.

  • Pritzker keeps on preaching that he is delaying reopening the state due to saving lives
  • In the meantime, national data show the number of COVID-19 cases are dramatically decreasing
  • The number of death cases are also getting lower
  • Many Pritzker critics are saying that it is a political power play
  • It is no secret that the freshman rookie governor is trying to make a name for himself to become President of the United States in 2024
  • Pritzker was always a wanna be for political office
  • Back in the late 1990’s, he has made couple of unsuccessful attempts to get elected to the House of Representatives
  • There is a secret recording between former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and JB Pritzker where Pritzker wanted to get appointed to state government in lieu of him paying a fee

Nobody knows whether it is a political game of Pritzker’s for not wanting to reopen Illinois. In the meantime, millions of small businesses are at stake of shutting down.

Millions Of Small Businesses Are At Risk Of Never Reopening If Shutdown Continues

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Millions of Illinoisans are on the brink of losing their jobs if the state does not reopen. New Jersey, Delaware, and the District of Columbia were the latest states to announce the reopening of their states under conditions and social distance guidelines.

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Illinois shutdown is expected to expire May 29th. However, Pritzker said he may extend the shutdown to a later date if he deems the state is till unsafe.

  • This power trip and illegal tactic by the governor is angering Illinois business owners, local and regional politicians, and individual taxpayers
  • It is no doubt the governor is out of control and clueless
  • However, Pritzker is trying to use this opportunity to make a name for himself since his lifelong goal was to become President of the United States
  • The tactics he is using is hurting him more than helping him
  • There are countless protests against Pritzker. He is no doubt losing tons of respect and supporters due to his stance with extending his stay at home orders
  • Even Democrats are turning on him

There is no doubt that he will be just a one-term governor.

Illinois Is The Only Midwestern State Not Yet Opened Due To JB Pritzker

Illinois is the only Midwestern state that remains closed. Illinois was the first state to close and seems it will be the last state to reopen. Dr. Anthony Fauci sat before Congress and testified that reopening states too soon will most likely be a mistake. Fauci testified that another outbreak can be triggered by reopening states too soon. If it was up to Dr. Tony Fauci, he would shut down the economy for the next 18th months. The longer the states remain in a shut down, the harder and longer it will take for the economy to recover. This is why every day is important. Many businesses will not be able to reopen due to the devastating financial destruction they took due to the economy being shut down. Every industry imaginable got hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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