The statement was released on Facebook late Thursday, in response to Pritzker’s comments at his daily press briefing.

Illinois Governor Threatens Retaliation Statement

The Pritzker Administration further threatened Illinoisans that additional measures will be taken by the governor to fully enforce that shut down order if local and county law enforcement does not step in.

Pritzker issued the following statement:

Not only should people follow this, but there will be consequences for those who does not follow my stay at home executive order. Also know that there were leaders in the legal community this morning that spoke about the challenges that will be brought to those local law enforcement, to local governments, and to businesses that are open, because they’re putting people at risk, they’re making their communities unsafe, and they’ll be subject to liability as a result.

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association replied to Pritzker’s statement through Facebook:

Pritzker’s comments are insulting heroic police officers, corrections officers and local voters. The Governor again indicated that local law enforcement will face consequences for their statements about how they view the enforce-ability of his executive orders. Apparently, these consequences now include the threat of litigation and loss of funding, including funding that has been designated through the Federal Cares Act that was designated to units of local government. The Governor and his office have repeatedly talked about consulting organizations/groups of impacted experts on issues as they arise. Unfortunately, one of the groups that has never been included are the Sheriffs of this State, nor its representative organization, the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association.

Pritzker has said the following:

This is uncharted territory. Businesses and local governments might be liable for damages if they reopen early. What happens, for instance, if a local business opens early, defying the state’s orders, and an employee later dies from COVID-19? That business could face lawsuits, and insurance companies might not be willing to foot the bill. It’s principles mandate that we now allow the leadership of our government to lead as the courts consider the issue. It would be “absolutely negligent” for any municipality or business to open right now. That’s the rule right now. I am the chief executive of this state and I will decide when we should reopen. Not the President, not the courts, not the lawmakers. It is me and only me. PERIOD.

Nobody knows why Governor Pritzker has such a strong stance in not reopening Illinois when all other states have reopened and/or started a reopening plan. This is a developing story. We will keep our viewers updated on new developments in the days and weeks to come. STAY TUNED!!!