Illinois In No Hurry To Reopen State Hurting Business Owners

BREAKING NEWS: Illinois In No Hurry To Reopen State Hurting Business Owners

Why Illinois isn't in a hurry to reopen a painful business for business owners

Illinois In No Hurry To Reopen State under the directives of Governor JB Pritzker.

When the pandemic hit the nation, Illinois was one of the first states to order a shutdown. Millions of businesses closed.

Devastating Impact Of Not Reopening The State

Millions of Americans were out of work.

  • Many states were waiting to reopen once the coronavirus pandemic stabilized
  • Many state governors were eager to reopen their states after being shut down for two months
  • Most state governors have plans in reopening their states in the coming days
  • Florida, Texas, and Georgia already reopened their states two weeks ago
  • The good news is the numbers of positive results and death rates have decreased in states that have reopened
  • Illinois business owners are in a dire financial crisis if they do not open soon
  • However, the freshman rookie governor is in no hurry to reopen Illinois
  • JB Pritzker has issued an extension to his stay at home order
  • Lawmakers and Illinoisans have filed lawsuits against the governor and won
  • Several courts ruled against Pritzker’s extended stay at home order and ruled businesses can open and workers can return to work
  • This angered Pritzker where he threatened to jail business owners defying his stay at home order

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover Illinois In No Hurry To Reopen State Hurting Business Owners.

Illinois In No Hurry To Reopen State While Other States Reopen And Are Thriving

Millions of businesses have closed due to the stay at home orders by governors.

  • However, the pandemic seems like it has stabilized and most states either opened and/or are planning on reopening
  • As the stay at home orders remain in effect, businesses are at risk of never reopening
  • Millions of jobs are at state as well
  • As time passes, many furloughed workers may not have a job to go back to
  • Illinois is one of the first states to shut down. Illinois has no plans in reopening
  • Under the management of freshman rookie governor JB Pritzker, the governor recently extended the stay at home executive order until May 31st at its earliest
  • Pritzker said that under no circumstances he will reopen the state earlier than May 31st
  • Pritzker made it clear that he may extend his stay at home order longer
  • The rookie governor seems like he is in a power trip because he threatened business owners jail time if they go against his executive order

Massimo Ressa of Gustan Cho Associates said the following:

Illinois was one of only eight states to have shut down as early as March 23. Nearly two months later, Illinois is just one of four states “to remain on lockdown, with stay-at-home orders in place and most businesses shuttered,” according to a New York Times comparison as of May 15. Michigan, New Jersey and Delaware were the other three states.

See the image below:

Illinois was one of the first states to shut down due to covid-19

The governor has extended his stay at home order multiple times after the initial 30 day order.

  • Under Illinois law and per state constitution, the governor has the right to issue one stay at home executive order
  • However, any extensions of executive stay at home orders need approval of the state legislature
  • He has not gotten approval of the state legislature and extended the stay at home executive order
  • Southern Illinois Republican State Lawmaker Darren Bailey has issued a lawsuit against Pritzker on behalf of his constituents in Clay County

Clay County Judge Michael McHaney has ruled in favor of Bailey and against Pritzker.

Litigation Against Pritzker By Lawmakers And Business Owners

Judge McHaney has ruled Pritzker’s extensions of his executive orders unconstitutional and ruled Clay County residents may go back to work.

  • The judge ruled business owners may reopen their stores and businesses effective immediately
  • The ruling from Judge McHaney promoted countless lawsuits throughout the state against JB Pritzker
  • Pritzker did not waste any time in filing an appeal
  • However, the appeals court ruled against Pritzker and in favor of Bailey and his constituents
  • This angered Pritzker and he said regardless of the court rulings, his office will make sure that violators of his executive stay at home order will pay the price
  • He is threatening jail time for business owners who open their businesses during his stay at home order period
  • Prtizker even went further and said he will be revoking business licenses for those who reopen their businesses when the stay at home order is in effect

Piotr Bieda of Gustan Cho Associates said the following:

Illinois’ position has become even more extreme in recent days. Gov. Pritzker has just added new emergency rules that threaten jail time to any business owner found violating the governor’s shutdown orders. We’ve often documented what a national outlier Illinois is fiscally. So it is, also, with Gov. Pritzker’s emergency order and reopening plan, which are beyond what nearly all other states are doing. Thirty-one states are already reopening, while 11 other states are reopening on a regional basis. Six additional states – Connecticut, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico and Vermont – are set to reopen next week.

See the images below:

Illinois now an outlier with its restrictive shoutdown rules

Positive Test Results And Death Rates Decline In Reopened States While Illinois In No Hurry To Reopen State

Georgia, Florida, Texas reopened their states over two weeks ago.

  • Republican governors in those three states were criticized by the mainstream liberal media for being reckless and potentially killing millions of people
  • After two weeks, positive test results and death rates have dropped significantly

Dale Elenteny of GCA Mortgage Group said the following:

A separate state-to-state comparison recently shows death rates by state per 100,000 people. Illinois has the ninth-worst COVID-19 fatality rate in the country, at 29 per 100,000 in population. New York (140), New Jersey (107), Connecticut (85) and Massachusetts (75) top the nation’s list. Despite higher death rates than Illinois, New York and Pennsylvania are already reopening in some areas, Connecticut and Massachusetts are reopening soon, and Louisiana and Rhode Island are already fully reopening.

See the chart and graph below:

States with higher death rates than Illinois' have reopened while Illinois continues its shutdown

Of the nine-worst states, only Michigan and New Jersey join Illinois in maintaining a lockdown.

The Economic Impact Of Businesses Due To Shut Down Order

What is the economic impact of businesses because of closing the order

Many business owners plan on not reopening due to the harsh financial impact of the shut down order by the governor. Many businesses are hanging by a thread if the governor does not reopen the state. Many local and county government said they will not enforce the governor’s stay at home order and businesses can reopen. Many business owners were excited and planned on reopening their businesses despite the state’s shut down order. However, last Friday, Governor JB Pritzker said he will be revoking business licenses for those who defy his order and open. Pritzker even went further and said he will sent his State Police to ticket, arrest, and jail business owners who reopen their stores and businesses. The governor has lost it and is out of control. Many legal scholars said Pritzker’s extended emergency shut down order is illegal. In the meantime, many lives are being affected just due to an incompetent freshman rookie governor. Stay tuned for more developments to this story in the coming days and months.

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