Illinois Business Owners Face Jail For Violating Stay At Home Orders

BREAKING NEWS: Illinois Business Owners Face Jail For Violating Stay At Home Orders
Why Illinois business owners are imprisoned for violating home stay orders
Illinois Business Owners Face Jail By Governor JB Pritzker For Defying His Executive Order said said JB Pritzker.
  • While other states such as Florida, Georgia, Texas and countless others have reopened and/or are planning on reopening their states, Freshman Rookie Governor JB Pritzker is going the opposite direction
  • Pritzker, elected in 2018, seems lost and clueless on his executive powers of being the Illinois Governor
  • Many lawmakers and others have filed lawsuits against Pritzker about the legality on his executive order powers he has been using where Pritzker lost
  • U.S. Attorney General William Barr announced he will be cracking down on governors like JB Pritzker not abiding by the Constitution and abusing stay at home order

Republican Illinois State Representative Darren Bailey recently won his lawsuit against Pritzker in reopening Clay County, Illinois.

Governor Facing Many Lawsuits Due To Illegal Stay At Home Executive Order

Clay County Judge Michael McHaney ruled Clay County businesses can reopen and that Pritzker’s extending his coronavirus stay at home order is illegal and unconstitutional:

  • Many other counties filed lawsuits against Pritzker
  • The governor is expected to lose
  • Despite county judges declaring Pritzker’s executive say at home order to be unconstitutional, JB Pritzker has threatened he has the power to revoke licenses of business owners
  • According to JB Pritzker, Illinois Business Owners Face Jail for defying his stay at home orders
  • Therefore, businesses that reopen without Pritzker’s blessing, the owners can face jail time
  • Many Illinois County Sheriffs and local law enforcement chiefs said they will not be enforcing Pritzker’s stay at home order
  • JB Pritzker said he send the Illinois State Police to arrest business owners not complying with his executive stay at home order if local and/or county law enforcement is not going to enforce it
  • The freshman governor has gone postal and lost control

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover Illinois Business Owners Face Jail For Violating Stay At Home Orders.

Illinois Business Owners Face Jail If They Reopen Prior To The Governor’s Orders

Many city mayors, county board members and county sheriffs announced they will allow businesses to reopen and have workers return to work in defiance to the governor’s executive order.

  • This angered JB Pritzker. At first, Pritzker said he does not recommend that an will leave it up to local and county law enforcement the option of enforcing his executive order
  • Now, he has changed his tuned and said he will do whatever he can in his powers to enforce his executive order
  • He announced he will fine, arrest, and jail business owners if they do not abide by his new emergency rules
  • Pritzker has extended his stay at home order until May 31st but said he may extended it longer
  • This is angering business owners who are on the verge of financial collapse
  • Many businesses are planning on not reopening
  • The longer the stay at home order is in effect, many Illinoisans may lose their jobs permanently

The freshman rookie governor is standing firm in not reopening Illinois and will punish those who defy his order.

Pritzker Threatens Business Owners If They Defy His Orders

Pritzker said if local and county law enforcement agencies do not enforce his orders, he will send the Illinois State Police to ticket, arrest, and/or jail those who defy his executive orders.

  • His goal is to educate and seek voluntary compliance by business owners, taxpayers, and local government officials
  • However, if they defy his orders, he will not hesitate in ordering police to charge violators with reckless conduct
  • Pritzker also emphasized that he has the authority and power as governor to revoke state business licenses

Pritzker threatened local government he has the authority and power to withhold tax money from local and county governments.

Pritzker Loses In Court But Ignores Ruling And Proceeds With Extending Closing

JB Pritzker has lost his extended executive stay at home order in court.

  • Recently, Clay County Judge Michael McHaney ruled against the governor and in favor of Illinois Republican lawmaker Darren Bailey, a southern Illinois state representative
  • The judge ruled Pritzker’s extending his stay at home order illegal and unconstitutional and said Clay County may reopen
  • Pritzker’s 30 day stay at home order may not be extended the judge ruled
  • While other states are reopening and/or are planning on reopening
  • Illinois still cannot have dine-in service at restaurants
  • Only certain retail stores can have curbside service
  • All gyms in Illinois need to remain closed until Pritzker lifts the stay at home order
  • Under Pritzker’s executive orders, hairdressers, salons, barber shops, and tattoo shops cannot open during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Shops in airports are exempt from closures
  • Dozens of county state’s attorneys and sheriffs said they will not be enforcing Pritzker’s stay at home order due to it being illegal and unconstitutional

The governor is being called too faced and a hypocrite. This is because he and his family have been traveling back and forth to his vacation homes in Florida and Wisconsin during the coronavirus pandemic.

Illinois Business Owners Face Jail By Governor Who Is Playing Dirty And Losing Respect And Popularity

When Clay County Judge Michael McHaney ruled businesses can reopen and do not have to abide by the governor’s extended stay at home order, business owners saw hope at the end of the tunnel. Many county sheriffs became heroes when they said they will not enforce the executive order of not reopening their businesses. Each day these businesses stay closed means the risk of them not reopening is greater. Most business owners were going to reopen after hearing their county sheriff will not enforce the stay at home order. Then JB Pritzker decided to play dirty and threatened business owners he will revoke their business licenses. Pritzker was widely criticized for playing dirty. Pritzker also threatened local and county governments that he will withhold federal funding if they do not comply with his stay at home executive order. JB Pritzker is clueless, lost, and totally out of control. His ego is getting bigger and bigger daily. He is ruining people’s lives and now has become a major liability to Illinoisans. There are multiple court filings against JB Pritzker. There is more to come to this story. Stay Tuned!!!

Twi(The Center Square) – Illinois business owners found guilty of violating the governor’s stay-at-home-orders could land in jail for up to a year under new emergency rules filed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker late Friday, two months into his executive response to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Under executive orders issued by the governor, restaurants haven’t had dine-in guests since March 16. Pritzker then issued an executive order March 21 closing all businesses to the public that he considered nonessential. The order was extended twice, from April 7 to April 30, and now through the end of Ma There have also been areas of the state in the past month in which local elected officials have said they would not enforce the governor’s orders.

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