Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Being Sent To American Taxpayers

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BREAKING NEWS: Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Being Sent To American Taxpayers This Week:

Why the coronavirus stimulus is sent to US taxpayersCoronavirus Stimulus Checks are being sent to individual taxpayers this week. Over 80 million Americans will be receiving the coronavirus stimulus checks:

  • Taxpayers who filed income taxes where the Internal Revenue Service has the taxpayer’s bank account information will be getting a direct deposit to their bank account starting tomorrow
  • Included in the $2 trillion coronavirus pandemic stimulus bill President Donald Trump signed into law is a relief for all Americans and their families during the coronavirus pandemic crisis
  • The US economy came to a standstill due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Millions of American businesses have shut down
  • Over 16 million American workers filed unemployment claims in the past three weeks
  • Unemployment claims are expected to skyrocket in the coming weeks
  • The Trump Administration has been proactive during the coronavirus pandemic crisis
  • Billions in aid are being offered to small businesses to keep them open and help employers keep most of their workers
  • The economic impact of the coronavirus was devastating
  • As days pass, the damage is getting more severe
  • President Trump is having talks with governors and health experts to plan in reopening the US economy and avoid further economic damage
  • Many state governors and local leaders have issued a state of emergency shutting non-essential businesses as well as gathering of 10 or more people
  • The Coronavirus Stimulus Checks is being sent to individuals and their families to get them by until the pandemic is under control
  • There are also talks of more stimulus money in the next stimulus phase

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Being Sent To American Taxpayers this week.

Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Arriving This Week

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Included in the $2.2 trillion stimulus program, also known as the CARES Act, individuals, and their families will be getting a one time $1,200 check to help cope with the coronavirus economic collapse.

  • Each individual taxpayer will receive $1,200. $2,400 for couples and $500 for each qualifying child under the age of 17 years of age
  • For millions of Americans, this week will be a great week
  • The IRS will be sending the coronavirus stimulus checks this week for millions of Americans

The stimulus checks are being sent out starting this week to bank accounts of American taxpayers.

The First Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Expected To Arrive This Week

The first batch of the Coronavirus Stimulus Checks is expected to hit taxpayer’s bank accounts this week.

Tracking The Status Of The Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service created a new app that was launched on the IRS Economic Impact Payment Web page on Friday, April 17. The app is called “Get My Payment” and is user-friendly and serves as a tool for taxpayers to track down their payments. The new app is a tool to serve for the following functions:

  • Tracking the status of your stimulus check as of when it will hit your bank account and/or mailed
  • If your stimulus check has not been sent, then you can instruct the IRS whether you want a direct deposit and/or physically mailed to your address
  • Instruct the IRS to do a direct deposit versus getting a check for faster service

The maximum income cap to receive the full amount of stimulus check, your income cannot exceed $75,000. Borrowers who make between $75,000 to $99,000 can receive stimulus checks but not for the full amount.

What If I Did Not File 2018 Or 2019 Income Tax Returns

What If I Did Not File 2018 Or 2019 Income Tax Returns

Not every taxpayer is required to file income tax returns. For taxpayers who have not filed their 2018 or 2019 income taxes, the Internal Revenue Service has created and launched a non-filers portal. This portal has been created and launched for taxpayers who do not need to file income tax returns to provide their bank account information to receive their stimulus checks sooner. The IRS will send the money on direct deposits first. Physical checks will be mailed in the following weeks. As for social security recipients, they do not have to do anything to receive their stimulus. checks. Recipients of social security benefits will automatically receive their stimulus checks in the same method in which their benefits are being paid out. This is a one-time payment for now. However, if the coronavirus pandemic economic impacts the economy longer, the government is open in getting more stimulus money for Americans.

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