What Is A Final Walk-Through Prior To Home Closing?

Final Walk Through Prior To Closing

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A final walk-through option is given to all home buyers.  It is not mandatory for a home buyer to do a final-walk through prior to home closing, however, it is highly recommended that all home buyers do a final walk-through prior to home closing.  Once a home is closed, that is it!!!  You cannot change your mind once you close on your home and re-negotiate your purchase terms.  Everything that needs to be negotiated needs to be done prior to closing.  Chances are that the last time you inspected the home was when you first entered into the purchase real estate contract and many things could have happened to the home since you last saw it, especially if the property is a vacant property or if the sellers moved out of the property prior to closing.  A home inspection final walk-through is not a negotiations matter nor is it a contingency.  Most final walk-through prior to home closing is normally done the same day or the day prior to closing.  For the majority of home inspection final walk-through prior to home closing, there are no issues and 90% of the time is just a formality to make sure there are no damages sustained on the subject property and the property is in the same condition that it was when the home buyer first saw it when he or she entered into a purchase sales contract.

If there were items on the purchase contract that the home sellers needed to make, it is during the final walk-through prior to closing home inspection where the home buyers will check if whether or not the items were repaired.  A final-walk through prior to home closing is very highly recommended.

Things To Check On Final Walk-Through Prior To Home Closing Home Inspection

There are items you should check for on a final walk-through prior to home closing inspection.  In the event if there are items that were damaged since the home purchase contract, the chances of getting it repair prior to closing is not likely and the money for repairs needs to be held by the title company in an escrow account until the repairs have been done or a cash back for repairs needs to be agreed upon.

The items listed below should be thoroughly checked during the final walk-through prior to home closing:

  • Make sure that all light fixtures are in working order by checking every light fixtures.
  • Check all plumbing fixtures by turning on water and letting it run and look under sinks for any leakage.
  • Check and test all household appliances to see if they all work and are functioning.
  • Make sure the garage door works and check if every garage door openers are functional
  • Check all doors and make sure the doors are aligned and in working order.
  • Make sure that all toilets are in working order and flush them and make sure that the water stops once the tank is full.
  • Do a visual inspection of walls, floors, and ceilings of the home and make sure there are no drywall cracks.
  • Check to see that the kitchen garbage disposal, trash compactor, and exhaust fans are in proper working order.
  • Make sure to test the heating and air conditioning systems are clean and in working order.
  • Check on all windows in the house and open and close them and make sure they are slide up and down smoothly.
  • Make sure that all debris and furniture is out of the home and that any debris that you do not want is out of the house.  Debris removal can get quite costly and not all garbage left by your driveway will be picked up by the regular garbage man.

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