Reasons For Foreclosures By Homeowners On Mortgage Loans

Reasons For Foreclosures By Homeowners On Mortgage Loans

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This Article Is About The Reasons For Foreclosures By Homeowners On Mortgage Loans

The ability to repay is the most important factor lenders consider when approving a home loan to homebuyers.

  • Even if the homebuyer puts a substantial amount down for the down payment, lenders want to make sure the borrower can comfortably pay their mortgage payments on time
  • Lenders are not real estate investors
  • They are not in the business of foreclosing properties for a profit
  • Lenders do not want the property
  • They want the borrowers to pay their housing payments on time
  • There are many reasons for foreclosures by homeowners
  • Any homeowner can go through a foreclosure
  • Most often, foreclosures happen above and beyond the control of the borrower
  • If a homeowner default on their mortgage and is behind more than 4 months, they are at risk of having their property foreclosed upon by the lender

Aftermath On Credit After Foreclosure And The Ability To Purchase Another Home

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A foreclosure will hurt a consumer’s credit profile and drop credit scores.

  • However, consumers can re-establish their credit after foreclosure and be eligible to purchase another home
  • We have seen many folks get their credit scores to 700 FICO Plus with a year after a foreclosure
  • The key is never to be late on any payments after foreclosure and re-establish credit by adding a new credit
  • Secured credit cards are the easiest and fastest way of re-establishing credit after foreclosure
  • Three secured credit cards with a $500 credit limit are the key in getting great credit after foreclosure
  • Government and conventional loans have a mandatory waiting period after foreclosure to qualify for home loans
  • Gustan Cho Associates has Non-QM Loans where there is no waiting period after foreclosure, deed in lieu of foreclosure, short sale

Please check our blogs on qualifying for a mortgage after foreclosure for more information.

Medical Issues Are The Top Reasons For Foreclosures By Homeowners

Illness and/or medical issues top the list as the reasons for foreclosures by homeowners. If the main wage-earner gets sick for an extended term, the household income comes to an abrupt halt.

  • The monthly mortgage payment is a priority
  • However, there are other bills such as food, utilities, and healthcare that takes priority over the monthly mortgage payment
  • Illness and/or medical issues suffered by a family member also affects the main wage-earner
  • The main wage-earner may need to have to take time off work to care of the family member
  • Medical bills and medications are not cheap
  • Even with the best health insurance, a family may need to come up with thousands of dollars to keep up with medical expenses

There are thousands of types of illnesses. Some illnesses may take many months to heal. Other illnesses such as cancer may be terminal and can eventually lead to death.

Death Of A Family Member

There are instances where the main wage-earner dies.

  • Some folks are not fully prepared on what to do with their finances when the main wage-earner passes
  • Not everyone has life insurance
  • Those with private and/or company-sponsored life insurance policies can have the home mortgage paid off with the proceeds
  • However, if the main mortgage holder passes with no life insurance and/or source of income, the lender will start foreclosure proceedings if the mortgage is behind in payments
  • The surviving spouse needs to decide whether or not they will be able to afford the home
  • Other options may be selling the home and buying a lower-priced home. Or selling the home and moving to a rental

Whatever the decision may be, please contact the lender and let them know of your circumstances.

Divorce Are Top Reasons For Foreclosures

Recent data show that over 54% of marriages end in divorce. There are instances where both spouses income is needed to pay the mortgage payment. When they separate and eventually divorce, many folks cannot afford their home mortgage with a single wage-earner salary.

Alex Carlucci, a senior vice president at Gustan Cho Associates handles many borrowers who need a new mortgage after a divorce.

Both spouses need to think things through with who gets the home, who will be responsible for the mortgage, or whether to sell the home.

Loss Of Employment Or Business

Job security is one of the most important factors mortgage underwriters look at prior to approving a loan.

  • Getting fired by an employer is everyone’s fear. Lenders will offer forbearance or a loan workout for those who have been temporarily out of work
  • With today’s hot economy, many workers normally can get jobs in their fields quickly
  • However, in some industries, getting a job may take longer than expected
  • Many experienced older workers with six-figure incomes are being replaced by younger workers who demand half the salary

Unemployment and/or disability payments are a fraction of what a full-time wage earner’s salary is and often cannot cover the cost of living and mortgage payments.

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