Illinois Unemployment Worst In The Nation During The COVID-19 Crisis


This BREAKING NEWS Article On Illinois Unemployment Worst In The Nation During The COVID-19 Crisis Was PUBLISHED On July 25th, 2020

Illinois Unemployment Worst In The Nation During The COVID-19 Crisis. Illinois has the Nation’s highest tax rate.

  • The state also has the worst financial deficit out of any state in the Nation
  • Most states were booming prior to the coronavirus pandemic
  • However, Illinois has been struggling financially
  • Freshman rookie governor JB Pritzker turned out to be a major disappointment to Illinois taxpayers
  • Pritzker, a billionaire, and heir of the Hyatt Hotel Family marketed himself as a successful businessman who can outsmart President Donald J. Trump when it comes to business knowledge
  • Pritzker is worth more money than Donald Trump
  • Many Illinoisans had high hopes for Pritzker to fix the state’s growing financial crisis
  • However, once elected, JB Pritzker turned out to be an incompetent governor
  • Many critics allege Pritzker is clueless and lost
  • Many economists accuse Pritzker does not even know how to run a hot dog stand
  • Pritzker’s solution to fixing the budget deficit is to raise taxes
  • He has increased taxes in over 20 items
  • He has doubled the state’s gas tax infuriating both business owners and individual taxpayers
  • Not only is Pritzker increasing taxes, but he is also increasing spending during the worst financial crisis in Illinois’s history

Pritzker gave all lawmakers a $1,800 raise while Illinois is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Illinois Unemployment Worst In The Nation Due To Corruption Of Incompetent Politicians

Public Corruption is costing Illinois over $500 million per year. Corrupt politicians and lawmakers is infested in Illinois. More than 1,700 Illinois politicians and public workers have gotten indicted and convicted of public corruption. Six Illinois governors got indicted and charged with federal serious crimes. 4 Illinois governors were convicted and sentenced to federal prison for public corruption. It took no more than four months after taking office for Illinois governor JB Pritzker to go under criminal federal investigation for tax fraud. Will JB Pritzker be the fifth Illinois governor to be indicted and sentenced to federal prison for public corruption?

  • Pritzker is currently also under investigation for tax fraud
  • In 2019, right after he got elected Illinois governor, he and his wife MK Pritzker removed toilets on a home he owned next to his primary residence to make the property uninhabitable
  • Uninhabitable properties get reduced property taxes
  • After getting caught of removing the toilets to get a property tax break, JB Pritzker immediately paid the $331,000 property tax break he got to the Cook County Assessor
  • The FBI and federal investigators launched a federal investigation into JB Pritzker’s tax-fraud scheme as well as former Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios

Through the request of House Speaker Mike Madigan, Pritzker also gave over $200 million in pay raises for high-level state workers.

Changing The State’s Flat-Tax To A Progressive Tax System

The governor is also proposing in changing the state’ s flat-tax protection program to a progressive tax system.

  • Economists think changing the state’s flat-tax system to a progressive tax system will destroy Illinois
  • Over 100,000 small business owners will be affected
  • Many small business owners will not be able to survive and will most likely close their doors permanently
  • Pritzker calls his progressive tax system the FAIR TAX
  • The proposed FAIR TAX will affect all Illinoisans from all income levels
  • Middle-class taxpayers will be affected
  • The high Illinois taxes have been causing a massive exodus of Illinoisans for the past several years
  • Now with more taxes and the new FAIR TAX, economists expect a massive exodus of small businesses and taxpayers
  • Pritzker seems clueless
  • Due to incompetent politicians such as Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Illinois Unemployment Worst In The Nation During The COVID-19 Crisis
  • While others are getting re-employed after the states reopened, Illinoisans are having trouble getting jobs after they got laid off and/or fired due to The COVID-19 pandemic

There has been little to no changes in continued unemployment claims in Illinois since mid-April. Other states are getting back to work.

Illinois Unemployment Worst In The Nation According To Experts

Michelle McCue of Gustan Cho Associates has been closely monitoring the unemployment rates in Illinois. Michelle McCue said the following:

An additional 37,626 Illinoisans filed for unemployment the week ending July 11, bringing total job losses to 1,458,097 since COVID-19 began shutting down the state’s economy, according to new data from the U.S. Department of Labor. Despite a small decline in new initial claims, Illinois has so far been unable to reduce the number of workers still needing unemployment checks, even as other states see large drops. Since the last monthly jobs report, continued unemployment claims in Illinois are virtually unchanged. All other neighboring states and Midwest states have seen a substantial decline.

See the graph below:

Politicizing The Coronavirus Pandemic By Pritzker And Lawmakers

Illinois probably has the worst economy in the Nation.

  • Illinois’s economy was the worst in the nation even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • It is now the worst economy in the nation due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Illinois was the first state to shut down and is the last state to reopen due to Pritzker’s constant extensions of his stay at home order
  • Illinois Clay County Circuit Judge Michael McHaney ruled Governor’s executive stay at home order is only legal once
  • Any extension of his stay at home executive order is unconstitutional and null and void
  • Therefore, any executive order extensions past April 9th, 2020 are null and void
  • Illinois can reopen
  • However, Pritzker defies the judge’s ruling and is threatening business license revocation for any small business owners who reopen without his blessing
  • JB Pritzker even went as far as threatening he will send out State Police to ticket and arrest small business owners who reopen
  • Pritzker is eyeing a 2024 Presidential run
  • Therefore, he is politicizing the coronavirus pandemic to his political gain
  • However, Pritzker is losing popularity by many voters and small business owners as well as local politicians

Over 2,500 out of 4,400 closed Illinois businesses are not expected to reopen due to the prolonged stay at home order by the governor.

See the graph below:

Why Illinois slowest to get COVID-19 unemployed back to work

Massive Exodus Of Illinoisans Due To Public Corruption And Incompetent Leaders

Illinois is also ranked as the most corrupt state in the Nation.

  • Public Corruption in Illinois costs Illinois taxpayers more than $550 million per year
  • On Friday, July 17th, 2020, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Illinois announced the deferred prosecution agreement between Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) and the U.S. Attorney’s Office
  • ComEd agreed on a criminal fine of $200 million and full cooperation with the U.S. Attorney’s Office criminal investigation against Illinois corrupt politicians and lawmakers
  • Included in the criminal probe and investigation was PUBLIC OFFICIAL A
  • According to sources, that PUBLIC OFFICIAL A is Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan
  • Speaker Mike Madigan is hands down the most powerful politician in Illinois
  • According to anonymous sources, the U.S. Attorney’s Office is not just investigating criminal wrongdoing on Mike Madigan, but the criminal investigation also leads to Illinois Governor JB Pritzker

In this article, we will discuss and cover the Illinois Unemployment Worst In The Nation During The COVID-19 Crisis.

Look at the chart below:

Why Illinois weekly initial unemployment claims hit 1.45M


How The Governor’s Lockdown Hurt Illinois Workers

Over 1.5 million Illinois workers filed unemployment claims due to the governor’s lockdown stay at home orders. The lockdown especially hurt small business owners. The majority of small business owners are the employers of workers. Most small businesses have less than two months of cash on hand. An average Illinois small business has more than $10,000 in monthly expenses. Most businesses only have one month’s of reserves on hand. When the governor still has lockdown orders for small business owners, how can small businesses hire workers?

Jammi Cash of Gustan Cho Associates said the following:

As new data on COVID-19 emerges, Illinois will have to adapt to changing circumstances. Still, research shows the sequential lift of a lockdown is the best way to mitigate both the human cost of the virus and the economic damage. Illinois voters need to consider the potential for the COVID-19 economic damage to be magnified by the progressive income tax hike state leaders are seeking Nov. 3. Economists argue against increasing taxes during a recession. A progressive tax will increase taxes up to 47% on more than 100,000 small businesses just as they are trying to recover from the COVID-19 economic damage. Those small businesses are responsible for the vast majority of new jobs in Illinois. A safe return to work is the first step to bringing Illinoisans back to work, tackling growing racial gaps, and to revive the Illinois economy. A tax increase would be a misstep.

Many experts consider the incompetency of Pritzker and state lawmakers dangerous to the fate of Illinois. The worst mistake Pritzker can make is raising taxes during an economic meltdown. Can Illinois last another two years under the helm of JB Pritzker and his Democrat lawmakers? Will Pritzker get indicted along with Michael Madigan? The FAIR TAX will be the straw that broke the camel’s back to the devastation of Illinois. Stay tuned. We will keep our viewer updated on this developing story.

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