Illinois Public Corruption Costs Illinoisans At Least $550M Per Year


This breaking news on Illinois Public Corruption Costs Illinoisans At Least $550M Per Year Was PUBLISHED On July 21st, 2020

Illinois Public Corruption has been a major issue over the decades.

  • There is no slowdown in corrupt politicians getting investigated, indicted, arrested, and sentenced to prison terms
  • It took no longer than four months after Illinois Governor JB Pritzker got elected for him and his wife MK Pritzker to be under federal criminal investigation
  • The rookie freshman governor triggered a federal criminal investigation on potential property-tax fraud
  • JB and MK Pritzker’s federal criminal investigation was for his role in removing toilets on a property next to his main residence in Chicago’s Gold Coast
  • JB and MK Pritzker’s tax fraud investigation started in early 2019
  • Removing the toilets made the property uninhabitable which gave the Pritzker Family a $331,000 property tax break

Once Pritzker got caught for his property-tax fraud scheme, he immediately paid the county back the $331,000 property-tax break he got.

Federal Investigators Never Halted Pritzker’s Fraud Investigation

The federal government never stopped JB Pritzker’s criminal investigation into his tax fraud scheme. After Pritzker paid the county $331,000 of property tax breaks after getting caught, the governor gave a press release stating the Feds is not pursuing his alleged tax fraud scheme and has dropped the investigation:

  • This was a lie
  • JB Pritzker thought and was under the assumption that everything was fine
  • This was because he returned the money back to the county
  • However, federal investigators continued with the governor’s criminal tax fraud investigation
  • The lead to Pritzker’s criminal activities uncovered hundreds of other properties that got breaks from former Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios
  • The Feds have subpoenaed phone records, email records, and other documents from high-ranking elected and public officials including Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover Illinois Public Corruption Costs Illinoisans At Least $550M Per Year.

Illinois Public Corruption Still Continues

Illinois has a national reputation for corruption.

  • Chicago is ranked as the Nation’s most corrupt city
  • Illinois is the second most corrupt state
  • There were four governors in Illinois that were indicted and sentenced to prison
  • A total of six governors were charged with federal crimes
  • Can JB Pritzker be the fifth Illinois governor sentenced to prison?
  • The governor came to the spotlight again after the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced they reached a deferred prosecution settlement with the Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd)
  • The announcement released on Friday, July 17th, 2020 said ComEd agreed on a $200 million settlement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office under a deferred prosecution agreement
  • ComEd agreed to cooperate with the ongoing federal criminal investigation into Illinois politicians
  • It seems that Michael Madigan is a major part of the corruption network with ComEd
  • ComEd had admitted high-ranking company officials has bribed Michael Madigan for jobs for favorable legislative action for ComEd
  • As of today, we do not know the extent of how deep corruption is
  • However, over 2,000 judges, lawmakers, politicians, government officials, and public servants have been arrested, indicted, tried, and sentenced to prison over the years

The list of public workers and elected officials under criminal investigation today is in the thousands according to the FBI. Even though there have been over 1,731 public officials indicted and convicted for public corruption since 1976, there does not seem to be a slowdown of wrongdoings by politicians and public officials.

Public Corruption Impact Illinois Economy And Hurt Taxpayers

Public corruption is a very serious crime with a serious impact on taxpayers and the economy.

Jammi Cash of Gustan Cho Associates is a public corruption analyst. Jammi’s many years in Washington working in government has made Jammi an expert in public corruption. Jammi Cash said the following:

But corruption in Illinois is more than a buzzword. It comes with social and economic costs. Not only does corruption lessen residents’ faith in the government, but it also decreases economic growth and disincentivizes investments in the state. Illinois’ public corruption convictions cost the state economy an estimated $550 million every year from 2000-2017, the Illinois Policy Institute estimated according to a 2011 study published in the peer-reviewed academic journal “Public Choice.” That’s a total during those 17 years of more than $9.9 billion. Federal corruption convictions per capita were 8% more common in Illinois than in other states during that time period. The annual loss of economic activity means the 285,000 Illinoisans actively seeking employment find it harder to land a job, and the state economy will likely continue to lag the rest of the nation.

Public corruption and bribery have been a way of life for Illinois politicians for decades.

The List Of Corrupt Illinois Politicians Continues

The Chicago Field Office of the FBI has the largest public corruption unit in the Nation. The FBI Chicago Field Office Public Corruption Division is also the busiest in the Nation. With the recent deferred prosecution agreement with ComEd and the electric giant talking about the role Speaker Michael Madigan and Illinois Governor JB Pritzker played in bribery, the tradition of corruption does not seem to be going away anytime soon.

Recent indictments and sentencing include the following:


  • Former Chicago Alderman Willie Cochran of Chicago’s 20th Ward was arrested, indicted, convicted, and sentenced for over 12 months in federal prison for federal wire fraud on June 24th, 2020
  • Outgoing Chicago Alderman Carrie Austin had her offices and home raided on June 19th, 2020 by federal investigators for potential corruption
  • Chicago Alderman Edward Burke of Chicago’s 14th Ward was arrested and indicted on 14 counts of racketeering, attempted extortion, conspiracy to commit extortion, and using interstate commerce to facilitate unlawful activity on May 2020
  • Former Chicago Public Schools Chief Executive Officer Barbara Byrd-Bennett was sentenced in 2017 for a $23 million corruption and kickback scandal

There are countless people working with the federal government as a government witness on the criminal activity between high ranking Illinois politicians and big companies. Politicians were pushing favorable legislative rulings in exchange for these companies offering jobs to friends and family of politicians. The city of Chicago had the reputation of being the most corrupt city in the Nation for decades.


See the graph below:Why Illinois reports the most corrupt state in the US

Public corruption enriches Illinois politicians. The good ole boy network benefits friends and family members of politicians by steering lucrative high paying jobs to them and not giving the qualified applicants without any political connections.

Illinois Public Corruption Stunts Economic Growth

Public corruption in the state lessens taxpayer’s faith in government. It slows economic growth in the state.

  • Many investors do not want to invest in a city and/or state that is corrupt
  • Bribery is the biggest form of public corruption and does the most damage to Illinoisans
  • Look at what the federal government is looking into on Michael Madigan and JB Pritzker
  • Mike Madigan has a history of giving jobs and salary increases, both government and private jobs, for his allies from his political connections
  • Governor JB Pritzker recently hired 34 of Mike Madigan’s allies to high state positions
  • Corruption affects and impacts future investments in the state by slowing economic growth
  • Corruption expedites and promotes the state’s reckless and unethical spending
  • This is one of the reasons why the state is so broke and on the verge of bankruptcy
  • Governor JB Pritzker recently gave over $200 million in pay raises to high-ranking Madigan ally state workers when the state is on the verge of bankruptcy
  • JB Pritzker also gave all state lawmakers wage increases during the coronavirus pandemic when the state has a historic budget deficit

Many politicians and lawmakers will even go to the extent of delaying business permits and licenses unless they get a bribe and/or kickback.

See the chart below:

Why Illinois is the slowest growth of the five largest state economies

Dale Elenteny of Gustan Cho Associates said the following:

Illinois’ role in the national economy has declined steadily since the 1960s. An economy that was once the third-largest contributor to the nation’s GDP has continued to slip, being passed by Texas and Florida. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because states with higher levels of corruption on average see lower levels of investment and economic growth. Using data from all 50 states from 1975-2000, corruption was found to play a significant and causal role in reducing economic growth. To put the findings in context, Illinois’ public corruption convictions cost the state an estimated $550 million every year from 2000-2017. Illinois ranks 40th in cumulative economic growth, out of 50 states and Washington, D.C., in gross state product from 1997-2018. With real economic growth of just 1.35% annually on average, Illinois trails the U.S. economy with real economic growth of 2.31%.

Public Corruption in Illinois is out of control. The combination of incompetent politicians, high crimes, a budget deficit that no tax increases can solve, the state is on the road to bankruptcy. The state needs pension reform. The state’s pension system is run like a Ponzi Scheme. Democrats, including the governor, are clueless in running state government. Lawmakers are mainly in the job so it benefits their private business lives.

See the graph below:

Why the Illinois growth rate is almost half the actual gross domestic product

How To Eliminate Corruption In Illinois

You ever hear the saying that you are who you hang out with. Well, you keep on sponsoring friends and family of corrupt politicians, that is what you are going to get. Look at Speaker of the House Michael Madigan. He owns a law firm that specializes in property tax appeals. Madigan controls the Democrats in Chicago and Springfield. It took the feds 30 years to get Madigan investigated and look into his private and public business affairs. This may be the end of Speaker Madigan. The new rookie freshman governor JB Pritzker is no boy scout either. With months of taking office, Pritzker and his wife MK Pritzker removed toilets from a house that he purchased. The reason he removed toilets is so he can classify the home uninhabitable so he can get a $331,000 property tax break. The Feds found out about this. Pritzker paid the County Assessor’s Office the $331,000 when he got caught. He then shrugged off the tax fraud scheme he committed and assumed federal investigators closed the tax fraud investigation. Not so fast, governor. The governor’s tax fraud criminal investigation is still ongoing. Can Pritzker be the fifth Illinois governor sentenced to federal prison? It sure looks like it. Time will tell. In the meantime, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI is aggressively working diligently to finally end corruption in the state of Illinois.

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