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Credit Scores Can Cost You

Credit Fix Advisors

Credit is probably the most important factor when it comes to residential home mortgages.  Your credit scores is what decides whether you qualify for a mortgage loan and what rates and terms you get.   You will be paying a whopping 1.5% interest rate difference if your credit score is 619 FICO versus 620 FICO.  Also, your debt to income ratio will be restricted to 45% debt to income ratio if your credit scores are below 620 FICO.  If your credit scores are 620 FICO or higher,  your debt to income ratio limit increases to 56.9%.  Having a clean credit report and maximizing your credit scores is the most important factor when it comes to mortgage loan processing.  Most home buyers who consult mortgage brokers are told that they need to repair their credit first before the mortgage broker will be able to help them.  People need to educated themselves about credit, credit repair, credit scores, rebuilding credit, and credit reporting agencies.

We highly recommend that you visit Credit Fix Advisors and check out what will be the largest most informative credit repair website.  It has just launched and work is in progress but it will explain all about credit and the importance of credit repair and rebuilding your credit.

Sample Credit Dispute Letter On Credit Fix Advisors

If you have bad credit, you can hire a credit repair company or repair credit on your own.  At Credit Fix Advisors,  there are blogs that will explain to you how to repair your own credit.  Credit Fix Advisors has dozens, if not hundreds, of sample credit dispute letters for you to use to dispute your negative and derogatory credit items from your credit report.  A public credit Forum with association with Gustan Cho Associates will also be launched on Credit Fix Advisors.  Become a member on Credit Fix Advisors credit Forum and ask any credit or mortgage related questions.

Secured credit cards and unsecured credit cards

The best way to re-establish credit after a bankruptcy or foreclosure is by getting secured credit cards.  Secured credit cards is the easiest and fastest way to increase your credit scores.  The ideal amount of secured credit cards to get is 3.  Depending on how bad your credit report is, each secured credit card can increase your credit scores by 20 or more points.  You can get secured credit cards that report to all three major credit reporting agencies at Credit Fix Advisors by clicking .

Visit Credit Fix Advisors and write us a note to see how you like it.  It is a highly recommended free credit informational website.

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