$2,000 Paycheck Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Passed By The House

$2,000 Paycheck Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Passed By The House

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In this article, we will discuss and cover the coronavirus stimulus bill passed by the House. The House passed the $2,000 paycheck coronavirus stimulus bill on Monday. It now goes to the Senate for approval. However, many are expecting resistance from Senate Majority Leader Mitch O’Connell and a number of other Senate Republicans. The Republican-majority Senate approved the second coronavirus stimulus bill approved the initial coronavirus economic recovery bill with $600 per individual last week. However, President Donald J. Trump did an about-face when he got the bill for his signature. He said he does not agree with how little each individual eligible taxpayer is getting. $600 per individual taxpayer is nothing he said. Illegal aliens in the United States are getting more than legal taxpayers. President Donald Trump pretty much told Congress to increase the coronavirus stimulus payment to $2,000 per eligible taxpayer which is up from the $600 in the original proposal. Trump also said he was not happy with all the pork Democrats slid in the bill. The bill, which is over 5,500 pages, has a lot of foreign aid and other wasteful aid. President Trump was not a sucker and caught the billions of wasteful taxpayer money going overseas to help foreign countries that are not even allied with the U.S.

$2,000 Paycheck Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Passed By The House: President Trump Warned Pork Needs To Be Removed

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Democrats did not waste any time in trying to pull a fast one in the bill. Millions of dollars were squeezed in the bill for foreign aid which has nothing to do with the economic recovery from the COVID-19 financial crash. $10 million dollars was allocated to Pakistan’s transgender studies. So much pork in the bill which is very typical of the Democrats. As mentioned earlier, Pelosi and Schumer did not waste any time sneaking in billions of dollars of pork that has nothing to do with the COVID-19 economic recovery. Very typical of Democrats. President Trump strongly objects to foreign aid in the bill. The president announced he will send a redlined version of the bill that will mark all the items he wants to be removed. Democrats warned they will be resisting any cuts by Trump and want everything on the bill included and passed.

$2,000 Paycheck Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Passed By The House: Senate Will Not Approve

The foreign aid included in the bill has absolutely nothing to do with helping Americans and stimulating the U.S. economy due to the coronavirus economic crisis: Sneaking foreign aid that has nothing to do with helping Americans is nothing new for Democrats. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and dozens of other lawmakers are very sneaky like this in trying to sneak funding to aid their foreign allies for political favors and/or purposes. Including in the initial coronavirus, stimulus relief package was an aid to poorly run mismanaged financially irresponsible states like Illinois under the leadership of overly oversized overweight obese JB Pritzker.

Governors of Well Run States

President Trump and other governors of well-run financially stable states are livid at the thought of why the American people should bail out mismanaged cities and states like the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois. President Trump wants to see this removed. The House of Representatives did not waste any time in increasing the $600 to $2,000 for individual taxpayers. Both Democrats and Republicans have voted unanimously in favor of the $2,000 paycheck coronavirus stimulus money. As of today, Senate Majority Leader Mitch O’Connell said he is not budging on increasing the $600 for each taxpayer money.

Bi-Partisan Support For Larger Stimulus Money

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Democrats did not waste any time passing the $2,000 Paycheck increase from the initial $600. President Trump suggested to the House over the weekend that he has a problem signing the bill with only $600 going to Americans. He wanted to see at least $2,000. Democrats were united on whatever they did. As for Republicans, it is a different story. A lot of pressure is now on the Republican-controlled Senate to approve the $2,000 paycheck for Americans led by Majority Leader Mitch O’Connell. President Trump made it clear that he will not sign the $600 paycheck stimulus bill unless Congress increased the amount to $2,000. Mitch O’Connell did not make any lengthy press releases with regards to President Trump’s demands on the higher paycheck for Americans.

What Is Going On With Majority Leader Mitch O’Connell

Mitch O’Connell was one of the strongest supporters of President Donald J. Trump until the 2020 elections. Something is going on with Mitch O’Connell as well as a handful of Republicans where they are turning on President Trump. It is obvious Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have cheated in the 2020 elections with the help of Democrats. There is a large number of evidence of voter and election fraud in the key battleground states.

The two Republican senators from Georgia who are facing runoff elections on January 6th, 2020, David Perdue, and Kelly Loeffler, have said they both plan to fully back and support President Trump’s plan for the larger checks for Americans. Other Republican senators such as Missouri Senator Josh Hawley and Florida Senator Marco Rubio support the president on the large check amount for Americans. Senator Bernie Sanders said working-class Americans today are facing more struggles with their finances due to the economic impact the pandemic has caused and this larger stimulus money is needed. Sanders said that today’s economic situation in the United States is the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Americans are struggling as each day passes and Congress and the president should not let another day go by until the $2,000 checks have been sent to the American people.

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