How to qualify for a VA mortgage after excluding VA loans

Qualifying For VA Mortgage After Prior VA Loan Foreclosure

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This Article Is About Qualifying For VA Mortgage After Prior VA Loan Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a topic that most people don’t like to talk about.

  • However, it is far too common in the mortgage industry
  • Veterans are not exempt from foreclosures
  • It’s a proven fact that many do default on VA mortgages although they historically have a very low foreclosure rate
  • If and when veteran homeowners have defaulted on a VA loan, how does that affect your next VA loan
  • The answer is a bit tricky and it’s different for every situation

Entitlement On VA Mortgage After Prior VA Loan Foreclosure

VA Mortgage After Prior VA Loan Foreclosure

Every veteran gets a base entitlement of $36,000 once they have served the required time frame parameters.

  • Once veterans receive their entitlement they have what is considered full entitlement or $36,000
  • If veteran borrowers do foreclose on any home, their credit scores will suffer
  • The amount of drop of credit scores is usually at least 80 points and up to 165 points depending on the veterans credit profile
  • Of course, that credit score hit hurts but more importantly than a VA loan foreclosure, veteran homebuyers can lose entitlement
  • Entitlement dictates the amount the VA will guaranty for a new VA home loan
  • The number of entitlement veterans will lose after defaulting on a VA loan depends on how much money the U.S. Department Of Veteran Affairs lost during the VA foreclosure process
  • Veteran Home Buyers can always check their current certificate of eligibility (COE) to see exactly how much entitlement they have remaining

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VA Maximum Guarantee On VA Mortgage After Prior VA Loan Foreclosure

As of 2020, the VA has no maximum loan limits on VA loans. We will go over how the VA loan guarantee used to work prior to the new law where VA eliminated the maximum loan limit.

VA entitlement can be VERY confusing. In most counties. The VA max guaranty used to be $510,400.  VA used to guaranty 25% of that amount. With full entitlement of $36,000, the VA will repay up to $113,275 to the VA Mortgage Lender in the event of foreclosure. However, there is no longer a maximum VA loan limit on VA loans.

So let’s go over those case examples prior to the new law where there is no maximum VA loan limit on VA loans:

NOTE: Before veteran, borrowers are eligible to restore any amount of entitlement a two-year waiting period must elapse. Therefore, the VA does have a two-year waiting period after foreclosure and/or another housing event before veteran borrowers are eligible to enter into a VA loan.

  • In a county when the VA limit was $453,100 and you foreclosed on the VA loan
  • The VA loses $70,000
  • Now you have lost $70,000 of the total entitlement
  • In this example, the veteran homeowner has not repaid the VA any portion of their last entitlement

Veteran Borrower can still obtain another VA loan and here is how:

  • $113,275 (full entitlement) – $70,000 (entitlement lost) = $ 43,275 (remaining entitlement)

Since the VA guarantees 25% of borrowers can still qualify for a VA loan:

  • $43,275 * 4 = $173,100. Homebuyers now can buy a home with a max loan amount of $173,100 without a down payment

In this next example, we are still going to be in a county where the VA limit is $453,100.

  • This example the foreclosure lost the VA $25,000 and intern the veteran lost $25,000 of their entitlement
  • That portion of entitlement must be paid back to the VA, the veteran must fill out VA form 26–1880 and send you the Winston Salem eligibility center
  • They will then get back to you and explain how much you must repay to restore your full entitlement

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