Using Secured Credit Cards To Raise Credit Scores For Mortgage

This Article Is About Using Secured Credit Cards To Raise Credit Scores

For consumers who have bad credit and need to improve their credit scores to re-establish credit, secured credit cards are the best vehicle to the road for good credit. Secured Cards are the easiest and fastest way of improving credit to qualify for mortgage loans.

  • A bankruptcy or foreclosure can easily plummet credit scores by 150 points or more
  • One 30-day late payment will drop scores by at least 40 points
  • A late mortgage payment will drop credit scores by at least 70 points
  • A recent collection account on the credit report will drop credit scores by 60 points or more
  • Each hard pull credit inquiry will drop credit scores by 2 points or more
  • Consumers who have bad credit or no credit should start re-establishing credit with Secured Cards

The easiest and fastest way to reestablish credit and boost credit scores is by getting secured cards.

Why Secured Credit Cards?

It is going to be difficult for consumers with under 700 credit scores to get unsecured credit cards. Secured Credit Cards are a great bridge to raise credit scores to get to 700 plus credit scores in a rather short period of time.

  • Secured credits cards are just like any other unsecured credit cards
  • The only difference is that the secured credit card company will require a deposit from the consumer
  • Secured credit card companies will issue a credit limit equivalent to the amount of deposit
  • In the event, the secured credit card holder defaults with the payments, the secured credit card company will take the deposit
  • They will use that to offset the loss and close out the credit card account

In this article, we will cover and discuss how to raise credit scores with secured credit cards to qualify for a mortgage.

Re-Establishing Credit With Secured Credit Cards

How to restore credit using secured credit cards

Secured credit cards are a great way to establish new credit.

  • Consumers who had a bankruptcy, foreclosure, judgments, tax liens, and late payment histories will likely find it rather difficult in obtaining new credit
  • They need to re-establish credit and the chances are slim to none in getting approved for unsecured credit with bad credit
  • By getting secured credit cards, consumers will be able to establish credit
  • As time passes and the credit cards age, the consumer credit profile will be stronger
  • Secured credit cards report the card holder’s payment history to all three major credit reporting agencies
  • For consumers who are late with monthly secured credit cards payments, the late payments will be reported to credit bureaus

Late payments will stay on consumer credit reports for 7 years and will drop credit scores.

Where can I get secured credit cards?

There are many secured credit cards available either at your local bank or via an internet search.

  • Consumers can apply for secured credit cards here at
  • Or another great place consumers can get a selection of recommended secured credit cards researching the internet

Secured credit cards are the best tool for establishing credit and improving credit scores.

Applying For Mortgage With Low Credit Scores

How to apply for a low credit score mortgage

All mortgage loan programs have minimum credit score requirements.

Here are the minimum HUD Mortgage Guidelines to qualify for FHA Loans:

  • For a 3.5% down payment home purchase FHA Loan, HUD requires a 580 credit score
  • Mortgage Loan Applicants can qualify for FHA Loans with outstanding collections and charge off accounts without having to pay out the outstanding balances
  • FHA allows up to 46.9% DTI front end and 56.9% DTI back end
  • FHA allows multiple non-occupant co-borrowers

Cases Where Borrowers Do Not Meet Minimum FHA Credit Score Requirements

There are cases where borrowers or co-borrowers of FHA Loans do not quite meet the 580 credit score requirements.

  • Many borrowers do not understand why they have low credit scores when they have been paying all of their bills timely and make a good income
  • Most times for low credit scores is due to not having active revolving credit tradelines
  • By getting three secured cards with at least a $500 credit limit, consumers can boost credit scores substantially
  • Secured Cards are the fastest and easiest tool in boosting credit scores to qualify for mortgage loans

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