How To Sell Your Home Fast

Easy Tips That Work on How to Sell Your Home Fast

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This guide covers easy tips on how to sell your home fast. Despite high rates and soaring inflation, homes are still in demand, and prices are increasing. Do you want to know how to sell your home fast? Believe it or not but it is still a seller’s market. Getting a good, experienced real estate agent is the start of how to sell your home fast for top dollar. Few home sellers are equipped to sell their own homes (For Sale By Owner or FSBO). Those who try often find that they don’t understand marketing, don’t know how to price their own home, and lack time to show it during work hours or hold open houses on weekends. Ronda Butts, a dually licensed realtor and loan officer, says the following about selling your home fast:

There is nothing wrong with selling it yourself. Give yourself a specific amount of time, and then bring in a pro if you have not gotten into escrow yet. Listing with a professional real estate agent should speed up home selling. 

Just use an experienced and ethical pro with a good reputation. And choose someone who specializes in your area. A quick look at the For Sale signs should tell you who knows your community best.  Understand that you do not have to pay 6% to get good representation. Many experienced and capable agents work for full-service discount real estate brokerages. They charge less per sale but make it up in volume by doing a good job for a fair price. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss tips on how to sell your home fast and get top dollar.

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Research Recent Comparable Sales

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You do not have to spend thousands of dollars learning how to sell your home fast. Home sellers should research the homes that are nearby and similar to their homes to see what they are selling for. Here is what Alaina Phillips says about how to sell your home fast at top dollar in a sellers market:

Understand that the listing price and selling price are different. Listing prices are just what sellers hope to get. Selling prices are what they get—home appraisers base values on closed sales of the property and not the listing price.

Check out websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin and search for properties sold in your area that are similar to yours; lot size, square footage, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You can at least find out what the ballpark figure will be for your home’s value. You can also contact a few Realtors and see if they can do a market analysis on your property and see what their opinions are.

How To Sell Your Home Fast With Window Dressing

Before listing a home, make sure to remove all clutter both outside and inside. How to sell your home fast by taking care of the following tasks:

  • garbage cans are out of sight
  • kitchen is clean
  • no dirty dishes are lying around
  • toilet seats are down
  • all beds in all bedrooms are made
  • add floral arrangements in the kitchen and eating areas
  • paint the home if it needs it
  • make sure the lawn is mowed and shrubs and trees are trimmed

The exterior and entry are your only chance to make a good first impression. Don’t blow that opportunity with clutter, dirt, and weeds. Whether it is a seller or buyers market, how to sell your home fast is by window dressing it.

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How To Sell Your Home Fast Hosting an Open House

Hosting an open house can attract potential home buyers to visit the listed home and view all the details for themselves.Hosting an open house can attract potential buyers to visit the listed home and view all the details. Even with all of the internet technology today, the best seller is for the home buyer to see the product they are buying in person instead online. Be present at the open house to answer questions from potential home buyers. The home should be a move-in ready condition with no clutter. Ensure all lights are in working order and all appliances are in perfect condition. Remember that most home buyers will hire a home inspector to comb the property inside and out, so ensure everything is in working order.

Marketing Strategies on How To Sell Your Home Fast

Realtors can organize and host open houses and do the following:

  • send out mailers
  • set up landing pages for home
  • market home through social media outlets
  • list homes in local directories
  • list a property on Zillow and other real estate websites and network with other real estate agents.

Some real estate agents will also pay for advertising costs in major newspapers, websites, and magazines for maximum exposure. Other real estate agents will pay for staging your home, which can become quite costly. You need to feel comfortable with your real estate agent, so we highly recommend interviewing several real estate agents before you list your property and do your due diligence. A listing agreement with a real estate agent is a binding contract, so if you become unhappy with the services of the real estate agent you hired, you need to cancel the listing agreement for you to list your property with another real estate agent.

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