Tips On How To Sell Your Home Fast


Advice On How To Sell Your Home Fast

How To Sell Your Home Fast:

Many homeowners who were the victims of the 2008 Real Estate And Credit Collapse have not just had their hard owned home equity wiped out, but they had mortgage balances where it was higher than the value of their homes. These homeowners never in a million years realized that their home values will go back up and most of them thought that they were stuck in their homes for the rest of their lives. The great news is that home values have been escalating in all parts of the United States and some areas of Florida, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Michigan, and California have seen annual double digit appreciation year after year for the past several years. A perfect example is my parent’s home in Tampa, Florida. My folks purchased their home back in 2001 for $200,000 and invested over $80,000 in doing renovations and installing an inground pool, landscaping, custom mill work, and back in 2008, their home was valued at almost $400,000. After the market crash their property value dropped below the $200,000 mark. They planned on relocating to Colorado in 2008 but due to the real estate market crash, they thought that their dream of moving to Colorado would never be possible. Now, their home is now valued over $350,000 and still appreciating strong so they are planning in listing their property within the next several months and moving to Colorado. This is a common case scenario for many homeowners who were stuck in their homes due to having underwater mortgages but now since the real estate market has recovered can move on and be able to sell their home for a profit. How To Sell Your Home Fast is a question many homeowners have. There are certain tips and pointers on how to sell your home fast during today’s hot real estate market. Many areas, homes are selling the minute it is listed and in many parts of South Florida, sellers concessions is not even offered due to the major demand of home buyers and the large percentage of cash home buyers and real estate investors. The homes that are selling the minute it is listed are homes that have been prepped and priced accordingly. There are still homes that are on the market for many months and not selling during the hot real estate market so preparing on how to sell your home fast is important if you want a quick sale for the highest price.

How To Sell Your Home Fast: Pricing

Most homeowners think that by listing the home at a low price, it will sell fast. Pricing is one of the most important factor in selling your home quick. Homeowners can either try selling the home themselves by owner or can seek the services of a professional realtor. Depending on how fast you need to sell your home, you can try to sell your home yourself.  Listing it with a professional real estate agent will definitely speed up the home selling process due to the marketing expertise the realtor has but nothing is wrong to try to save some money and try selling it yourself.

You need to due research on the homes that are like and similar to your home and see what they are selling for. Listing price and selling price is different.  Home appraisers will go by the closed sales of the property and not the listing price.  Check out websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin and do a search of properties sold in your area that is similar to yours; lot size, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You can at least find out what the ball park figure will be of the value of your home. You can also contact a few realtors and see if they can do a market analysis on your property and see what their opinions are.

Window Dress Your Home

Prior to listing your home, make sure that you remove all clutter both outside and inside. Make sure that garbage cans are out of sight, kitchen is clean and no dirty dishes is laying around, toilet seats are down, all beds in all bedrooms are made, add floral arrangements in the kitchen and eating areas, paint the home if it needs it, and make sure that your lawn is mowed and shrubs and trees are trimmed.

How To Sell Your House Fast: Host Open House

Hosting an open house will attract potential home buyers to visit your home and view all the details for themselves. Even with all of the technology of the internet we have today, the best seller is for the home buyer to actually see the product they are buying in person instead online. Be present at the open house to answer questions to potential home buyers. Your home should be move in ready condition with no clutter.  Make sure that all lights are in working order and all appliances are in perfect condition.  Keep in mind that most home buyers will hire a home inspector who will comb your property inside and out so make sure that everything is in working order.

How To Sell Your Home Fast: Hiring A Realtor

The home seller is the person who pays for the real estate agent. Most realtors charge a 6% commission of the sales price of the home. On a $200,000 home, a 6% real estate agent’s commission is $12,000 which is quite amount of money. However, the key on how to sell your home fast is by hiring an aggressive professional real estate agent. Real Estate Agents are licensed professionals who know how to price a home right and have access to the latest and greatest marketing tools to sell your home fast. Real Estate Agents work 100% commission so if they do not sell your home, they do not get paid. Realtors can organize and host open houses, send out mailers, set up landing pages for your home, market your home through social media outlets, list your homes in local directories, list your property on Zillow and other real estate websites, and network with other real estate agents. Some real estate agents will also pay for advertisement costs on major newspapers, real estate websites, and real estate magazines for maximum exposure. Other real estate agents will pay for staging your home which can become quite costly. You need to feel comfortable with your real estate agent so I highly recommend that before you list your property, interview several real estate agents and do your due diligence. A listing agreement with a real estate agent is a binding contract so if you become unhappy with the services of the real estate agent you hired, you need to cancel the listing agreement in order for you to list your property with another real estate agent.

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