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Susie Scheuber One Amazing Realtor For Home Buyers And Sellers

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This Article Is About Susie Scheuber One Amazing Realtor For Home Buyers And Sellers


I am writing this blog to commend one of the finest real estate professionals on this planet, Susie Scheuber.
  • Susie was the listing agent for my borrower and we just had a closing on my client’s home yesterday
  • I normally do not have too much contact with the seller’s agent
  • This is the first time I had most of the dealings on a mortgage loan with a seller’s agent
  • This seller’s agent, Susie, turned out to be the savior of the home we closed yesterday
  • I will not mention any names nor the property to protect my borrower’s privacy

In this article, we will discuss and cover Susie One Amazing Realtor For Home Buyers And Sellers.

Taking Charge In Calming Buyers And Sellers

Which means taking responsibility for reassuring buyers and sellers

Gustan Cho Associates is a five-star national mortgage company:
  • The team at Gustan Cho Associates specialize in harder to finance mortgages
  • Gustan Cho Associates recently had this borrower we knew for a fact we could get him financed but just needed a little more time
  • It is a deal that the borrower had a Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • The wife was under foreclosure in their current home, just had recent overdrafts
  • Whatever bad credit you can possibly have, my client, had it
  • Things could have gone smoothly but on the eleventh hour, the deal was denied
  • The sellers were about to cancel the purchase contract
  • Susie was so understanding and she heard my game plan
  • She asked detailed questions
  • She went back to her sellers and explained the situation
  • The sellers were calling me to threaten to cancel the contract and I could not handle them
  • I asked Susie if she can please keep her sellers under control
  • I was under deep pressure
The buyer’s agent disappeared and I did not know who to turn to.

Susie Scheuber Takes Leadership Role

Long story short, Susie went well beyond the call of duty.
  • I gave her hourly updates on the situation
  • She then, in turn, took charge and informed the sellers and attorneys for both sides
  • When I needed conditions such as termite inspection report for FHA at the very last minute, Susie took charge and got it from me within 90 minutes of the request
She kept panicked sellers totally under control as well as panicked attorneys.  She was the Real Estate Whisperer.

Experience And Knowledge Is Key When Hiring A Real Estate Agent

Why experience and knowledge are key when hiring a real estate agent

I cannot list all the qualities Susie Scheuber has on this email.
  • It will be too long
  • Her professionalism, character, and knowledge impressed me so much that I have referred several of my clients to her
  • Actually, one of them is about to sign a $2.75 million dollar listing with her in the next few days
  • There are no words to express the gratitude I have for this fine real estate professional on how she quarterbacked a very potentially hostile situation
  • She saved me countless hours by being the liaison for all parties involved and keeping a situation where emotions run high under control
If it weren’t for Susie, this deal would have been dead!!!

Susie Scheuber Makes 8311 Seaton, Joliet, Illinois HAPPEN!!! EVERYONE IS HAPPY!!!!

 I have never met such a superstar and never knew such real estate professionals existed today.
  • I have been a real estate investor with over 3,000 residential units besides being a mortgage broker and have dealt with hundreds of realtors
  • Not one came close to realtor Susie
  • Hands down, Susie is the best of the very best realtor I have ever met and will ever meet!!! 
  • If you are a home buyer or home seller, Susieis your realtor of choice
  • I GUARANTEE YOU that you will not be disappointed
  • Susie is a straight shooter who will not just sell your house but will make the deal happen from the time you sign the real estate contract to the last minute of your real estate closing
  • She will make sure everyone on the real estate transaction team is on board and will handle any panic situation or any misunderstanding
Thank you Susie for making this deal happen and thank you for being level headed and weighing the pros and cons and giving the deal a chance to close.  Everyone worked so hard that it would have been a waste of everyone’s time to have emotions override the facts.  Susie made it happen and she will be my realtor of choice in referring my pre-approved mortgage clients. If you need to contact Super Star Susie Scheuber, Susie can be reached at  Susie is also a Premier Realtor on Zillow.  Check out all of Susie Scheuber’s reviews and listings at

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