Role Of Property Manager

Role Of Property Manager And Responsibilities To Landlords

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This BLOG On Role Of Property Manager And Responsibilities To Landlords Was UPDATED On November 2nd, 2018

What is the role of the property manager and the obligations of the owners

Most property managers work for larger companies. The role of property manager is to keep the property safe, tenants happy, and collect rent on time:

  • They are placed on site
  • Their role is to see to the needs of the tenants
  • Also ensuring that rents are collected timely
  • Property Managers are responsible that every tenant gets the quiet enjoyment they deserve
  • It’s often a tricky path to walk
  • But with a list of reliable vendors, your job is made that much easier
  • Whether the responsibility falls on you to choose those vendors and/or contractors or the ultimate decision rests with the property management company you work for
  • Need to be able to discern which vendors are reliable
  • You want to get what your boss is paying for, don’t you? 

Here are three tips on finding those vendors.

Weeding Through Customer Reviews 

This has been a bone of contention for a number of years now.

  • Altogether too many companies pay for customer reviews by hiring talented copywriters
  • It may take some doing
  • Eventually, you will learn to sort the wheat from the chaff to determine which are authentic and which are nothing more than sales copy

Always beware of language that doesn’t sound like common everyday vernacular and if it is to ‘spicy’, it’s probably the product of a paid service.

Understand That You Can’t Always Trust a BBB Rating 

Why you can't always trust the BBB rating

This is one of the most difficult concepts for property managers to internalize.

  • Just because a company has a great rating on the BBB website, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are a reputable concern
  • In fact, one web development team found a company with a greater than 86% negative customer reviews in conjunction with an A+ rating on the BBB site
  • How can that be? 
  • There are several ideas being thrown around and to find what many people believe
  • Take a few moments to read the amazingly informative Home Advisor reviews

As a property manager, this is something you will want to read and digest before signing up for local contractor referrals.

Role Of Property Manager Is To Network with Other Property Management Companies 

Even if you like what you’ve found so far when researching vendors, you might want to network with other property managers.

  • This is probably the most reliable way to find vendors and contractors who provide the services they claim to offer and have better than average customer service
  • You can always contact other property management teams in your area or attend regional conferences to set up a network
  • It really does pay to share your experiences
  • This is because of all the scams (like the one referenced above) that don’t perform as promised

Remember, as a property manager you really have two bosses! One would be the company you work for. The other would be the tenants who rent those properties. The role of property manager is often the liaison between the two and when an issue arises. Both the customer and the property management company expect a timely response. For this reason, it is vital that you find reliable vendors and build a working relationship with them. Just remember – beware of scams! 

Role Of Property Manager is also to complete and sign a verification of rent from tenants who are vacating the property to purchase homes.

This BLOG On Role Of Property Manager And Responsibilties To Landlords Was UPDATED On November 2nd, 2018

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