Will Removing Negative Items To Qualify For Mortgage Work?

Tips In Removing Negative Items To Qualify For Mortgage

Removing negative items to qualify for mortgage is recommended in certain circumstances but not all circumstances. We will discuss the pros and cons in removing negative items to qualify for mortgage through credit repair on this blog article post. Credit Repair does take time and consumers who have bad credit and a lot of negative accounts may try to start a credit repair program well in advance of buying a home. There are hundreds of thousands of credit repair companies and like all industries, you need to do your do diligence and choose the right credit repair consultant to hire in repairing your credit. Often times I get asked whether credit repair work. Credit repair does work but not all derogatory items can be deleted. I have personally seen credit repair consultants remove public records such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, short sales, judgments, tax liens, student loan collection accounts, and delinquent child support accounts. The older the derogatory credit tradeline is, the easier it is to have it removed. Delinquent credit items that are recent are extremely difficult to get removed off the credit report. We are not going to get into how to remove negative derogatory credit items on this article but will be discussing on what kind of credit repair work and removing negative items to qualify for mortgage loans.

Removing Negative Items To Qualify For Mortgage And Credit Disputes In Mortgage Process

If you are planning in qualifying for a mortgage loan right away, credit repair is not recommended because you cannot have credit disputes during mortgage process. Any non-medical collection account disputes with balances and charge off account credit disputes are not allowed during the mortgage process. The credit disputes needs to be retracted and removed off the credit report in order for the mortgage loan process to continue. By retracting the credit disputes, it will lower your credit scores but the credit scores will eventually go back up over time. Credit repair companies dispute negative credit items to the three credit reporting agencies to try to get the negative reporting items deleted off the consumer’s credit report. Once the credit bureaus receives the credit disputes, the credit bureau will contact the creditor in question and the creditor has 30 days to respond back with the validity of the consumer credit dispute. If the creditor does not get back to the credit bureaus within 30 days, the credit reporting agencies needs to remove the derogatory items off the consumer’s credit report by federal law.

Consumers need to understand that they can qualify for FHA Loans with unpaid outstanding collection accounts without having to have them paid off. Consumer’s also needs to realize that by removing derogatory credit items that are older and aged will not necessarily improve the consumer’s credit scores. The older the derogatory credit item is, the less of an impact the derogatory item has on a consumer’s credit scores. Removing older collection accounts with balances is a good idea for home loan borrowers with higher debt to income ratios because mortgage lenders will use 5% of the unpaid outstanding collection account balance as a monthly debt in debt to income ratio calculations. Larger outstanding collection accounts can be an issue with borrowers with higher debt to income ratios. Having larger collection accounts with outstanding balances, the mortgage lender will not be able to take the 5% of the outstanding collection balance to calculate debt to income ratios because it is no longer on the credit report.

Charge off accounts do not matter with FHA Loans. However, if the mortgage loan borrower wants to have the charge off accounts removed, they should do so long ahead of when they are planning on applying for a mortgage loan because credit disputes on charge off accounts are not allowed during mortgage process.

Removing Negative Items To Qualify For Mortgage: Judgments And Public Records

Removing Negative Items To Qualify For Mortgage works and a creative credit repair company can remove derogatory negative credit items such as collection accounts, charge off accounts, late payment accounts, tax liens, child support payments, student loans, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and short sales. Removing collection accounts and charge offs will work and creditors cannot find out about it if the negative collection accounts and charge offs are deleted off the consumer’s credit reports. However, those consumers who get public records removed such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, tax liens, and judgments off their credit report, this will not fly with mortgage lenders because all mortgage lenders will do a third party national search during the QC Underwriting Review process. Non public records such as outstanding collection accounts, late payments, and charge off account are okay with credit repair but public records deletions will not work with mortgage lenders.

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