Recommended Lender By Realtors Due To Its No Lender Overlays Policy

Recommended Lender By Realtors Due To Its No Lender Overlays Policy

Gustan Cho Associates are mortgage brokers licensed in 48 states

This Article Is About Recommended Lender By Realtors Due To Its No Lender Overlays Policy 

In this article, we will be covering and discussing the recommended lender by realtors and why real estate agents loves the team at Gustan Cho Associates. If you are a real estate professional, you understand how competitive and cutthroat this business is. Stress levels are through the roof with mortgage qualifications and all the moving parts associated with buying a home. Anybody who says your job is easy simply does not understand all you do. We have the utmost respect for realtors and all that they do for their clients. In this article, we will detail the reasons why realtors love us and continue to use us after their first transaction with Gustan Cho Associates. We will discuss Recommended Lender By Realtors and why Gustan Cho Associates is the lender of choice.

Out Of State Recommended Lender By Realtors

When realtors hear the term “out-of-state lender”, we do understand why you cringe. Many out-of-state lenders are not familiar with the mortgage process. Gustan Cho Associates is not a call center or a large-scale loan officer farm. We are a small group of highly skilled mortgage professionals. We strive to be up to date on ALL mortgage guidelines. Gustan Cho Associates do not have any LENDER OVERLAYS to get in our way of helping our clients. Gustan Cho Associates is a full-service mortgage lender with all Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, FHA, VA, USDA, and NON-QM mortgage products. Chances are we have more mortgage products available than the loan officer you’re currently working with. This gives us the ability to close more loans and help more families across the nation.

Why Gustan Cho Associates Is The Lender Of Choice

Any loan officer can help a client with a 780-credit score and a 20% down payment. There’s not much to that mortgage process. But let’s be honest, that is not the majority of Americans. There are times where extenuating circumstances happen to the best of us.  As the average cost of a home rises throughout the nation, down payment seems to be one of the largest hurdles Americans need to jump over before achieving their dream of homeownership. This is the reason Gustan Cho Associates have signed up with numerous down payment assistance programs available in the majority of states we are licensed in. Many local lenders have overlays on key components of mortgage lending such as debt to income ratios. Not a day goes by where we do not receive a phone call from a client who has been turned down for debt to income ratio. Since we do not have any lender overlays, we can usually go all the way up to 56.99% back and debt to income ratio on all of our FHA mortgage products. Depending on the automated underwriting system, we can go even higher on VA mortgages.

Realtor Marketing Partnership And Why We Are The Recommended Lender By Realtors

Realtor Marketing Partnership

Many lenders have a maximum debt to income at 50%. This alone helps us serve more families!

Once a realtor starts working with Gustan Cho Associates, they learn more and more about how we conduct business. We have a full-time marketing team who helps create custom flyers for open houses or other useful marketing tools. These can be realtor or loan officer specific or co-branded. This is a low-cost marketing option for everybody. To stay RESPA compliant, the cost will be split 50-50. At the end of the day, a realtor needs to find a loan officer who they can trust to take care of their clients. This is why realtors come back to Gustan Cho Associates for their mortgage needs. We strive for customer service.

The team at Gustan Cho Associates is available seven days a week, mornings and evenings. Communication is key between all parties. We train our loan officers to keep both buying and listing agents up-to-date on the purchase process. This is the ultimate way to make a transaction as smooth as possible. It is imperative to have constant communication throughout every milestone of the purchase process. It is important for all of our borrowers to know exactly what they are signing and what each document means in detail. A borrower should not be asking their realtor questions about mortgage financing, that is our job!

National Five Star Direct Lender With No Overlays Is The Reason Why Gustan Cho Associates Is The Recommended Lender By Realtors

As mentioned earlier in this article, we are a smaller company, on purpose! Quality over quantity. We have employees who have worked for large mortgage conglomerates where each client is treated like a number as if you are waiting in line at the deli. That customer service is not what your client deserves. Everybody involved in the transaction will have the loan officers’ cell phone number, so they are only a call or text message away for any questions. Our systems will send you an automated email during each step of the mortgage process, but we go one step above that. A personal touch is something lost in this digital age. Our staff is trained to call both the selling and listing agents throughout the process with updates. As a realtor, ask yourself this question; how many recent transactions have you had where you had no idea where the buyer was in the mortgage process?  Chances are if the answer is way more than one. That will not be the case with Gustan Cho Associates.

Over 75% Of Our Borrowers Are Home Buyers Who Could Not Qualify At Other Lenders

Over 75% Of Our Borrowers Are Home Buyers Who Could Not Qualify At Other Lenders

Being a realtor, when your client is denied, it is a tough pill to swallow. Not only because you will not receive your commission, but because you have formed a personal relationship with these clients. You want nothing more than them to find the home of their dreams. Realtors call us directly almost every single day asking if we can save the day for their client’s denial. While we cannot promise we will save every transaction, we will do our best to help your client. If they are not qualifying due to a lender overlay, we step in and save the day and CLOSE in a timely fashion. If for some reason your client cannot qualify based on program guidelines, we set up a custom financial plan to help them qualify as soon as possible. While they are working on credit issues or saving down payment, we keep you up-to-date on where they are in their process. That way when they are ready to go, they are not finding another realtor. This business is too competitive to let any client go.

Join Our Partnership Team To Help Home Buyers Realize The American Dream Of Homeownership

Please reach out to Mike Gracz, National Sales Manager of Gustan Cho Associates at (800) 900-8569. You may also email for more information. Mike will take the time to talk further about your specific situation. Many times, when clients are turned down, we are able to get them closed. Depending on the loan product, many times the appraisal can be transferred over to us saving your client time and money. Nothing is worse than missing a closing date or having your client be denied. We understand this business and are here to help seven days a week.

Our company efforts in the calendar year of 2022 is to expand the states that we are licensed in. If for some reason the state where you conduct business is not on our licensed state list, we still encourage you to reach out for advice. We work with a few guest writers for our website who are licensed in other states. Many times, they are able to assist.

The real estate industry is a customer service-oriented business. Just like any other industry, there are professionals and amateurs. We are professionals and are highly trained on all mortgage products. Our highly skilled loan officers are ready to help your client close on their mortgage transaction. We look forward to hearing from you!

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