Qualifying For FHA Loans With Bad Credit And Collections

This BLOG On Qualifying For FHA Loans With Bad Credit And Collections Was UPDATED On July 13, 2017

Advice On Qualifying For FHA Loans With No Lender Overlays

FHA loans are mortgage loans that is originated by banks and private mortgage lenders.

  • The United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is the parent of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).
  • FHA has nothing to do with the origination and funding of FHA Loans.
  • The mission and role of FHA is to guarantee FHA Approved Banks and Private Lenders in the event FHA Borrowers default on their FHA Loans.
  • FHA will insure the lender on the loss due to borrower default.
  • However, in order for FHA to insure FHA home loans, banks and lenders need to follow FHA Guidelines.

About FHA Home Loans

  • FHA loans are more popular now than ever.
  • FHA Home Loans is a great home loan program of making the dream of home ownership available to first time home buyers and those who have had prior bad credit.
  • Qualifying For FHA Loans have much more lenient qualifying standards than conventional loans.
  • Borrowers with high debt to income ratio can qualify for FHA loans where otherwise they could not have qualified for other loan programs like conventional loans.

Not All FHA Lenders Have Same Guidelines

Every mortgage lender have different mortgage lending guidelines for FHA loans.

  • One mortgage lender might require a minimum credit score of 640 FICO for their FHA Loans mortgage borrowers while others might have a 620 FICO requirement. 
  • FHA minimum credit score requirements for 3.5% down payment FHA Mortgages is 580.
  • There are FHA loans mortgage lenders that will even take a mortgage loan borrower with FICO scores as low as 500 FICO. 
  • Borrowers who get denied by a mortgage lender for a FHA insured mortgage loan due to lender overlays can qualify for FHA Loans with a FHA Lender with no lender overlays.
  • Every mortgage lender has different overlays when it comes to approving FHA loans.
  • The Gustan Cho Team has no lender overlays on government and conventional loans.

Qualifying For FHA Loans With Outstanding Collections And Judgments

There are mortgage lenders that will approve mortgage loan borrowers who have open and unpaid collections.

  • Most mortgage lenders will not approve anyone who has an unsatisfied civil judgment due to lender overlays on collections.
  • HUD Guidelines on collections and charge off accounts do not require that borrowers need to pay outstanding collections and charge offs to qualify for FHA Loans. 
  • Judgments and Tax Liens need to be addressed.
  • Borrowers need to either have a written payment agreement with judgment creditor and/or IRS with three months of payment history.
  • Borrowers can pay off the outstanding judgment and/or tax liens at or prior to closing.
  • A payment agreement will be required and copies of cancelled checks for borrowers with judgments and/or payment agreements with judgment creditors and/or Internal Revenue Service.

Qualifying For FHA Loans With High Debt To income Ratio

There are many folks who have great credit and have great income but a lot of debts.

  • I have seen mortgage loan borrowers with credit scores of over 800 FICO and long job longevity but could not qualify for a conventional mortgage loan but qualify for FHA loans due to higher debt to income ratios.. 
  • Fannie Mae caps debt to income back end ratio at 45%. 
  • Freddie Mac caps DTI at 50%.
  • HUD Guidelines On DTI is 46.9% front end and 56.9% back end to get an approve/eligible. 
  • On cases like these, conventional loan borrowers need to turn to FHA loans.

2017 UPDATE On Qualifying For FHA Loans

Many changes has happened with FHA Loan Programs from the time this mortgage blog article was written and published.

  • When this mortgage blog article post was published, the maximum FHA Loan Limit was $410,000. 
  • Now the FHA Loan Limit has gotten reduced to $275,665 in most areas in the United States except for high cost areas. 
  • Many areas in California are deemed high cost areas and the loan limits in most counties in California is $636,150 for FHA Loans. 
  • In Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, FHA Loan Limits are at $365,700 for single family units. 
  • Areas of Chicago that have FHA Loan Limits of $365,700 for single family units are Cook County, Will County, McHenry County, Lake County, and DuPage County.

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