Coronavirus Pandemic Impact On Lenders

Coronavirus Pandemic Impact On Lenders And Borrowers

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In this blog, we will cover and discuss the coronavirus pandemic impact on lenders and borrowers. Gustan Cho Associates encourage our readers to take the necessary precautions to keep themselves and their loved ones as safe as possible during these times of uncertainty. This worldwide pandemic is something I have never seen in my lifetime. This blog is written to keep our readers informed on the coronavirus and how it is affecting our mortgage team. It is impossible to fully disconnect from the chaos going on around the world. Every time I watch the news, there is a new COVID-19 update. This blog will bring our readers up to speed on where we stand as of the morning of March 21st, 2020. (updates will continue). In this article, we will discuss and cover the Coronavirus Pandemic Impact On Lenders, especially Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group.

Coronavirus Pandemic Impact On Lenders And The Mortgage Process

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Gustan Cho Associates is currently leading our operation via telecommunications. We have taken the government’s warning seriously since day one. Our entire operations team has been working remotely for over a week now. Of course, this can slow productivity due to outside distractions. Our team is doing its best to make the adjustment as smooth as possible.

Coronavirus Pandemic Impact on Lenders and Mortgage Industry

Please understand that many of our team members have families of their own and are adjusting to working while being attentive to their loved ones. As you know, the mortgage process has many people involved to get a loan from contract to closing. You have realtors, appraisers, processors, underwriters, loan officers, closers, title companies, and even final investors, all with key tasks to fund a mortgage. This requires everybody working and doing their part., which can be incredibly difficult in times like this. Gustan Cho Associates’ latest COVID-19 announcement.

Coronavirus Pandemic Impact On Lenders, Wholesale Investors, Secondary Markets

A few observations we have seen from our mortgage affiliates. A temporary freeze or change in guidelines is NON-QM mortgage products. As you know, NON-QM mortgage products are very important to our borrowers. We specialize in these mortgage products and offer them to many of our clients. In times like this, when the economy is uncertain, quick adjustments have been put in place.

Non-QM Wholesale Mortgage Lenders Are Uncertain About Their Future

Non-QM Wholesale Mortgage Lenders Are Uncertain About Their Future

Some of our NON-QM investors have suspended any new NON-QM mortgage applications and others have tightened up their guidelines. For example, one of our investors changed their guidelines overnight to require a minimum 680 credit score with a 20% down payment to qualify for any of their mortgage products. This is a dramatic change from previous guidelines which allowed credit scores all the way down to 500.

Mortgage Operations of Some Non-QM Lenders

Other investors have stopped accepting new applications altogether. Mainly this is because most of the NON-QM mortgage products are geared towards self-employed borrowers who are feeling this chaos in a hard way. With most businesses being closed, it is impossible to generate a revenue stream. This may change how income is calculated on mortgage products moving forward because we do not know how long these borrowers will be unable to work. Moving forward, on a 12-month bank statement loan, a borrower is going to have a few low-income months due to this outbreak. Future NON-QM mortgage guidelines may remove these few months from income calculations. As we learn more, we will continue to keep you updated.

Government Regulations And State Of Emergencies

We have seen states such as California take extreme measures to keep their citizens safe. Governor Gavin Newsom called for a “STAY HOME” order for their nearly 40 million residents. When you see the largest state in the nation (based on population) call for something this traumatic, things are serious. Any effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 needs to be taken seriously.

Coronavirus Pandemic Impact on Lenders and Delay of Funding

Coronavirus Pandemic Impact on Lenders and Delay of Funding

This may delay mortgage funding because state and local governments may be forced to stay at home. If a mortgage is not recorded with the county, it does not fund in the state of California. It is unclear if other states will follow suit, but my predictions will show a slowdown in the mortgage market. If title companies close, this will cause a delay in mortgage funding. There is so much uncertainty in these times.

Loan Level Pricing Adjustments And Mortgage Rate Locks

Rate locks:

  • Interest rates have been a sensitive subject in these economic times
  • With the announcement of the FEDERAL RESERVE cutting the short term interest rate, mortgage rates took a dip and then skyrocketed
  • Investors are doing everything they can to stay competitive
  • However, many of them are no longer accepting 30-day mortgage locks
  • Most of our investors will not allow us to lock your interest rate until you are approved through underwriting and have a completed appraisal
  • Announcements like this let us know we are in tough economic times

Something we have not seen in over 10 years!

Coronavirus Pandemic Impact On Lenders And Third-Party Vendors

Most of our affiliates such as appraisal management companies, title companies, investors, and banks have issued similar COVID-19 announcements like Gustan Cho Associates’ above. Every employee who can possibly work from home is currently doing so to help curb the outbreak of the coronavirus. This virus currently has Americans on edge.

Coronavirus Pandemic Impact  on Lenders and Business

Coronavirus Pandemic Impact  on Lenders and Business

It is estimated that our economy has already lost close to 10 trillion dollars and can cost as much as 20 trillion dollars to bounce back. This is an absurd amount of money to think about. With the majority of States closing schools, restaurants, bars, and social gatherings it can be difficult to generate revenue. There is no telling what happens to the mortgage industry and mortgage guidelines going forward. We will continue to keep you updated on any announcement from the major agencies such as FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MACFHA, and VA.

Is Social Distancing Becoming the New Norm?

We want to remind our readers one last time that safety is our main concern. Please do everything you can to keep your family safe such as social distancing and washing your hand. I know you’ve heard this like a broken record but it is important. We all must do our part to get out of these dark times as soon as possible. Gustan Cho Associates will still be available seven days a week. Feel free to call Mike Gracz on 630-659-7644 or send an email to with any COVID-19 or general mortgage questions. Our thoughts and prayers are with those throughout the world who are currently fighting the vicious Coronavirus!

Coronavirus Pandemic Impact on Lenders: Important message from Alex Carlucci:

While our team is working hard to plan and direct their professional and personal lives during this uncertain time, I would like to update you on what we are doing as a business regarding COVID-19. As our part in caring for our staff, community, and customers we recommend all Mortgage Loan Originators work remotely until April 1, 2020. This should not impact you as an employee due to all full-time employees have been provided with company laptops and docking stations. Please refrain from having in-office customer visits. At this uncertain time, we need to keep a minimal amount of people in the office. For all operations staff, Business as usual. Although, if you would like to work a few days a week from home for the next couple of weeks I will approve this, email me direct for approval. Our customers are relying on us to finance the purchase of new homes, refinance current loans, and take advantage of the current low rates. I am happy to report that COVID-19 is not impacting our loan process at this time. Gustan Cho Associates are experiencing an influx of loan volume coming in so we are doing what we can to bring on more staff to help accordingly. If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to me direct at

Our operations and support staff will still be working as usual. However, if they can work from home, it is strongly encouraged. Our offices at Gustan Cho Associates will be open but will limited personnel.

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