Tips In Preparing To Sell Your Home

Once you have decided to sell your home and move on to purchase another home, preparing to sell your home should be carefully thought out so you can sell it for top dollar and sell it quickly.  Most well shown homes that is rightly priced should sell in the first 90 days or less.  Once a home is listed on the market for 90 or more days, it will take harder to sell your home so before you list your home, you need to disassociate yourself from your home and think as a third party and a sales person.  You need to think your home not as a home but as a house, a product.  Emotions should not come into play and face the fact that once you made up your decision that you will sell you house, be in a neutral frame of mind.

Remove Clutter Both Inside And Outside Of Your Home When Preparing To Sell Your Home

Clutter in a home makes a home look smaller than it is and is a major negative.  If you have items that you do not need, you can always donate it to Good Will or order a dumpster and throw it away.  Remove all picture frames that is hung on the walls and just leave a select few.  If you have tons of books on bookshelves, remove most of them and just leave a few.  All knick knacks should be removed and packed away.  The kitchen counters should be free of all debris and clean.  All essential items should not be left in view and should be contained in a separate plastic storage box out of view and when used should be put away.  Don’t procrastinate in having the home in top tip shape and clean up when your realtor calls you that there will be a showing.  Be prepared that the home buyer can walk in at any minute.

Rearrange Your Home Furniture

Keep in mind that home buyers will look at every square foot of your home.  They will look at all of the bedrooms in your home and inspect your closets especially.  Closets and cabinets that have been properly arranged and are clutter free shows extremely well and shows the home buyer that the homeowner has taken care of the home well.  The kitchen cabinets should be neatly arranged and free of dirty dishes and the garbage cans should always be trash free.

Renting Storage Unit

Sometimes renting a storage unit for $100 per month is probably the best investment you can make when preparing to sell your home.  Furniture and items that you will use on your next home should be packed and stored away.  Only keep the basic essentials that you need day to day in your home.  If you have a bunch of yard equipment that you do not need, pack them up and store it.  Extra furniture should be taken out of the home and stored in the storage unit.  The less clutter the better.

Do Repairs Prior To Listing Your Home

If you want top dollar for your home and want your home to show well so it sells faster than your competition, you need to do a complete walk through of your home and see what minor repairs needs done.  Look for holes on walls, cracked drywall, broken tiles, floor damage, leaky faucets, broken glass, doors and windows that do not work properly, broken fixtures, replace burned out light bulbs, and make sure all appliances are cleaned and in working order.  Windows should be sparkling clean, both inside and outside.  If you have carpeting, make sure the carpeting has been thoroughly shampooed.  If tiles or hardwood flooring, make sure it has been completely cleaned, mopped, and waxed if necessary.  Painting does not cost too much and a fresh coat of paint will do wonders.

Complete Cleaning Your Home

Your home should be detailed prior to listing your home.  Pressure wash the exterior of your home.  Pressure wash your driveway and do a complete clean out of your garage.  Re-caulk tubs, shower areas, and sinks.  Make sure that all chrome faucets and mirrors are polished.  Make sure your refrigerator and freezer is free from old stinky food.  Dust all furniture, light fixtures, and ceiling fans and plan on vacuuming every day and dust every day.  If you own a cat, make sure the litter box is cleaned out every day.

Landscaping And Exterior

Your exterior needs to be in better than perfect shape.  Curb appeal is probably the most important of all aspects when preparing to sell your home.  Your driveway should be pressured washed and cleared of any debris such as an old project car, bikes, kids toys, lawn equipment, or any other clutter.  Sidewalks and walkways should be clear of debris.  If you have garden hose, make sure it is properly rolled up and neatly stacked.  Make sure you mow your yard and trim the hedges every week or as needed.  Trim your bushes and pick up leaves and tree branches.  Invest a few dollars and plant some shrubs, flower beds, and mulch around the trees.  This investment in landscaping will go a long way.  A very long way.

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