Lenders Offering Non-QM Loans After Foreclosure And Bankruptcy

Lenders Offering Non-QM Loans After Foreclosure And Bankruptcy

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This BLOG On Lenders Offering Non-QM Loans After Foreclosure And Bankruptcy Was Written By Michael Gracz of Gustan Cho Associates

Lenders Offering Non-QM Loans After Foreclosure And Bankruptcy

Let’s first discuss the definition of qualified mortgages or QM loan and Lenders Offering Non-QM Loans After Foreclosure And Bankruptcy:

Lenders Offering Non-QM Loans After Foreclosure And Bankruptcy are residential portfolio mortgage lenders. Not all lenders offer non-QM home loans. Michael Gracz of Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group is one of the few national Lenders Offering Non-QM Loans After Foreclosure And Bankruptcy:

  • A qualified mortgage or a QM loan, simply means the loan must follow a set of standards put in place by the consumer financial protection bureau or CFPB
  • A QM loan must document the consumer is able to repay the loan, it must follow the ATR rule
  • The loan terms must be safe for the borrower and lastly, the terms of the loan need to be easy to understand
  • These loans cannot have any harmful loan features such as Balloon payments, negative amortization, terms over 30 years, or interest-only payments

In this article, we will cover and discuss Lenders Offering Non-QM Loans After Foreclosure And Bankruptcy.

What Are NON- QM Loans?

A NON- QM loan is a loan that does not have to follow the agency guidelines.

  • Such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, and FHA guidelines
  • These loan instruments are able to operate outside of your typical mortgage lending guidelines put in place
  • Even the consumer financial protection bureau has stated if a loan is not a QM loan, it can still be an appropriate loan

There are many different NON-QM loan products available such as the following:

  • bank statement loans
  • asset depletion loans
  • foreign national loan programs
  • other types of alternative financing

These loans are available for owner-occupied properties, second homes, and even investment properties.

Types Of Borrowers Benefiting From Lenders Offering Non-QM Loans

What are the types of borrowers using non-QM loans

NON-QM loans are available for anybody who would like to use one but they are really geared towards self-employed borrowers and borrowers who have recently had financial struggles.

  • Many self-employed borrowers find themselves not able to qualify for a home they would like to live in due to tax write-offs or deductions
  • The bank statement loan program could be a life-changing loan for their family
  • Many Americans faced financial hardships throughout the late 2000s and early 2010s
  • A large number of these people cannot buy homes with FHA or conventional loan programs
  • This is usually due to seasoning requirements from bankruptcies (backlink BK blog), foreclosures, short sales, or even a deed-in-lieu
  • There are loan programs available one day after a foreclosure!
  • There is light at the end of the tunnel
  • Thousands of Americans cannot refinance their homes due to late payments, or move into a bigger home due to a few late payments
  • I would strongly encourage those to check out a NON- QM loan product
  • These loans are not permanent!
  • Most NON- QM loans do not have a pre-payment penalty
  • It is very common for a self-employed borrower to buy a home with a NON- QM loan and over the next few years file taxes with fewer deductions, and then refinance into an agency loan
  • I like to call this a bandaid loan

For example, here is a case scenario:

  • if you had a foreclosure 6 months ago
  • but do not want to wait for the three-year seasoning requirement before buying a home with an FHA loan
  • or even four to seven-year seasoning requirement for a conventional loan
  • they can use the NON-QM loan and complete a refinance once seasoning timeframe has elapsed

This is the most common use for NON-QM loans.

What can I expect during the NON- QM Mortgage process?

The NON-QM mortgage process is very very similar to a traditional standard mortgage process.

  • Borrowers complete a full loan application
  • Borrowers still need to pull a tri-merged credit report, provide assets for the down payment, and follow debt to income ratios
  • Borrowers will submit loan documents to loan officer just as they would for a QM Loan
  • At this point, the loan will get pre-approved
  • Once approved and borrowers can find a home, an appraisal is completed
  • Mortgage Applicants file will go through an underwriting process to confirm borrowers fit into the NON-QM loan program
  • The closing and funding of a NON- QM loan mirrors the closing and funding of traditional everyday mortgage
  • NON- QM loans still must follow all TRID timeframe requirements and disclosures

A NON- QM refinance will have the three days right to rescission time requirements before funding on all owner-occupied properties.

What Is Needed To Get Started With Lenders Offering Non-QM Loans

What Is Needed To Get Started With Lenders Offering Non-QM Loans

A NON-QM loan will require a 10% to 20% down payment. Down payment required on home purchase depends on borrowers credit scores:

  • The credit score requirement is much more relaxed than even an FHA loan
  • Loan programs are available with credit scores down to 500
  • Depending on the loan product that best fits borrowers situation, mortgage applicant will need to provide certain documentation
  • Such as using business bank statements to qualify for income, borrowers will need to send in 24 months of the business account
  • Borrowers using personal bank statements they only need 12 months personal statements
  • Many self-employed borrowers love the one-year tax return loan program (A blog to come on this topic)
  • This program is able to calculate borrowers income based on one year of IRS tax returns

Please reach out to Mike Gracz at (630) 659-7644 of Gustan Cho Associates to discuss what programs are available and which one will best fit your situation.

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