Jeanne Dominguez; Realtor of choice for first time home buyers

Jeanne Dominguez

Jeanne Dominguez: Illinois Realtor

If you are a first time home buyer, you may have many concerns on which realtor to choose.  All realtors are not created equal.  Many realtors work part time, while others prefer to work with seasoned home buyers so they do not have to hold their hands.  Yet, there are other realtors who have banker hours and takes them a few days to get back to you.

Jeanne Dominguez Specializes In Helping First Time Home Buyers

No worries , problem solved with Jeanne Dominguez.  Jeanne Dominguez specializes in helping first time home buyers realize their American dream of homeownership become a reality.  Jeanne is an Acrredited Buyer’s Representative.  What is a Buyer’s Representative?  An Acrredited Buyer’s Representative act as an advocate for the buyer, protecting their best legal and personal interests throughout the real estate transaction process.

Jeanne Dominguez Assists Home Buyers With Bad Credit

Jeanne Dominguez specializes in working with home buyers, espcially first time home buyers, by educating them throughout the home buying and mortgage process and helping them achieve their dreams come true!!!

Jeanne Dominguez: Expert Sellers Agent

Sellers have a realtor working hard representing them so why can’t  you, as a home buyer, have the same.  Jeanne Dominguez is the BEST home buyer’s representative you can ever have represent you.  Out of a five star scale, Jeanne Dominguez gets a HANDS DOWN 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeanne Dominguez, a Certified Distressed Property Expert

Jeanne Dominguez is a full time seasoned licensed realtor in Illinois who is based in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago and represents hundreds of municipalities and dozens of counties throughout Illinois.  Jeanne always takes pride in the service and commitment she offers her clients.  You are not just getting a realtor when you hire Jeanne Dominguez as your realtor but you are also getting a LIFELONG friend.  100% of all of Jeanne’s clients become lifelong family friends and receive the benefit  of inheriting a real estate expert to be part of  their family.

Jeanne Dominguez: Foreclosure And Short Sale Expert

In the past four years, and with today’s economic troubles, Jeanne Dominguez have been helping more and more families avoid foreclosure whenever possible by specializing in short sales and getting her certification as a Certified Distressed Property Expert.
Jeanne is excited  to share what she has mastered with her extensive training and obtained a specialized designation called the CDPE:  Certified Distressed Property Expert.

Jeanne Dominguez: CDPE

As a CDPE, she is a master and expert  in helping at risk families avoid foreclosure and preserve their financial futures as much as possible. There are currently over 1 million licensed Realtors in the United States, and less than 41,000 have earned this prestigious specialized designation!  Jeanne has always felt that her clients have appreciated her services, but believes her clients deserve more.  She is always studying the latest market news on real estate and mortgage financing.    Being armed with the prestigious CDPE designation, Jeanne Dominguez is prepared to help families under distress solve the foreclosure crisis one family at a time.

Jeannie Dominguez works closely with specialty mortgage lenders

Another great benefit that you get by working with Super Star Realtor Jeanne Dominguez is that she has extreme close relationships with specialty mortgage lenders.  Jeanne will qualify home buyers with lenders that specialize in the following:

1.  Credit scores as low as 530 FICO.

2. Prior bankruptcy and foreclosures.  There is a two year waiting period after the discharge of your bankruptcy and a three year waiting period after the recording date of a foreclosure.

3. Open collections, late payments, charge offs, judgments, and tax liens.

4. High debt to income ratio.  Most lenders have a cap of 40% debt to income ratio.  However, Jeanne Dominguez has access to mortgage lenders that can cap the debt to income ratio up to 56.9%.

5. Self employed individuals.

6. Home buyers on fixed income such as social security, disability, and pension income.

7.  Home buyers with little or bad credit and no credit tradelines.

8.  85% Loan to Value Jumbo Loans.

9. Condotel Financing.

10. 24 hour underwriting and 2 week closings.

11. Immediate pre-approvals and credit counseling 7 days per week.

Contact Jeanne Dominguez for all of your real estate needs

Are you a renter?  Do you want to know if you qualify for a home?  If you have income, you will qualify.  Contact Jeanne Dominguez today.

 You can contact Jeanne Dominguez at  Jeanne is available 7 days per week, including evenings and holidays.
Find the home of your dreams at!!!

Jeanne Dominguez Broker, ABR, CNC, CDPE, CIAS

Re/Max One Team 

Direct: 815-483-7488

Fax:     630-206-1038

If you know of anyone who is struggling in this economy, and perhaps facing foreclosure, please pass on Jeanne Dominguez’s name and number. There is hope and she can help.  CDPE :helping the foreclosure crisis by helping one homeowner at a time.
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