Illinois Mass Exodus

Illinois Mass Exodus Due To Jobs, Housing, Tax Policy

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This BREAKING NEWS ARTICLE Is About Illinois Mass Exodus Due To Jobs, Housing, Tax Policy

Economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic is not going too well for Illinoisans.

  • While other states are booming with faster than expected economic recovery from the coronavirus outbreak that hit the nation in February 2020, that is not the case for Illinois
  • Illinois is going backwards
  • Illinois, under the leadership of first term heavyset obese JB Pritzker is in the worst economic situation in the history of the state
  • Governor JB Pritzker issued a second executive stay at home order due to the surging positive COVID-19 cases in the state
  • Due to surging positive coronavirus tests, Pritzker has ordered a statewide lockdown of restaurants, bars, cafes, gyms, saloons, and other indoor businesses
  • Two thirds of Illinoisans are employed at small businesses

The 5’5″ 500 pound oversized obese JB Pritzker’s competence and liability in running Illinois into the ground is being questioned by many taxpayers, small business owners, and politicians from both sides of the isle.

First Term Governor JB Pritzker’s Incompetence Is The Main Reason For The Great Illinois Mass Exodus 

Pritzker’s second executive stay at home order has put the nail in the coffin for many small business owners in closing their doors permanently:

  • Not only is the state not getting any very badly needed tax revenues from the closed businesses but tens of thousands of Illinoisans will remained unemployed
  • Recent surveys rank JB Pritzker as one of the worst governors in the nation
  • The freshman rookie first term JB Pritzker has turned Illinois upside down since taking office
  • There has never been a time with so many individual businesses and families leaving the state than now under Pritzker’s leadership as governor
  • The state has the highest tax rate than any other state in the nation
  • Since Pritzker took office, the only solution the overweight oversized obese governor knows in solving the mounting budget deficit is to raise existing taxes, creating new taxes, spending taxpayers money out of control, and just being lost and clueless
  • Many Illinoisans cannot wait to flee to other low taxed states with affordable housing and lower cost of living

Illinois Mass Exodus Becoming Concerning

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There more Illinoisans fleeing the state since first-term Illinois Governor JB Pritzker took office.

  • The freshman first-term rookie governor was a political newcomer with huger dreams
  • He is a billionaire and heir to the Hyatt Hotel Chain
  • He inherited his money and from the sound of things, he has never ran a business and/or succeeded on his own
  • Pritzker spent millions of dollars in the past to get elected to office
  • He never got elected to any public office before
  • In 1998, he ran for U.S. Congress and spent over $500,000 but came in a distant third
  • Pritzker spend over $171 million dollars of his own money on the Illinois governor’s race
  • It is obvious that he was always an unsuccessful politician wanna be
  • He went all out in the 2018 Illinois governor’s race spending more than $171 million dollars
  • Never in history has Illinois deteriorated as quickly as it has in the past two years like it did after JB Pritzker took office
  • Illinoisans should be extremely concerned with Pritzker’s lack of leadership, knowledge, and tax policies
  • In the past decade, the state lost over 900,000 Illinoisans
  • The state’s population has been declining for the past seven consecutive years

Illinois holds the nation’s record in having the largest declining population out of any state in the 2010’s.

Is Cold Winters Reason For The Illinois Mass Exodus Under JB Pritzker’s Leadership?

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Leaving Illinois due to the cold harsh winters and extreme humid summers is no long the single largest reason for Illinoisans fleeing the state:

  • The largest reason for Illinoisans leaving the state is due to high taxes, high cost of living, unaffordable housing due to increasing property taxes, and better job opportunities
  • Retirees used to be the largest group to leave Illinois to other states like Florida with warm weather
  • However, that is no longer the case
  • The largest group fleeing Illinois by the thousands are those who are seeking better job opportunities
  • Losing prime working-aged Illinoisans destroys the economic engine of any state
  • JB Pritzker wasted no time in increasing existing taxes and creating new taxes the minute he got sworn in as governor
  • States with floods of new residents moving in are states with lower taxes
  • These governors in states where they are raking in billions in revenue are enticing new residents and businesses by lowering taxes, especially property taxes
  • Since tens of thousands of new residents and businesses are moving to low taxed states, it is attracting more businesses
  • As more businesses locate to low taxed states, there are more job opportunities, therefore, it attracts a huge in-migration of new residents
  • More businesses and more residents mean more tax revenue in lower taxed states
  • While lower taxed states like Indiana, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia are thriving, Illinois is literally on the verge of bankruptcy
  • JB Pritzker is becoming more of a major liability to Illinoisans with his tax policies and executive stay at home orders
  • He no doubt has major power hunger and ego issues that it is expediting the destruction of Illinois

Illinois ranks as being one of only four states in the nation to see significant loss of population in the past ten years. The Illinois mass exodus substantially accelerated in the past two years under the leadership of heavyset JB Pritzker.

How JB Pritzker’s Bad Decisions And Leadership Affected The Financial State Of Illinois

As mentioned in the earlier paragraph, Illinois has made national news under the leadership of the 5’5″ 500 pounder JB Pritzker.

  • Illinois now ranks as one of only four states in the United States to have lost population during the past ten years
  • Loss of population means the state collects less revenue
  • Less revenue means the state becomes poorer and less diverse
  • Illinois has lost thousands of businesses since JB Pritzker got elected governor
  • Small businesses employ two-thirds of Illinois workforce
  • Most small business owners are calling it quits
  • One business owner who was all gung ho in recovering from the coronavirus pandemic said he will let Fatso Pritzker do whatever he wants
  • The business owner said he decided to call it quits after Pritzker issued a second executive lockdown stay at home order on October 30th, 2020
  • Today, Illinois is under the governor’s executive stay at home order
  • All Illinois restaurants, bars, cafes, saloons, gyms, and indoor business are ordered shut down under Governor Pritzker’s order
  • Other low taxed states with competent governors like Indiana, South Dakota, Florida, Texas, and dozens of others are thriving and reaping the fruits from a fast and quicker than expected coronavirus economic recovery
  • Due to Pritzker’s most recent lockdown stay at home order, thousands of small business owners are expected to close permanently
  • With the renewed extended executive stay at home lockdown order, since indoor businesses have been ordered shut down, these business owners are force to lay off most of their employees
  • JB Pritzker does it again. Due to the lockdown order of indoor businesses
  • Illinois now lead in having the highest unemployment numbers during the COVID-19 outbreak

Illinois needs to follow the model of other states like Indiana. Indiana is the largest receiver of businesses and families fleeing Illinois. However, JB Pritzker and the state’s democrats are in a state of denial and think they are the best. This is a dangerous formula for politicians to have. Voters need to make sure they realize how important it is to vote for competent local and state leaders.

Data And Statistics Of Illinois Mass Exodus

Data And Statistics Of Illinois Mass Exodus

Most of the residents fleeing Illinois are middle-aged prime workers of all races and gender. Asian, Black, Native American and Pacific Islander workers are leaving Illinois at the fastest rates.

Governor JB Pritzker is in a state of denial. Due to Pritzker being so wet behind the ears, Illinoisans are in serious trouble.

JB Pritzker’s Incompetence Making The Financial Crisis Worse 

It seems Pritzker is in a state of denial. People are fed up with increasing taxes, new taxes, the depreciation of their home values due to skyrocketing property taxes.

Look At The Chart Below Showing Reason Why Illinois Is Losing Population:

Are housing markets causing people to leave Illinois

More and more people are finding relocating to Illinois very unattractive.

High Taxes Is Illinois Economic Downfall 

Pritzker does not realize that increasing taxes and creating new taxes is a major turnoff for individuals and/or businesses to want to relocate to Illinois.

Look At The Prime Working-Ages Fleeing Illinois:

Why White Illinois people of prime working age made up the majority of the movements

 Illinois has been losing prime working-age residents on net to nearly every state. The top states most Illinoisans are relocating to are Indiana, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Alabama, Nevada, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Georgia. Fewer families consider Illinois as one of their top choices to relocate and call it home. This also holds true for businesses. Very few businesses will choose Illinois as one of the top states to start a new business or expand their existing business. Most businesses are thinking of getting out of Illinois. Illinois struggle in adding jobs trails the rest of the nation.  Employment and economic growth in Illinois lags the rest of the nation. There is no doubt employment and economic growth will keep lagging with the current governor’s poor competency and leadership skills. This is a developing story. Gustan Cho Associates will keep our viewers updated as this story develops.

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  1. I have been following Alex Carlucci’s blogs about the state of the economy of Illinois and the incompetent Illinois Governor JB Pritzker. JB Pritzker is really ruining lives of Illinoisans. The way this fatass governor Pritzker is portraying himself is like a big shot billionaire who really knows how to structure the state and get the state of Illinois in financial stability. However, this fat moron Pritzker is absolutely clueless and does not know WTF he is doing. All this fat pig Pritzker knows is eating like an out of control moron wild pig. I know for a fact his wife MK Pritzker is fucking around with several contractors because Pritzker has an inverted micro penis and cannot fuck. Hopefully, JB Pritzker’s obesity will give him a stroke or heart attack where he can no longer be ruining the lives of people and small business owners. This tax bastard needs to be recalled if he does not drop dead soon. He is a danger to society and is a wild pig out of control.

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