Florida Realtor Nancy Conley You Should Know On A Home Purchase

Florida Realtor Nancy Conley You Should Know On A Home Purchase

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This ARTICLE On Florida Realtor Nancy Conley You Should Know On A Home Purchase Was PUBLISHED On September 27th, 2014

I was first introduced to Florida Realtor Nancy Conley over a year ago from my mortgage borrowers.

  • My borrowers were first time home buyers who were limited on the priced home they were eligible for due to debt to income ratios and credit issues
  • Combined with credit-challenged home buyers and real estate values Florida appreciating month after month, Nancy Conley did not give up on finding a home for my borrowers
  • They fell in love with and their price range after my borrowers qualified for a mortgage loan
  • Nancy Conley spent months finding the right property
  • The home was perfect and a dream come true
  • One setback though

In this article, we will discuss and cover Nancy Conley A Florida Realtor You Should Know.

Nancy Conley A Florida Realtor You Should Know: Short Sale Expert

The house was a short sale with Chase being the lien holder.

  • It took almost 5 months for Chase Bank to approve the real estate purchase contract
  • Once we got the signed real estate purchase contract from Chase Bank after five months, the terms of the purchase contract from Chase Bank was a 30 day close with NO EXTENSIONS
  • I started to go to work in processing and underwriting my borrower’s loan application knowing that I was playing with fire here
  • There are always hiccups with the mortgage approval process and delays happen all the time
  • Long story short, we were a time crunch
  • The employer of one of the borrowers kept on sending the verification of employment filled out incorrectly
  • Finally, just this past Wednesday, we got verification of employment from the employer that was completely filled out
  • Closing was supposed to happen in two days, Friday
  • All the conditions were not submitted because we needed to wait for the verification of employment

We finally got everything submitted to underwriting by 5 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

Experienced Dealing With Hostile Home Sellers And Realtors

While we were waiting for a clear to close from the underwriting department, Nancy Conley is getting multiple phone calls from the sellers’ agent threatening to cancel the deal if the title company did not get a HUD and clear to close.

  • Everyone was in a panic mode
  • Nancy Conley took verbal abuse and lectures from the sellers’ agent, not to mention the nasty emails
  • Nancy Conley was in professional mode and kept everyone calm
  • She took the major heat from all parties and cooperated with me in assisting me on the final conditions I needed and keeping the title agent calm as well
  • We were finally issued a clear to close at 5 pm Thursday afternoon and the rat race was not over
  • Dead set-closing was no later than 2:30 p.m. Friday afternoon or Chase Bank will take the property to foreclosure
  • The deal got done, the home loan was funded, and homebuyers got their keys

Homebuyers called me to thank me in tears of happiness.

Nancy Conley A Florida Realtor You Should Know: Making Deals Happen

How the transaction looks like

Nancy Conley made this deal happen.

  • The home they purchased is a beautiful newer home that in my opinion was undervalued
  • Most real estate agents would have deterred a home buyer, especially a first time home buyer, from pursuing a home that was a short sale
  • Not Nancy Conley
  • Nancy knew that the home my borrowers were interested in was a major deal

Nancy took the risk in recommending the home and made my borrowers’ dream of homeownership happen.

Nancy Conley Biography

Nancy Conley is a Florida Native.

  • She grew up in South Tampa to strict family-oriented hardworking parents who taught Nancy at a very young age that if there is a will, there is a way
  • Anything in this world is doable if you are willing to work hard for it
  • Nancy’s family moved to the state of Florida from New England in 1947 to start a family
  • Nancy Conley grew up in a military family
  • Her father was a member of the United States Armed Forces
  • To this day, Nancy Conley enjoys everything about Florida, from the weather, saltwater, beaches, and the sports teams of the BUCS and the RAYS
  • She even loves the Florida humidity
  • Nancy Conley has moved to Apollo Beach in 1984 and got married and started a family
  • Nancy and her family are water lovers and boaters
  • Nancy’s corporate world experience includes working at the University of South Florida, Hewlett Packard, Delta Environmental Consultants, and many other companies where she got her business and leadership talents in being one of the best realtors in the nation
  • Nancy Conley’s clients all become her lifelong friends

Nancy Conley does not have to advertise nor market herself.  All of her home buyers become their lifelong realtors and referrals are the majority of her business.

Nancy Conley: Century 21 Top Realtor

Nancy Conley began her real estate career with Century 21 back in 2006.  Nancy Conley is an expert in representing both home buyers and home sellers and due to her love of the water and boating, became an expert in waterfront properties.  Nancy Conley knows the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas like the back of her hand.  She has listed and sold countless homes in Brandon, Riverview, Ruskin, Wimauma, Lithia, St. Peterburg, Clearwater, and surrounding areas.

Nancy’s mission as a professional realtor is helping home buyers and home sellers obtain their goals.  The work values she was raised under is the platform for her success and leadership role that comes naturally to Nancy as a sixth sense. The team at Gustan Cho Associates work closely with Nancy.

Nancy Conley can be reached at 813-731-9329.

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