FHA Employment History Guidelines For Mortgage Borrowers


This BLOG On FHA Employment History Guidelines For Mortgage Borrowers Was UPDATED And PUBLISHED On May 26th, 2020

What are the FHA guidelines regarding employment history for mortgage borrowers

For a home buyer to qualify for a FHA Loans, HUD Guidelines requires a minimum of two years employment history per FHA Employment History Guidelines For Borrowers:

  • Under FHA Employment History Guidelines, employment history does not have to be two year consistent employment history with same employer

Per FHA Employment History Guidelines For Borrowers, gaps in employment are allowed and borrowers can have multiple jobs in past two years.

FHA Employment History Guidelines On Past 2 Years

Two years of overall employment history needs to be documented:

  • Many mortgage loan applicants believe that they do not qualify for FHA Loans because they do not have two years consistent employment history with the same company
  • This is absolutely not the case
  • Borrowers can have gaps in employment and still qualify for a FHA insured mortgage loan
  • Borrowers could have had multiple different jobs in the past two years and as long as they have been in the same field, they will qualify for a FHA loan

In this article, we will discuss and cover FHA Employment History Guidelines For Mortgage Borrowers.

Periods Of Unemployment

What does the unemployment period mean?

Borrowers unemployed for six months or less and got a new full time job, they can qualify for FHA Loans;

  • A full verification of employment from new employer verifying full time status is required
  • Also the likelihood of employment for next three years will be required
  • 30 days of paycheck stubs will be required before underwriter issues a clear to close
  • Borrowers unemployed for six months or more and got a new full time job can qualify for mortgage after six months with new employer
  • For example, say borrower was unemployed for two years and just got a new job and want to qualify for mortgage
  • They can qualify for a mortgage six months after starting new full time job
  • Many folks think that they need to be on their new job for two consecutive years in order to qualify for a mortgage
  • But that is not the case

Borrowers just need an overall two year employment history and gaps in employment are allowed.

FHA Employment History Guidelines On College And Trade Schools

If a mortgage loan applicant has been a professional student and have no employment history, college or trade school transcripts can be used in lieu of employment history. Full time schooling counts the same as work history.

  • For example, if a law student did not ever have a job since he was a full time student
  • just graduated law school
  • now has a full time job as an attorney
  • this mortgage applicant will definitely qualify for mortgage  because they can supply their law school transcripts in lieu of two years employment history
  • Same situation with a mechanic where they could have been enrolled in a two year auto mechanic technical school where they had no prior employment history
  • The Auto mechanic technical school transcripts can be used in lieu the mandatory two year employment history

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